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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Tagged and Awarded and I'm going to Antigua!

Well my birthday on Sunday 18th May was fantastic all my family came down from all over the country to spend time with me, although it was eventful it was fun. I wish I had time to write about it properly but I'm trying to finish off loads of stuff before I go to Antigua!! I'm one busy girl you know.

I have been tagged and awarded all over the place Thank you for tagging me

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Did anyone else tag me and I forgot you??? Let me know and I will add you to this post – you know I wont forget you. (oh i did already? oh im sorry)

The Splash Award

So today since I have choice I'm going to follow the Splash Award Rules since I can be choosy

The Rules

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So today my splash award goes to, in no particular order

1. Shishi - Shishi's World

2. Amanda - Bajan Scent

Monday, 18 May 2009

Oh it was GOOD!

I really don’t know where to start in describing the last four days, I had so much fun it’s hard to explain how loved and special I felt.

First of all I am on the T-mobile advert!!!!! Remember this post?

Well look, this is me – right behind pink, I nearly died when I saw it on TV.

View the full video here

On Thursday it was my work birthday, by 9am my desk already had flowers and cards and chocolates on!! I went to a bar and then onto the Karaoke it was fun and I loved singing. It was a nice warm up for the next few days.

Friday was my actual birthday and I woke up cuddled with Mr Special, we both took the day off and after opening lots of cards and lovely gifts we decided to go shopping for the dress for Saturday night! I still didn’t have one and was starting to worry.

Mr Special loves my writing and really wants me to write so he brought me a luxury writing pen and a leather notebook ‘to write our future babe’ he said…it was so cute.

There is a joke out there that men will just go into one shop see something they like it

and buy it, where as women will go into one shop, see something they like and then go to 55 other shops to see if there is anything better but end go back to the first one and buy the first thing they saw. This is a bit like what happened when we were shopping. I saw a dress in the second shop we went in but decided to check all the other shops just in case and ended up going back to that shop. Mr special actually chose the dress and I was really happy with it. We went for lunch and then when we got home he told me to get ready as we were going out.

I honestly didn’t know where he was taking me but I nearly died when I discovered two theatre tickets he had hidden in my handbag, he got us seats to see Havana Rakatan – I have wanted to see this for so long I was so excited. It was fantastic and I really recommend it, it was the perfect gift. Afterwards we went for dinner then went home and….well…..relaxed is the best way to put it.

Saturday was another great day, I met up with my friend and went shopping with her as she didn’t have anything to wear for the evening but I’m not going to talk about that too much, I’m going to skip straight onto the boat party where over 20 of us went and danced the night away...Check out my moves....what do you think of the dress and hair in the end?

Sunday….well that will have to be my next post!!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Its my birthday!!

With my eyebrows raised in happiness and a dimple on each cheek, created by a smile that dances on the corner of my lips, I gently sing happy birthday to me.

As I sing it I look around at the warmth of the flowers, cards, gifts and chocolates that fill my life on this special day. Seeing them confirms that people really do care for me and that makes me feel good.

I'm the me of today the Angel that took this many birthdays to create. Throughout the years I have matured into the caring, happy, friendly loving, attractive, funny, creative, sexy person that am today and the way I see it…things can only get better.

So I'm going to sing it a bit louder HAPPY BIRTHDAY and pray that for the rest of my life birthdays will feel this wonderful and I will be this much at peace.

Thank you for reading my blog and providing an audience to my escape and creativity.

Angel x

Monday, 11 May 2009

Life can sometimes be so…..refreshing…

It’s my birthday week and I'm in such a good mood starting from yesterday. Before I tell you about that I have some stuff to mention.

1) The dress that I loved in this post is sold out and they are not getting any more. If it wasn’t my birthday week I would be gutted but instead I have ordered three more dresses. When they arrive I will try them all on and pick one - you might have to help me.

2) My hair is done - on the eve of my party - I will get Mr Special to take some photos and I will post them. If I can someone to take a photo beforehand I will post them then.

3) Remember that trifilin brotha in this post? Well mini story…….I got an email from him saying

"Hey girl happy birthday for the 15th, I have booked an FBM for you as a birthday gift"
I was at work and confused I turned to my colleague and said "what is an FBM?" she didn’t know so curiosity got the better of me and I emailed him back.
"Sorry to be dumb but what is an FBM?"
"Full Body Massage" he replied
I was shocked and puzzled, why would he do that for me? So I replied
"Oh my gosh, that is very kind of you"
He then replied "yeah so when do you want me to come over and give it to you?"
"The voucher?" I said
"No" he replied "the massage"

LOL- you know I didn’t even have the energy to reply, very hilarious.

So now to the point of this post why I'm in such a good mood.


When I woke up I was relaxed and happy in Mr Special's arms. Strangely enough the night before Mr Special had given me a full body massage without even knowing the foolish story above.

Every time I open my eyes he is always awake and looking at me, he always tells me I'm beautiful even when I think I look my worst and you know something? That makes me feel beautiful.

We laid there and talked for a while and then we went jogging together. I love exercising with him as he is so encouraging it’s like having a personal trainer. When we came back we showered ate breakfast and enjoyed the day. When you are in a love cocoon, time just slips by, before I knew it, it was early afternoon and he had to go a meeting. I wasn’t too worried he had been with me all weekend.

When he left I realised that for the first time in weeks I had some spare time. It was a warm day so I took some water, some boiled sweets, a book, a mat, some shades and myself in a summer dress up to the park.

I love that park, its one of my favourite places (for Christmas Mr special framed a photo I took in that park and wrote a poem on top of it) I would have biked there but my legs were sore from the jogging. It’s not that near to where I live but it’s quiet. On walking in the park I clocked a brotha sitting on a bench reading.

I was so happy to see that, they say that we don’t read and here was a guy sitting just lost in his book. We nodded at each other and I then walked onto the grass laid out my mat and got relaxed. After a while of reading the sun was really beaming down so I decided to lay back and enjoy it warming my body. I don’t know how long I was there but on feeling a shadow across my face I opened my eyes to see that same brotha standing above me smiling.

Before I could get annoyed he said "would you mind taking a photo of me and my friend?"
I searched around for the friend as I had only seen one guy but it was true there was another brotha and he was also on the bench reading.

"No problem" I said but could he come here as all my stuff is here and I don’t want to leave it.

So he walked back to the friend and they both came back over. I noticed that the friend took ages and was limping. They handed me the camera and whilst they were discussing who would stand where I sneaked a photo, then they posed and I took another. I much preferred the non posed shot it looked so natural.

"Would you mind if I sat here and read with you?" the friend said "it’s my ankle, I don’t think I could get back over there"

I didn’t mind at all so then all three of us sat there reading in silence for around 30 mins.

I broke the conversation first

"So are you two on holiday?" I asked, they weren’t but I just presumed it since they wanted a photo. One of them was reading this huge book entitled 'Africa' the other was reading something called 'conversations with God'. We discussed books and what we have read before they were surprised at how fast I could read! I told them that 'my boyfriend thinks I'm a super reader' I thought I should drop that in quite early so they both knew that I had a man in my life. They were surprised that I had come to that park when I have parks nearer to me but I explained how I found peace there. Then we just talked…we talked about everything, about the state of the world, the children, how single women find a good man, how single men find a good woman, all about Mr Special, how that guy busted his ankle, all about hobbies, interests, jogging, biking, music and just life. Now no one can tell me that black men and women don’t get on.

I was there until 7pm!! And the sun was still shining.

When I left them there was no foolishness no "can I have your number" no corny chat up lines, all three of us just appreciated a good refreshing conversation and we went our separate ways.

I love these moments in my life.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I did Karaoke with Pink

The weekend at my parents with Mr Special went really well, I’m so happy Mum likes him and it was a lovely relaxing (lots of food eating) weekend.

This weekend I’m doing my hair in preparation for the birthday week. Yeah I know I should stop going on about the birthday so I figured I would tell you what happened to me last Thursday.

Have you seen the T-mobile advert, where everyone is dancing in Liverpool street station? It’s pretty brilliant, people were just going along on thier daily life and they got dragged into it.

In England people generally love that advert and many, including myself wish they would have been there to take part! In fact many members of the general public know the dance.

So last Thursday morning when I heard that they were filming another in Trafalgar Square at 6pm!! I knew that life was too short and I just had to be there! Trafalgar Square is right near my workplace so I was going to go! They said that if you knew the dance from the advert, come down and do it. For me that’s all I needed to hear. I didn’t know the dance but I figured that I would easily pick it up.

At 5.15pm I arrived to a fantastic atmosphere. There were 13,000 people there of all ages and races. The sun was out and I was really ready to shake my stuff. When I finally signed my disclaimer after a long queue I was handed a microphone. I was really stupid because I wondered what on earth it was for. Everyone in the crowd had one.

At 6pm Vernon Kay got on the stage and announced that there would be no dancing. The whole crowed moaned and then he said that we would be singing instead, everyone went mad! (You think we would have guessed) It was London’s largest Karaoke and I was there!

So halfway through I’m dancing and singing when on this woman with a hood on climbs up on the podium in front of me. I blinked as she took off her hood and realised it was Pink, the once RnB now Pop Singer!! I’m telling you that once she arrived everyone went crazy. She was just there, in the crowd with us singing along.

Anyway here are some photos from my phone. Sorry they aren’t that great,I only remembered that I needed photos at the last minute.

and of course here is the advert. My head is in the crowd somewhere...

So another of my 30 things is done (the Karaoke one) I’m going to have to give you an update of that list at some point! Also afterwards when I was leaving I got a call from Mr Special...he was there too!!

oh and dont ask my why the videos look funny on the page, I have NO idea! just double click them so they open in youtube!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

The best birthday ever…

In 2005 I celebrated my birthday for the first time ever. Yeah that’s right first time, I never had a sweet 16th, I didn’t have an 18th or 21st so I decided for no reason that I would have a party to make up for all those missing ones.

A friend of mine helped me hire out a club exclusively. I also had an amazing DJ and then I invited everyone I knew! The party ended up having around 300 people in it! I was modelling a lot back then and when you are in those circles you have quite a lot of ‘friends’

To this day that was the best night of my entire life so far.

After arriving at around 11pm and being greeted by loads of screaming friends holding lots of gifts, I chatted, mingled, and eventually danced the night away. I felt like a superstar when halfway through the club all stopped to sing happy birthday to me. It was so wonderful being surrounded by everyone you knew. I felt so special and loved.

My dress was the most expensive dress I had ever worn at that time my mum went shopping with me to pick it and I have never felt so good.

Afterwards my house was jammed with cards as nearly every person that came to the party brought me one.

If you have never celebrated your birthday properly make this your year.

So now let’s fast forward to four years later. I was sitting down looking at photos of that birthday and remembering it with smiles, when suddenly I realised that only five of those three hundred people that I knew four years ago are coming to my birthday this year. I started to look through my phone and see who was still in it and half of them weren’t the other half I haven’t spoken to in years. Isn’t it strange how people come and go in your life?

So since I really haven’t had an amazing birthday since, I hope that Saturday 16th is good.

I found a new dress to wear – what do you think of it?


This made me die laughing (Click Here)

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