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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Rasta to the Rescue

This morning, when I changed tube at Euston the train was crowded. I found myself facing the door with a….well I'm guessing an Eastern European Man (by the accent) to my right.

He was standing just in my eyeline. He looked like a builder or some sort of manual worker, with old clothes and paint on them anyway when I glanced at him I saw him grinning at me in a big way, so I just frowned and continued to look forward, I had my earphones on so I just blanked him out. I could feel him staring at me so I turned to give him an even badder look to say 'hey stop' but he winked and licked his lip and blew on me.

YUCK his breath stunk so I just pulled a face…but then he whispered 'hey sexy' and blew on me some more.

I felt really sick…it was something so dirty and smarmy about the man and when his breath touched my skin it made me want to go home and wash my face.

Anyway……after a moment of feeling slightly upset…said LOUD "You are intimidating me, step off"

The whole carriage went quiet and I felt everyone looking.

"What?" he said laughing and shamed

I said "You know what you are doing so stop now, its disgusting and I feel bullied and intimated, two feelings I shouldn’t have at ten to eight in the morning"

"f**k you b**ch" he said

I was about to tell him something but then I heard some big old Rasta voice booming down, I forget this Euston train comes straight from Brixton lol, I turned around to see a giant probably around 6f4 Rasta with waist length dreads one big cap and one serious angry look. He cussed the dude big time. I never heard patois like that in my life and I'm Jamaican! Lol!

The other guy literally dived out at Warren Street (the next stop) and ran off down the platform. This was also the Rastas stop.

He turned to me and said "yuh arlight sistrin? na mek nunna dem idiyat breddas pon de train carry on wid no fool fool business okay? Stay blessed mi beuatuiful queen"

And he also got off the train. I don’t know about his life, his family, issues, emtions or habits, but I do know that right there was an example of someone who was willing to stand up for something he wasn’t happy with and that’s admireable… Thank you Rasta...

© Angel June 25th 2008