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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Obama is in London and its Financial Fools day.

Today is April the 1st and in the UK they are calling it Financial Fools day.
I know I have lots of other stuff to tell you about what’s been going on with me but I had to write this.

Traditionally every May 1st people come out and protest against Capitalism, it usually starts as a peaceful protest as I believe that 90% of the people are peaceful. Then for some reason it always ends up in a riot with the protestors smashing up Starbucks and other 'capitalist' organisations.

Anyway this year it’s on April 1st and the protestors have renamed it to Financial Fools day. I think it’s to coincide with the G20 Summit which is happening here with the world leaders including President Obama.

This was he and Michelle when they arrived at Downing Street.

And this is a little video is of them trying to park 'The Beast'

So what are they marching/protesting against? Well pick a topic that we are all annoyed about?The Environment, The War, The Recession, Capitalism, Poverty, hell I could go on. The problem is that today many different organisations have all joined together and have decided to take it to the streets.

London is very jittery, with all police leave been cancelled and lots of warnings going out. Someone even drove into the city in an armoured car lol don’t ask!

Anyone who works in the city or in finance has been told to come to work in jeans and dress down. I must stress that this is a really bad plan as many of these fat cats looked hilarious/uncomfortable on the tube all squeezed into ill fitting jeans and they all stood out a mile! Sadly they have to dress like this as in previous years business people have been attacked. The protestors see them as the cause of it all and sometimes protestors storm offices and attack the people in there.

I'm here at work, we have double security today and lots of police outside as one of the events goes right past my office. I was wondering what I would do if protestors decided to come in. when my boss told me about this story. Now me and my colleagues are dying laughing at it.

Apparently some Greenpeace protestors stormed the IPE ready to attack the traders. However the traders (who are probably quite stressed and have been having a really bad time lately) fought back. Now two of the Protestors are in hospital one with a broken jaw. LOL This is what happens when you bring beef to someone’s workplace!


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

he gets a d on the econonmy from me and how u been

Ondo Lady said...

Yes I remember this day, when they all march around and sometimes causing mayhem. I agree that a lot of those corporate types look strange in jeans reminds me of dress down Friday that we use to have at a former work place. Or dress like a tramp Friday as I use to call it. It use to amaze me what people use to put on and leave the house. Still The Obama's are here and that makes it alright.

ShonaVixen said...

OMG...well i came to work in jeans and no m not in the banking sector, work in the city n actually thought hey why not if every1 else is doing it..LOL!!
Yup, don't go to some-one's work place without knowing how tough they are there...LOL!!!


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ANGELINA said...

Be careful! I know how crazy protests can get, even when they start out peaceful.

Angel said...

@Torrance, I'm fine, you are the political know-it-all!

@Ondo Lady, yeah and true to word they smashed up the place, I'm glad I don’t work at RBS, they smashed all the windows didn’t they? Lol dress like tramps day lol

@ShonaVixen, lol its true, don’t go and attack anyone!

@ Secret Diary thanks for the info…but what is it all about?

@ Angelia, thanks hun, yeah it started peaceful as predicted and then went into madness!

Emeka Amakeze said...

That's a case of fighting fire with fire and then ending up in ashes.

BorednTalkative said...

Those protesters were beasts. I heard about them smashing up RBS. I wish I could have seen the businessmen "dressed down".

I couldn't help but laugh when I heard about the Greenpeace protesters.

Amanda said...

Wow!! I bet those protesters will think twice about barging into someone's workplace like that next year.
Stay safe.

Angel said...

@ Emeka, love the analogy

@ BorednTalkative, Yeah they smashed up the place and someone died! It was serious. LOL poor Greenpeace!

@ Amanda, yes girl, perhaps many offices will now be safe.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

If a protester hit someone, they got what they deserved. That said, i wish we would have some real civil unrest up in the US of A. The government feels like they can do just about anything they want with no backlash.