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Saturday, 2 May 2009

The best birthday ever…

In 2005 I celebrated my birthday for the first time ever. Yeah that’s right first time, I never had a sweet 16th, I didn’t have an 18th or 21st so I decided for no reason that I would have a party to make up for all those missing ones.

A friend of mine helped me hire out a club exclusively. I also had an amazing DJ and then I invited everyone I knew! The party ended up having around 300 people in it! I was modelling a lot back then and when you are in those circles you have quite a lot of ‘friends’

To this day that was the best night of my entire life so far.

After arriving at around 11pm and being greeted by loads of screaming friends holding lots of gifts, I chatted, mingled, and eventually danced the night away. I felt like a superstar when halfway through the club all stopped to sing happy birthday to me. It was so wonderful being surrounded by everyone you knew. I felt so special and loved.

My dress was the most expensive dress I had ever worn at that time my mum went shopping with me to pick it and I have never felt so good.

Afterwards my house was jammed with cards as nearly every person that came to the party brought me one.

If you have never celebrated your birthday properly make this your year.

So now let’s fast forward to four years later. I was sitting down looking at photos of that birthday and remembering it with smiles, when suddenly I realised that only five of those three hundred people that I knew four years ago are coming to my birthday this year. I started to look through my phone and see who was still in it and half of them weren’t the other half I haven’t spoken to in years. Isn’t it strange how people come and go in your life?

So since I really haven’t had an amazing birthday since, I hope that Saturday 16th is good.

I found a new dress to wear – what do you think of it?


This made me die laughing (Click Here)

I have been tagged but I don’t actually know the rules – someone explain them…


Mr. Condescending said...

its nice!

Keith said...

That Dress is fabulous..Very Sexy, can't wait to see photos of you in it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I HOPE YOU HAVE A FABULOUS TIME, WHATEVER YOU DO.

Robyn said...

some people are in your life
to help you through a phase of life
while others will take you through life.
How are you love?
restless over you i know
you be good.
oohh get me on twitter @

Shishi said...

Gurl that 2005 bday musta really rocked. Its true life changes so fast pple come in and go out..
Your bday will rock, im sure of it.pls post pictures and all.
I love the dress too.
How to tag..well when you are tagged you must tag other 7 bloggers i think..

ShonaVixen said...

Love the dress!!!!!
Yup, m sure we've all lost some 'friends' along the way but some have stayed and those we cherish and value!!

Amanda said...

Love the dress! Hope you have a great birthday and I'm looking forward to seeing all the pics.

(LOL at the racoon story! Serves that man right!)

Oyin said...

wow.....really....I am so amazed. So damn girl do it up....and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY B-DAY to you...

the dress is nice..have fun!!

Angel said...

@ Mr Condescending…the dress?

@ Keith, thank you right I’m definitely going to have to pose in that dress then!

@ Robyn, yeah yeah…looking so much forward to it!

@ Shishi, it was a fantastic b-day I’m glad that you like the dress

@ ShonaVixen, my favourite video blogger, how are you dear…yeah I do value the ones that have stayed.

@ Amanda, thank you!!!

@ Oyin, ooooohhh I’m getting excited for the birthday – I still have another week!

Mr. Condescending said...

Yes the dress lol

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

hmm Beautiful dress hun

ANGELINA said...

Cute dress! And happy almost birthday! I love birthday parties, especially when surrounded by those that care about me.

Angel said...

@ Mr Condescending – glad you liked the dress

@ Miss FlyHigh, thanks dear

@ Angelia, whoo thank you I'm very excitied! said...

Hey there!

I agree with you... we owe it to ourselves to live well and to treat ourselves well!

The red dress is really fabulous-looking and it works well for a body type with a narrow waist and firm bust line!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!