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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Good Hair/Bad Hair do you care?

Last night I went to watch Chris Rock's documentary Good Hair. Mr Special joined me. This film has apparently been banned in the US because people stopped going to get relaxers and hair salons were loosing cash.

It was showing at Ritzy in Brixton and afterwards Chris was there for a quick question an answer session. Its been out for a couple of years now but it was the first time I have seen it.

At first, like many, I thought that Chris being a comedian was going to be making fun of black woman but it wasn’t that at all. Sorry for those of you who know but the documentary was made because his daughter came home one day and asked him "Daddy why don’t I have good hair?" So he decided to investigate the whole good hair/bad hair thing. He visited India where the hair is shaved off at the temple to be made into weave on hair. He visited salons where people some people were spending $1,000 on weaves! He visited the Atlanta hair show. he had a session with a scientist which showed you what Sodium Hydroxide (Relaxer) does do your scalp. (The way it burned through that chicken it was scary!) I think it was really an overview but what I did like is he didn’t take sides or alienate anyone.

It did put me off relaxer especially in the Q&A session afterwards when he talked about the scenes he took out. There was one with a coroner where they examined the scalps of black women and found that a black women's scalp who has been using relaxer for years is something crazy like 60% thinner than a white woman's. I cant remember the correct figure but I know that this stuff is eating away at your head and seeping though to your brain!

I felt sad as well when I saw girls as young as three getting this stuff put on their heads. Chris said in the Q&A that to him his daughters are perfect he wouldn’t want to change anything so he also felt sad when he was filming those scenes.

It was informative but I did feel he skimmed the surface on many of the issues especially when talking about exactly how much these hairstyles are costing us as a community. Has anyone else seen it??

Oh yeah, there were a few white people in the audience and in the Q&A a long haired white guy stood up to ask a question. Before he asked it he stupidly pointed to his head and said to everyone "GOOD HAIR!" As you can imagine I was afraid for him! The boos were loud and not good natured! Idiot man.

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Sunday, 16 May 2010

I Love Birthdays

I love birthdays

On my birthday this year (May 15th) I opened my eyes to see my favourite person staring back at me. Mr Special kissed me a happy birthday and made it a good start to a great day.

When I opened his card it said “To My Wonderful Girlfriend, of all the things that I’ve heard said and all the words I know, the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard was when you said hello”.  With that he had drawn two stick people inside, one me and one him with salsa music in the background and I was saying “Pleased to meet you” it was lovely.  The day was nice and we went to lunch and did some shopping.

In the evening I went to dinner at Floridita with some friends. For those of you who are not London based it’s a beautiful Cuban restaurant with dinner and a live band. It was eventful to say the least but fun. After a few mojitos I was in very high spirits. We danced for a while but as my crew do not all do salsa we decided to slink off to another club.

At the other club, as I was walking in the bouncer on the door said to me “ID please?”  I couldn’t believe it and he was serious.  He thought that I was under 18. Let me tell you all now that this was a big birthday so when he said it I just threw my head back and LAUGHED. I didn’t even have a handbag let alone ID. Mr special had all the money and the keys and everything so I didn’t come out with anything at all. For a second I was worried and then I think because of my sheer amazed reaction the other bouncer said to him “just let her in mate”  Inside the club I danced all night and we didn’t get home until after 4am.

Today has been relaxing I have lots of flowers and cards at home and though the texts, voicemails phone calls and facebook messages I have felt the birthday love so thank you everyone.

Right now I’m, pretty tired so that’s why you are not getting a more descriptive story of the day and there are probably a few mistakes in the text but I want you all to know that that I’m contented and happy and really looking forward to the next year. Its going to be a huge journey….

Much love x 

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I’m in love with my hair and stuff

So as I’m not really going to talk about the cases that I was on during Jury service, you guys are right it’s probably too dangerous and who knows who will be reading but I will tell you that it was brilliant and if you ever get the chance go and do it.

Today I wanted to just to a post all about my hair as I am in love with it, its growing madly its like a blooming flower but I realised that a whole page on Angel’s hair might be boring so here is a picture of it last night before I went to bed.

Then to pad out the post a little I should tell you that, Mr special and I are going to Thailand in June.  I can’t wait, we were wondering if we should cancel as they were having some drama over there but now its all over, have you ever been to Thailand?

Also we have a family cat that lives at my mums called Mille, I love that cat, we all do, last week she went missing and my Mum has spent the week looking for her, its been really upsetting to be honest. She put posters up and called all the cat shelters and everything. Every day I have been calling to find out any news on her and then today the postman brought her home he found her miles away crying under a bush.  Nice Postman huh? Not in my neighbourhood I tell you.

That’s it really…although I could tell you more about my hair if you wanted lol

Sunday, 9 May 2010

To talk or not to talk???

Were you wondering what happened to me? I went off on Jury Service and you didn’t hear from me again. Well in truth I have been so so busy its been crazy but I thought I would start filling you in on my life by telling you about Jury Service. We can actually talk about the cases once they are over and the outcome has been decided but I don’t know if I should because I don’t want to make myself a target….Would you post about the cases? I was on three different ones and In probably have a lot to say but don’t know if I should…comments??