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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thoughts for Thursday....

This week at work we were all called into an emergency meeting, the whole floor was summoned.

One of the guys that has worked there for years, someone that we all know well died. He was away in Australia on business and found in his hotel room. He leaves behind his wife and two young children ages 2 and 6. He wasnt old at all.

The reaction afterwards was really upsetting, many were devastated it was so surreal. Some had to go home it was not good.

In my opinion this guy gave his life to our company and he worked really hard. He also died working for our company. The whole thing makes me take a step back and revaluate my life.

I thought of all the hours I have been working lately and the stress that I felt and wondered if I too was stressing myself into an early grave. If all I'm doing is working what will be left in the end? Will that be me alone in my hotel room gasping for my last breath?

Do you work to live or live to work?

When you pass what you leave behind? What differences have you made to the world? How will you remembered?

Are you enjoying your life? Are you taking care of your health?

Just some things to think about today…..