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Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year is Coming, Im not resoluting...

At the start of the year I made a post with a list of 30 things that I wanted to do this year. As it is the eve of a new year I thought I would revisit them and see what I did and what I didn’t.

The strangest thing is, when looking at the list all the things that I wanted to do as the year went on things inside me changed and didn’t want to do those things anymore. I grew as a person; I learnt more, met different people and made new friends. In fact my whole life has changed since the start of 2009.

So in 2010 I think I’m just going to make a few goals for each quarter and that way I will achieve more. What do you think? are you planning on making resoultions?




Just out of interest, here is the link to the original post and what I wrote.

Angel's 30 Things...

  1. Go to one of the places on a list

I went to Antigua instead.

  1. Do something for charity

I collected some old books at work and sent them to Book Aid, I also visited a children’s hospital and took the children that would be in over Christmas, gifts from a collection.

  1. Receive a handwritten letter

I got two and sent one, I need to fix up!

  1. Go Rollerblading

I didn’t go, but I went Ice Skating

  1. Host a Murder Mystery Evening

Hmmm I didn’t do this either but I will one day.

  1. Decorate my Living Room

Mr Special moved in and now we are probably moving to somewhere even bigger so no need!

  1. Go Paintballing

Hmmmmmmm why didn’t I do this? Any Londoners up for 2010??

  1. Go on a girly Spa Day

LOL same response as above

  1. Get a facial

I flopped I didn’t do this either

  1. Go Ice Skating

Yeah I did this, and am going again on the 10th Jan

  1. Take a trip on the London Eye - You know in all the time I have lived here I have never been on it

Yeah Mr Special and I went, it was lovely.

  1. Visit the opera

Nope didn’t go

  1. Get a manicure & pedicure.

Yeah I went in my lunch break a few times and did this, it was lovely.

  1. Go to the ballet

Yes I went to Black Ballet it was fantastic and totally recommend.

  1. Run a 10k race

No I didn’t do this; instead I got fatter and fatter and ended up getting mashed up at netball! I joined the gym a couple of months ago and I’m back in training.

  1. Go out clubbing on a 'school night'

Hmm, I cant remember if I did this or not.

  1. Get a full body massage

I got hundreds from Mr Special, does that count?

  1. Go for afternoon tea in the Rose Lounge at the Sofitel St James and hear the harpist play

No, lost interest!

  1. Go to the Slavery Museum in Liverpool

Yes I went and really recommend you go. I wrote about it here

  1. Go Strawberry picking

I didn’t go to this.

  1. Go to Karaoke

Yes I went, it was fun!

  1. Update my will

I haven’t but its in my intray.

  1. Grow a herb garden

I grew Chives and Lavender, but the chives died, the lavender is still going strong, I need to try some more herbs.

  1. Go with a large group to the movies

10 of us are going to see Avatar on the 6th Feb at the Imax so I’m going to count this.

  1. Go on a picnic

I went on quite a few in the summer, many times alone, I rode my bike to the park with my book and lunch and just chilled.

26 - 30 are really personal about self growth, development, mindset, forgiveness etc if I get them done I might tell them to you...

One of these goals was to visit my fathers grave, something I haven’t done since he was buried, I managed to do this, and I think I wrote about it here…

Thursday, 24 December 2009

A Modern Day Love Story at Christmas.

I can’t really spend my life apologising for not blogging but I can’t help it, you see I'm in a love cocoon. All happy at home means that I don’t even visit blogger and it has been snowing over here, even more reason to snuggle with Mr Special.

Mr Special has moved in and things couldn’t be better. We are so happy it’s unreal.
I find myself praying a lot now as I’m so happy I’m afraid it will be taken away from me.

We have routines now, whoever cooks the other person washes the dishes and stuff like that. He cooks for me, wakes me up with kisses in the morning, gets me water when I’m thirsty in the night, massages my shoulders when I’m stressed, helps me take out my braids (yeah he even did that) he even lets me munch on those chocolates that I’m not supposed to have because it makes me fatter and then kisses the bits I think are fat. He is a darling. Just because he treats me well don’t take him for some weak guy, oh no, he is defiantly the man of the house, but I like it.

Then me, well….I also cook for him, peek at him in the shower, nibble his ears in bed in the morning, giggle when he grabs my breasts, do his washing, pedicure his toes (yeah I even did that) buy him the biscuits that I never would buy myself because they are overpriced and alone I would eat them in one go. Get in the bed before him and lie on his side so it’s warm when he arrives. Make him tea, smile when he arrives through the door, always ask about his day and more importantly listen to the answer.

Its good people!! It’s all good. Tomorrow it will be our first Christmas living together. We decorated our tree together and have been getting joint Christmas cards. Tomorrow morning I’m going to wake with him beside me, kiss him Happy Christmas and give him the gift I bought him.

Aawwww I’m happy, how are you doing?