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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I’m doing my Charity thing...

Can you remember when I talked to the old lady in the Garden Centre? (Read here) Well obviously Mr Special knows the story and he found this charity for me called Contact The Elderly.

Basically you go to have tea with old people and I have registered to become a driver. So one Sunday a month from 2-4pm, I go and pick up old people and drive them to a tea party. It’s really good as some of these people can’t get around and all their friends are dead or not mobile so they don’t have anyone to talk to. After speaking to that woman I decided that I wanted to do more. I'm currently going through my police checks so I will let you know when I do my first job.

I really hope I meet some old black woman since you know how Grandmothers have some serious recipes that they have cooked for years and only they know about. I want to chit chat so that learn all the food secrets and cook something delicious.

Do you know that about me? Well if you don’t I have to say that I love cooking and baking, I just wish I actually had more time to do magnificence in the kitchen however if I have the recipe I can cook mostly anything.

Sometimes I get in a mood where I actually sit up and say ‘I feel like baking’ Mr Special & I call it the baking lovin’ mood. I just get the feeling and then I go in the kitchen and cakes get made. I have to fight it sometimes otherwise I might end up fat eating all those cakes.

When we first started dating and he found out about this Mr Special would stress to say “honey, if that baking lovin’ feeling comes over you dont hold yourself back just call me …call me anytime night or day, don’t worry, I will come and take the cakes off your hands so you are not forced to eat them"

Anyway I’m praying that I get hold of some old time recipes so when I do, well I would invite you over for a taste test but since some of you live far you might have to make do with photos

Do you do anything for Charity?


BorednTalkative said...

I think that's a wonderful thing you're doing. And hey if you do get some recipes, please share. I tend to get into that baking mood every once in a while.

ShonaVixen said...

awww that's such a wonderful thing that you are doing hon!!! I havent baked in years...sigh...
Together with some friends this year we are organising the MissZimbabweUK and all proceeds will go to fund a girl in Zimbabwe, so we pay for her education, clothes and all the other our theme for the event is Supporting the Girl Child by Girls for A Girl!!

Robyn said...

some love!!!!
hey you know charity aint a bad idea its also a stress reliever and a way to meet good people.
keep up the good works
lots of love.R

MilesPerHour said...

Getting recipe's will just be icing on the cake (bad joke) Seriously, doing things for others without expecting something in return is one of my greatest rewards.

Amanda said...

That's great what you're doing for the elderly. Looking forward to hearing more about it as well as any recipes you acquire!
I just started helping out with an organization my neighbour started where we sponsor several school children in Uganda.

Robyn said...

hey,,,are you okay been awhile?

My World said...

do share when you get those recipes,pppplllllleasssssssssse.
I do hav baking lovn' mood as well,crazy right?
Keep up the charity work.


Charity work is fab. I did it about 12 years ago while at college. I didn't get my hands dirty, though. I was behind a desk two days a week cos back then not may folks were IT literate. Wish I have more time now to volunteer. Maybe some day instead of a holiday. Maybe. One way or another, I have to find a way to pay for my sins and make it to heaven. Sister, pray for me :)

Emeka Amakeze said...

What you are doing is noble. It's something young people don't readily identify with nowadays but God will bless you abundantly.

Keith said...

Sorry I'm so late Angel...Just getting around to reading everybody's blogs tonight...I think it's a wonderful thing that you're of yourself..nothing could be more noble.

Angel said...

@ BorednTalkative, yes I will share if I do get some

@ ShonaVixen, wow that is fantastic honey, when is the pageant on?

@ Robyn, hey you, im about to hit your blog shortly, im fine just mad busy but back now!

@ MilesPerHour, its true it will be the icing on the cake and not the reason im doing it.

@ Amanda, Would love to hear more about your Uganda work

@ My World, I will share, perhaps I should share some of the ones I have already as I have been to my meeting and I might actually get an old man instead of an old lady lol

@ Secret Diary, lol hun I will pray!

@ Emeka, thank you sweetie I hope so!

@ Keith, don’t sorry at all, I am really late! Anyway you must have quite a few blogs to read