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Friday, 3 April 2009

If you were immune from the law.....

So the drama of Wednesday/Thursday is over! (See my last post Financial Fools Day) Of course it ended in riot, RBS got smashed up, someone died, and there was blood sweat and tears. I think now it’s finished until next year….or they might decide to have one extra one on May 1st if they are not too tired. But im finished with that subject for now

I have to hold my arms up to Michelle Obama she is so inspiring and amazing. I saw her on TV when she went to visit Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in Islington.(watch here) Those girls will remember that forever. I hope in my lifetime I get to meet her.

Anyway what was amusing when the first couple met The Queen, Barack gave The Queen an iPod and Michelle ‘sparked fears that she broke Royal Protocol’ by hugging the Queen (sigh). The Queen should put her ipod on and just chill.

The Queen (bigger sigh) what is all this with her talking in a third person? When she is unhappy she says ‘We are not amused’ who is We? Her and her mass fortune? Her and all those dogs? Who is We?

Young people are not into the Royal Family at all over here. I think people 65 and over still care but I could be wrong.

I remember when The Queen Mother died. The Queen was visiting Lincolnshire when she was meeting some old dears in an elderly home. (I know this as I know one of them) Anyway one of the lovely old ladies said to her “I’m really sorry to hear about your Mother”

The Queen gave her a horrified ‘We are not amused’ look and said in the most posh condescending manner that you could ever imagine “Speak when you are spoken to”

Well I’m glad I wasn’t there that’s for sure. I might be still in jail for cussing The Queen.

If you ask most people their opinion of the Royal Family they quickly scream ‘waste of taxpayers money’ and get irritated that we have to pay taxes to keep them. However I heard that they bring in more money through tourism than they cost. One thing I don’t like is that they are immune to all laws in the UK. Now that must be good.

Imagine what you could do if you were immune to all law? Just think of it, no matter what you did you knew there would be no punishment.

What would be the first thing you would do?


MilesPerHour said...

I just couldn't fathom doing anything. I guess it is because I was pure evil during my days of active drug addiction. I was very fortunate that I got away with as much as I did or I probably still would be incarcerated and it's been 17+ years since I led that life.

More importantly I owe my God too much for saving my life and my soul.

Robyn said...

i always wondered Wat the whole deal with the royal family was they don't call the shots anymore its more like England's badge n they don't want to let it go.It how they want to be remembered.

Confessions of a London gal said...

LMAO @ "The Queen should put her ipod on and just chill"...

I really dont get it when I hear some stupid royal protocal ish....I mean why d F will she say "Speak only when you are spoken to" ? I'd have said I'll speak when i wanna speak cos my tax maintains ya!

Keith said...

I'd empty out the bank(At least one bank-lololol) The last time I was in the U.K. (2003) I could sense from the young people I met that reverence for the Royals was a thing of the past, just like you said.

How are you doing Angel?..Sorry I haven't been to your site in such a long while.

Angel said...

@ MilesPerHour, I’m glad you were saved.

@Robyn, where have you been…lol no one likes the Royal Family at all and we cant even get rid of them.

@Confessions of a London Gal, I must say its so nice to have a London sista on the scene LOL, my tax maintains ya! Yeah Id have said something like that and be in jail right now!

@Keith, I’m fine, you are always here and I thank you for your support so don’t be sorry. I’m laughing when you said you would empty out the bank, that’s what the Royal Family does all the time lol

Amanda said...

Yuk, the Queen really does sound out of touch!
If there were no laws I would steal all of her jewels and sell it to help those less fortunate!