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Monday, 20 April 2009

That Triflin Brotha!

I’m at home today sick and feeling sorry for myself. I have a cold but also my voice has gone, it’s now a croaky whisper. Obviously the bad thing about being ill is the fact that you feel so awful but the good thing is I’m forced to be at home and resting. Lately (as you can tell by my sporadic blogging) I have been so so busy, I really missed writing so im back. No really back for good.

My first tea party with the old people is on Sunday so I will let you know how it goes.

Anyway I’m home sitting on my sofa in my dressing gown and slippers feeling weak and bored when I decided to switch on this laptop and read my emails. The first email was from a male ‘friend’ of mine.

I put the word friend in inverted commas and ladies you know, there are some men that are your friend and then there are others who pretend to be your friend for years and years and years! However give them an inch…oh well you will see what I mean…

This friend wrote on the email (I copied and pasted exactly what he put)

So you get all loved up and I don’t hear from you? How are things? how is work etc

I replied

Hi X sorry, I’ve just been well busy, I don’t mean to be so quiet, anyway work is fine I’m not there today I’m off sick

That was that. I checked my other mails and then decided to log into blogger and start reading some other blogs when just now my phone rang it was a withheld number. I was 50/50 about answering it. It hurts to talk and usually when you can’t see the number is someone you don’t want to hear from.

“Angel Cake” (loads of people call me that) “it’s me”
It was the same guy

“Oh hi” I croaked and immediately felt disappointed that I had answered, this is one of those calls that could have gone to voicemail. If you are reading sorry babe.

Him - “WOW you do sound sick you all home alone huh? Where is Mr Special?”
Me - “he is a work” (I said this in a surprised tone)“I don’t live with him”
Him - “yeah I know” he said “but I thought he might wanna take care of you”
Me – “I’d rather he take care of the bills, anyway I can’t really talk it hurts……
Him (interrupting) “I’m home too I can take care of you if you like”
Me – “oh why are you not at work?”
Him – “I have been suspended with pay so I’m just a bit bored”

At this point I could have asked loads of questions to find out why he is suspended etc but to be honest….I’m sick…..I don’t really care… and whatever it was I wouldn’t be surprised so I felt that the sooner I got off the phone the better.

Me – “Oh that’s a shame well….listen…I’m going to go now…
Him –(interrupting again) “So…well… I could come and look after you
Me – (laughing) I don’t need looking after, I just need to chill”
Him – “you might want soup or something else…”
Me – “Nah, I’m cool, Mr Special will bring me food later, the last thing I need is…
Him – (interrupting again) “Well we would keep each other company

I didn’t really understand what he meant by that and when you are sick it takes you a few minutes to understand what he is getting at so I said

Me – “its very sweet of you to offer but I’m fine anyway I wouldn’t go around to anyone that was sick’s house unless it was family, I would be afraid to catch something”

Him – “I’m never afraid, that’s what condoms are for
Then he laughed and laughed.

Then the penny dropped I was astounded and offended and I clearly realised exactly why he wanted to come over and ‘look after’ me

I’ve heard the phrase triflin many times before but this is the first time that I ever thought it could apply to someone…yup this dude is a definitely a triflin brotha and was NOT impressed. I told him more or less the same thing and hung up.

So now I notice that I have a new email and I go back to the inbox and it’s from him again.

I’m sorry I have to laugh it said

I hope you are not angry, I think you misunderstood what I was saying, I respect you a lot and would never try anything like that on you I just wanted to come and make you feel better.

LOL (note the capitals) YEAH RIGHT!!!! Men you are so lame sometimes..


ShonaVixen said...

Trifling wouldn't even be the word for him!!!!!!
YEAH RIGHT coming over to make you 'feel better' and how exactly???...Very foolish man indeed!!!!
Hope you get well soon hon xoxo

Robyn said...

yap you have been like too busy,,,
writing should always be you escape,,,,

Amanda said...

Wishing you much better Angel. Hope that guy didn't make you feel any worse!

Shishi said...

hi sweetie,
missed you, for some reason i never get thru to your page..
Get well soon.
cant wait to hear the old pple party story.

ANGELINA said...

WOW...he is something else!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Gosh, some folks just don't get Hope you're feeling better, sweetie. Many thanks for my bday wishes ;-).

MilesPerHour said...

Time to lose that slimeball IMO. I hope I didn't offend you. Just Sunday an old flame saw GF and I and he went on to tell GF to "give me a call sometime" right as I was standing there. Lucky I have a level head or I would have put some of my martial arts training to him.

Angel said...

@ Shona, thanks, I’m still home but recovering nicely

@ Robyn, yes I know……I will fix up

@ Amanda, lol well it made me laugh so his foolishness may have made me better!

@ Shishi, thank you dear, lovely to hear from you

@ Angelina, yes babe and it doesn’t matter where you live in the world there is always a guy like this

@ CurvyGurl, no they don’t but I’m he feels stupid now. Hope you had a good birthday

@ MilePerHour, YES he has to go and no you didn’t offend me at all, lol I’m surprised he said that in front of you, some men are very brave!

Selah said...

The condom comment made me do a double take at the screen... in no way was that appropriate coming from a 'friend.'

.... and then I had to laugh a lil bit. Cuz it was kinda funny ... lol lol still inappropriate tho.

Keith said...

Hey Angel, Hope you're feeling better! The spring is no time to be sick..(Really no time is- :) )

Sorry your "friend" wanted benefits
too...that's just how some guys are..they have to try.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

some friend lol

Angel said...

@ Selah lol hun how could you laugh….oh dear, I wish he knew I had a blog and I have told everyone his business.

@ Keith, no I’m still poorly three days after writing it, however I’m enjoying reading on my balcony enjoying the warm weather. Yeah that ‘friend’ lol he has called twice since but funny enough I have missed his calls.

@ Torrance, lol yeah some friend, great to see you :)