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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Two Weeks Away to the Special Day

Well the fear has gone and I feel things are going to be alright between me and Mr Special. I just have to take each day as it comes. We are at my parents this weekend and im looking forward to it.

Also with the Charity, I haven’t given up but I'm going to contact head office and see what they say.

Today I'm feeling good for two reasons, the first is my birthday is coming…on May the 15th I'm going to be a big woman. I have been planning a long celebration and for once I'm looking forward to it.

Apart from 2005 (which is in my next post) I have never ever looked forward to a birthday I find it hassle and stress.

Everyone asks you what you are doing and what you have planned and it’s down to you to sort something out. Id love one day for someone to do a surprise or plan something for me I thought it would be this year but alas no…so I'm thinking that perhaps If I am blessed with children they might do a surprise 50th or 60th or something.

So this year my birthday week is going something like this (a lot of eating is involved)

11th May – Birthday lunch with a good friend and colleague, he has a gift for me :)

12th May – Birthday lunch with another colleague

In the evening I'm going to Yoga

13th May – Birthday lunch with two colleagues, one left our company a while back, one still works there and is a good friend

In the evening I'm going to the Salsa Club and will need it as I need to work off the three lunches.

14th May - Birthday Lunch with My Team

In the evening I'm going out to the Karaoke to dance and celebrate my birthday.

15th May MY BIRTHDAY - I'm spending the day with Mr Special, we both have it booked off and I'm not quite sure what we are doing yet.

16th May – I'm going on a Boat Cruise with all my friends, 19 are coming with a further 5 tentative I cannot wait but I don’t know what to wear

17th May – My entire family and Mr Specials Family are going to Lunch :)

18th May – Recovering.

So that’s what I'm up to, I hope it’s a fun/memorable week.

One of the other questions I get asked is “what do you want for your birthday?”

That’s always a hard one but I guess that this year all I want is to be surrounded by those who love me, to get a cake with candles on, to be sung to and if you really must get something then a Mercedes would go down well.

So…… What did you do for your birthday this year or what will you do if it hasn’t happened already?

What has been your most memorable one?
The other reason why I'm feeling good is because its 5 weeks to go until I go to Antigua!!! Whoo hooo!!


Oyin said... are really a busy lady.

hey first time here, how are you?

ShonaVixen said...

Busy,busy birthday week ahead!!!
Well, m planning to go to St Tropez for my bday this year, spend a few days in Paris, then head off to St Tropez (might bump into Jay-Z&!!)!!Before flying out, have a spa weekend planned too...I so hate planning for my bday, this year I planned 3 successful bdays so hoping they might surprise me on our!!

Keith said...

Wow...You know Angel, you're on to something here..I think next year I'm going to plan out a week of activities for my birthday like you did. Your week sounds like it's going to be great fun. You may need an extra week to recover. :)

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

You schedule is crackin

Tairebabs said...

That's awhole lot of birthday lunches. lol. This year my birthday was really boring but last year my collegues at work organised a party for me. That was really great. I love karaoke so we did that as well. Fun times.

Shishi said...

Hey Angel..havent done my rounds lately...miss being here

neema divine said...

That's a busy schedule. Happy Birthday!!! And you got tagged!

Angel said...

@ Oyin, im fine, thanks for stopping by, will have to check you out

@ ShonaVixen, Girl, your b-day sounds fantastic

@ Keith, I’m glad I have inspired you! Yeah I was thinking that I might need some time off to recover from the birthday

@ Tha BossMack Top Soil, can I just call you Boss Mack?

@ Tairebabs, yeah a lot of eating lol! I’m going to have to go jogging to work it off.

@ Shishi, missed you too hun

@ Neema Divine, I’m sorry I’m so lame, what are the tagging rules?