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Sunday, 27 June 2010

I'm back from Thailand

The week before I went to Thailand I wanted to do a post, but going on holiday can be quite stressful. I found that I had SO much to do before I left I actually ended up getting very ill a few days before going it wasn’t great. This meant that the ‘goodbye see you in a couple of weeks’ post just didn’t happen. Sorry

Anyway I went and now I’m back, I’m a bit jetlagged and possibly have lots of stories to tell you but for now my brain isn’t working so I just wanted to say ‘hi im back’

Its Mr specials B-day tomorrow so we will be chilling out hope you are all well, post any questions about the holiday and when I do the Thailand post I will try and answer them.

Hope you are all well 


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Beater Brown cant come in

So Chris Brown got his Visa denied to enter the country as he is guilty of a criminal offence. His assault on Rihanna last Feb. Who would have gone to that concert anyway? Who wants to listen to someone that sings all about love and then mashes up the person they are supposed to be loving??

Remember these photos?

To be honest I am glad, perhaps he will think twice before assaulting a woman again. It for once a good call by the home office, it’s a shame they don’t make this judgement on all the drug dealers, killers, ex prostitutes and pimps that come over here to sing music.