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Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Liccle Tief Bwoy – Who is the real victim?

One night in Antigua, Mr Special and I were relaxing in the hotel room. I think this may have been the day of the boat trip. We had been out all day as it was around 7ish (the time when most people would have gone to dinner).

I was sitting at the dressing table just fussing, probably doing my hair or something girly and Mr Special was reading or reviewing photos or something of that sort.

I heard a rattling of keys in the door; it was like someone was trying a key, and it not working so they were trying another. I was scared because the story about the two British honeymooners that got murdered in the hotel room (link) was still in my head it was only a year ago.

Also I remember clearly that Antigua has 15,000 illegal immigrants (remember in my last post I told you about the size and the population this is a lot) and because of this, resourses like the police and hospitals are now overstretched.

Anyway I said in a quiet voice to Mr Special

“Babe I think someone is trying to get in”

Mr Special did not business he is a fearless black man so he walked over to the door waited until the next key got pulled out and then opened in really quickly.

On the other side was a skinny teenager with a stripy t-shirt a plastic bag and a surprised look on his face.

“Yeah?” Mr Special asked, in a very annoyed voice

“Erm….erm……towels” the boy said “they asked me to change towels I must have the wrong room”

“Babe shut the door!” I said

I was alarmed because the boy wasn’t holding any towels and I was thinking he would just shoot us or something.

Mr Special closed the door and I called reception.

Let me tell you they were fantastic they called security that moment and security caught him.

Later on we found out that he was an ex employee who had broken into the housekeeping office and had stolen the keys. He had broken into every room along the row and ours was the last one. He had stolen ipods and valuables (which is strange because I would have my valuables locked away) but luckily everything was returned.

Mr Special was gutted, he said it was his one chance to give someone a good beating (lol) and even I was angry but when I heard more I changed my stance.

He was let go in January and had another job in construction but was also let go from that as well He was young and had a baby.

I really think that he had just become desperate. With no job seekers allowance or unemployment benefits that we have here he must have been desperate to feed his child.

People will do anything when desperate.

You have to ask yourself, who is the real victim here?

Do you think it’s the tourists who are all insured for their loss of items and didn’t lock up anything? (even if we were not in, he wouldn’t have got anything from our room we locked up everything)

The boy, who was jobless, hungry and desperate who will now go to jail and from what I know, jail in the Caribbean isn’t the hotel that it is in the UK. Jail always fails to rehabilitate anyone so he will just come out hardened and ready to commit more crimes.

Or the child, who probably wont know their daddy for a long time. Who will go hungry at night and if he/she survives will probably grow up to be just as desperate

I’d love to know who you think suffers the most in situations like this.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Antigua The Answers...(Video Blog)

I wonder what I will talk about when I’m finished on Antigua. I’m still very much in holiday mode still feeling really relaxed and happy.

For those of you that are new here I went to Antigua on the 3rd June, I went with my boyfriend (Mr Special) and it was something that was booked on Valentines Day so it was a very special trip.

About Antigua

Antigua is an Island in the West Indies with a population of around 69,000 (as of 2006)

31,000 of those live in the Capital of St Johns. The primary source of income for this island is tourism. The island is only 87km in circumference.

On my last post I asked readers to ask me a few questions. Below is the video telling you a bit more about the trip and of course the answers.Sorry about the ending, a plane went over and you couldnt hear me so we cut it.

I hope you enjoy


(view video)

Here are some photos you can view as well.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Angel has returned - its question time!

Hey Everyone, well I'm back from ten relaxing days in Antigua.

I'm feeling, tired, jetlagged but I had the most wonderful, romantic, amazing time. (Mr Special really did appreciate Ma Cho's waxing work read here if you dont know what I'm talking about)

Antigua is a really beautiful place and I have lots to tell you about it, but before I go on too much, I made you a little video from the beach.

Here is the deal, you can ask me anything at all you want to know about my holiday and I will do another video with all your answers, how is that?

So enjoy my first Video Blog!!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Kung Fu Bikini Wax

I didn’t think I would have the chance to blog again before I left but here I am. I couldn’t leave without telling you this story.

Yesterday, the final thing on my 'to do list before the holiday' was to get a bikini wax. That’s it, now I'm packed and will be setting off in the early hours.

I'm sure you all remember that waxident that I had where I took off my skin (Read Here) so I thought on this occasion the best thing for me to do would be to get it done professionally.

I always go to the same salon and the lady that does me is a Ghanaian woman called Elizabeth, she is lovely and I'm really comfortable with her. When I arrived at the Salon the receptionist a skinny blonde haired polish girl called through to the beauty room and said 'Ma Cho, Angel is here for her appointment"

Surprised I said "sorry, who is Ma Cho? My appointment is with Elizabeth"

The skinny lady replied "ah yeah Elizabeth is off sick, but don’t worry Ma Cho is good you will be fine" When she said that I noted a slight smile in the corners of her lips and that was that.

I waited standing in reception, it’s really hot at the moment and it was baking in there so I was by the door feeling a little breeze. Suddenly I heard a high pitched scream of surprise which forced me to turn around.

As I turned I saw it was a tiny old oriental lady who had made the noise. I'm around 5f10' and she wasn’t even 4 foot! She didn’t even come higher than my armpit. I had heels and shorts on so my legs must have looked so so long compared to her.

"HAA!! Oh my" she screamed (I wish I knew how to type the accent, just imagine a little Oriental woman and the way she spoke) "WOW, GIANT BIG LADY" she said "Big lady, big vagina, we will need more wax come come quickly lot of work now"

I was speechless and in a bemused state I followed her to the beauty room.

Elizabeth usually gives me a false sense of privacy by leaving the room whilst I strip to my underwear and then gives me a knock a minute or two later and asks if it’s ok to come in.

Not Ma Cho! Ma Cho just stood there smiling and waving her hands at me "come big black lady, hurry hurry, big vagina, I go cause you lot of pain huh? You go cause me lot of work huh?"

I felt shy and started to protest "I haven’t got a big vagina…" but she interrupted "HAA, hurry now, I feel excited"

I was in two minds if I should just put back on the shorts as I don’t want anyone in an excited mode waxing my most private parts so I said

"Well calm down, there is nothing to be excited about"

I took off my shorts and sat on the bed and I started to explain what I wanted when with one Kung Fu like move in the blink of an eye she slammed me down flat on the bed and ripped off my pants!! I'm telling you she was strong she winded me!

She said "shut up I know what to do" then glancing and the torn underwear she said "oh no, that always happening to me”

I, on the other hand was mortified. I have never removed my underwear for a bikini wax in my life! I had no intention of showing someone my stuff.

When I told my friend about that part she was in hysterics and when I told Mr Special he said "Torn? Like what ripped off? Did she not think you might want to keep those pants or perhaps you might like to travel home with underwear on?"

Apparently not!

So I'm lying back seeing the funny side now and her excited ways had me feeling like giggling I told her, please Ma Cho, not too much.

Because I was laughing it spurred her on. She was getting carried away and dancing around doing a few chops in the air. Every time she pulled off the wax strip she made a “YAH” sound

“I go make it nice for you” Rip YAH, Rip YAH, Rip YAH

“I go make you sexy lady” Rip YAH, Rip YAH, Rip YAH

“I make nice vagina, you have nice vagina , oooh sexy vagina”

Things were disappearing fast and I quickly pushed her out of the way and stood up.

Ma Cho, enough! I was laughing hard by then. But come on, I didn’t want to be bald. There needs to be some hair there. I believe that the men that like it totally bald are the ones who have some kind of paedophilic fantasies who want sex with little girls so there needs to be a bit of something to show I am a woman.

“Ok Ok big Amazon lady” she said “I stop now, but please lay down so I can put cream”

“Phew” I thought

So I lay back closing my eyes when I felt little pinches

I looked back up and saw she now had tweezers

“I get really small hairs ok? I make nice for you ok?

Luckily this only lasted a few minutes when she finally put some cream on and I left

“All ok?” the receptionist said I could see she was trying not to laugh it was then I realised that the whole place could hear everything.

What an experience!!

Talk to you when I get back x