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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Its not good to engage....

.....In road rage..

As you know I work in Central London and each day I commute to work using the tube. If I'm on time I walk to the station, if I'm running late (or lazy) I catch the bus. Because I went jogging at the weekend and my legs were still hurting, on Tuesday morning I decided to jump on the bus. There were no seats so I was standing right near the front.

The bus set off as usual but I noticed at one junction it was taking ages to turn when I heard the bus driver sound his horn I looked out the front to investigate. In the middle of the road was an Audi stopped dead. The driver had his window down and his arm out doing a rude sign to the white van behind him.

From where we were, we could clearly see the words on the side of the van 'HALAL MEAT BUTCHERS’ but the Audi driver wouldn’t have been able to see it he was angry and really red faced. I couldn’t hear him but I could see that he must have been shouting out all kinds of profanities spit was flying from his mouth.

Suddenly the van doors flew open and out of each side jumped out these two bearded guys with blood stained aprons on. One of them had this humongous knife! The whole bus gasped and watched.

As soon as they approached the guy in his Audi his face went from red to white, he wound up his window quickly and sped off.

When I say sped off I'm talking like I blinked and he was gone I just heard wheels screech. It was hilarious. I heard some old African lady kiss her teeth and say 'idiot man' that just topped it off for me I couldn’t stop laughing. My laugh can be infectious sometimes and suddenly the whole bus was laughing even the driver.

I love those little moments in life when just for a second people come together. I walked into work with a big smile on my face.

The whole incident reminded me of the time I got road rage.

I was driving along nicely when the two lanes I was in merged into one, I signalled to move into the right lane but this woman in her fiesta wouldn’t let me in. I didn’t even think about it but just went behind her. Later on the traffic the road changed from one lane to two and then back to one again. I found myself in a position that she now needed to move into my lane. You know there was no way I was letting her in.

Unfortunately she was incensed and instead of dropping behind me she continued beside me, It was really slow moving traffic. She wound down her window and started screaming and telling me to move over. The woman just wouldn’t quit and the rational me thought 'oh just let her go' but she started calling me names and swearing and everything. I saw her mouth open and her lips moving and I realised that I needed to shut her up.

I just don’t know what came over me. My shopping was beside me and there were eggs on top, in a moment of madness I just threw one.

(I'm laughing I'm writing)

It sailed into her car and broke on her lap

I smiled, it felt good she was completely speechless her mouth was opening and closing but no words were coming out so just to make sure there wouldn’t be any more abuse I threw another, these were back in the day when I played netball regularly, and my aim was perfect. It smashed on the side of her head and rolled down her face.

I was enjoying myself I felt like a child playing a game but then I snapped out of it and realised I needed my eggs, so I then slowed down and waved her to go in front of me.

I bet she won’t be in such a hurry to wind down the window and start cussing anyone else in the future.

That’s the problem with getting all angry and driving around cussing people. Your car is not your armour and eventually you are going get hurt. Then at your funeral people will be asking 'why?' and saying 'what a nice person you were’

So the Moral of this story is… (lol) ………I will wait for your replies :)

Just FYI
The weeks ahead are going to be busy so I might not post often. On Friday I'm going to Liverpool for a mass salsa conference (Selah I'm going to be an expert) I'm going with a friend of mine. The weekend after I'm going out of town for a wedding, its one of Mr Specials best friends, the one after that I'm going to be out of town again as its my Mum's 50th Birthday Mr Special is joining and then the one after that Mr Specials brother is getting married. Busy as always! Angel


Anonymous said...

I had to break out of lurker mode for this. This post was hilarious. I bet the guy in the Audi will definitely keep his mouth shut.

The eggs had me cracking up (no pun intended). That sounds like something my sister would have done. She has terrible road rage.

12kyle said...

The moral of the story...don't run up on Angel or you might have egg on your face! LOL

I used to have road rage when I first moved here to Atlanta. All of that stopped once I became a father. I didn't want to get shot at b/c of something stupid.

Robyn said...

sincerely would you stay?
cos i speed off too.

Robyn said...

too busy indeed.
hey about the audi issue,,,
would you stay?
greetings to mr special.

ShonaVixen said...

LOL!!!OMG!!!Angel..I so wish I'd witnessed this..LMAO!!!!Road rage at its best I guess..chucking eggs..LOL!!!

Wow, I'm so going to be living my life thru you boo, with all those weddings n all!! Any single brothas give them my!!

Dope Fiend said...

LMFBAO!! woooooooooooooooooow.

that post was a lot!

excuse me whilst i go through your blog.


Solomon said...

I loved this story, the guy in the Audi {chuckling} and the eggs, watch out angel has a deadly weapon!

Angel said...

@ Boredn Talkative, glad I broke you out of being a lurker!! Lol cracking up!!

@12Kyle, love your moral. Glad you stopped your road rage its true, people get killed for this kind of stuff.

@Robyn, no, like the Audi driver, I wouldn’t have stayed. I will tell Mr Special hi!

@ShonaVixen, ok that’s a promise any hot single men I will tell them that I have a friend….

@Dope Fiend, Welcome!!! Please stick around, I will visit your blog soon but now I got to go and get ready for Liverpool!

@Solomon, When are you going to invite me to read your stuff or is it top secret??? Happy you liked this story!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

LOL! I can relate. Recently, I've been trying to show some mercy and grace because I know my attitude can be hell on wheels.

jenezh said...

Angel!!! The egg story made laugh so hard the whole office started giving me dirty looks!!!! OMG I will text you soon - we need to meet up one of these weekends for a coffee!!

eclectik said...

Send me something from Liverpool!
And I dont want no salsa


Keith said...

You're probably gone by now..but I hope you are enjoying yourself..Salsa and all today.

That was a funny story..Both of them. Road Rage is a very dangerous thing...People over here have shot each other over it..I just don't understand..I never get that angry. Maybe that's just me!

Mista Jaycee said...

Just stopping in but Goodness! It's important for both sides to be civil. There are many folks that have gotten hurt right or wrong. I live in Los Angeles I know!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

road rage is that bad over there - lol

Angel said...

@CurvyGurl, lol hell on wheels huh? And you seem so sweet!

@Jenezh, yes I wanna come over for a drink, I await the invite

@ Eclectik, need your address to send you something hun, if not well the photo of me on the anchor is all yours!

@Keith, I’m back! Never get angry? I know you are the calmest person I have ever met!

@ Mista Jaycee, lol yeah you can get hurt for the wrong reasons, I cant even being to imagine what LA is like

@Torrance, you don’t get it where you are?