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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Guilty….Or Not, I get to decide.

I got a lot of hate emails regarding my Jagged Edge Post, Yes very sad I know...I couldn’t stop laughing, people kept telling me they were going to kill me and all sorts, I guess there are die hard fans out there that no one knew about. One comment said “Who are you to judge?”

Well actually…from tomorrow I am on Jury Service. I have been called up for a minimum of two weeks. So haters (I’m sticking my tongue out!)  I will get the chance to judge. Obviously not on that particular subject (lol) but as soon as I am sworn in I get to listen to some murder or fraud trail and decide if I find the person guilty or not.

I’m pretty daunted by the whole thing and I’m sitting here thinking about it and what it will be. I really don’t want any case involving children I don’t want to be traumatised. I also don’t wanna be on any case that involves me having to stay in a hotel away from Mr Special for my own protection. That would stink.

The only good things are the hours are 10-4 so really short days, I get the two weeks off from work and they pay all my inconvenience costs as well as lunch every day. So those things are ok.

So have any of you ever been on a Jury?

Monday, 5 April 2010

Ok so now I’m impressed with facebook.

In 1999 my father died (he had cancer). He was not in contact with any of his family at all so with him died all knowledge of any of his side of my family. The story is that his own father was abusive so as soon as he could he got away left Jamaica and never went back and never contacted anyone only his own mother. His death was hard as we didn’t even have anyone to contact to tell them he had passed. We could find no details on his mum.

I spent many years trying to trace his family but there were so many dead ends and his own fathers name wasn’t even on his birth certificate and I couldn’t find his mum anywhere. In the end I gave up. However every now and then I did wonder where they were, I knew he had sisters and often wondered if perhaps I was passing them on the streets and didn’t even know.

He had an address book with people in Jamaica in it, but no phone numbers. I wrote to these addresses and never got a reply.

Last week to my amazement I was contacted through facebook by a lady who is my cousin, my Dad’s niece!! She contacted my brother who gave her my name and I started to check her out.

At first I was sure she got my name from many of the family tracing websites I had placed my name on. But as we got to talk properly I realised that she had searched our fathers surname, found my bro and then found me. I spoke to her and my aunt. I nearly cried when I realised that they had been actively tracing us for years too. My Grandmother had a photo of my dad with all us children on it and they still have that photo.  No wonder I couldn’t find my Gran, she changed her name before she died.

They are living in Boston USA and they gave me the names of my fathers seven sisters and where they all were at, some in Jamaica, some in Canada and some in USA one has also passed away.

These people are most definitely my family, they named many of the people that are in my dads address book and told me a lot about him when he was young. I am so excited, I just don’t really know what to do next...

Facebook is brilliant, I guess you can find anyone on there so if you are looking for someone, make that the first place to start!