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Monday, 17 August 2009

Win a Trip to Australia, Challenge II Response

Well as you know I have to complete six challenges to win four tickets to Sydney Australia two for me and two for one of you. (Read More Here)

The second challenge was to create an outfit that screams 'I'm all about Sydney'. Hand-stitched, elegantly sketched or charity-shop purchased, as long as it stays clear of the Crocodile Dundee 'cork-hung hat', it was up to me.

So here is the elegant sketch in case you were wondering the picture is me (Well the slim me)

My outfit is catwalk ready!!!

Angel wears a Sydney Opera House inspired bonnet, great for stylish nights out but also as in this picture, it can be worn on casual days as well. To go with the hat she put on her bondi beach themed t-shirt and her Sydney Harbour bridge skirt which you can wear anywhere. Although it would be a bit hard to get in and out of rooms it does let the air in on hot days. The shoes straps are real shells (people like shells in Sydney) and no heels so that she can roam around for hours.

What do you think??

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Men I need you to explain...why???

Ladies I'm sure you all have a story of a guy you met one night, talked to and got on well, you swapped numbers and he didn’t call….or he did call but two months, six months [insert any random period of time] later and is still calling years down the line??

Well around eighteen months ago I went on a boat party with a couple of friends, I met a guy on there I'm going to call him Fool Fool Brown, Fool Fool Brown was so fine it was heartbreaking, His level of fine was so high I wondered what on earth he was doing talking to me. He was so pretty and to top it off he had a sexy Caribbean accent, gosh I was almost dribbling over him. He was one of those men women swoon over and that every women would want to be with. We got chatting and almost straight away he asked for my number. Hell I didn’t waste any time and swapped numbers with him. Sadly the moment my back was turned on the same night he was talking to other women. In fact whenever I went away to the bar or toilet or anything he was talking to someone else. So I said to him "look babe we just met you are not tied to me or anything so if you want to go and have fun and we will meet up soon" he didn’t like that, I guess he wasn’t used to it so he said "no, you are my date for the night, don’t worry about the other women they are all just friends I'm not going to leave your side" but he did and even when I was leaving the party he was outside swapping numbers with a girl. I cant really say I cared too much I was more surprised than anything and that was that.

The next day he called and I asked him if he had a good night, I dropped it in about all the other women and he lied and said they were all friends. He then went on to say that his ex used to get jealous of his 'friends', especially if he needed to go over to one of their houses and stay over for the night. I wonder why???

We didn’t really click and I couldn’t be bothered to have someone around me who was surrounded by women so I did not call him again and ignored his phonecalls.

Being the sex God that he was, he was annoyed, afterall how dare a woman ignore him? The treat them mean thing really works as he just harassed my phone for about a month leaving me more and more angry messages until he just left me alone.

Six months later he called out of the blue, his number isn't in my phone so I picked up, he started off by asking me how I am and wondered if I wanted to come over to his LOL I was seeing Mr Special so I said "I don’t think my man would like that" then he was like "who is your man?, I thought I was your man?" lol I told him "some man you are, you aint called me for six months and im not interested in you at all!" You can guess how the conversation ended…

Anyway last week he called again, probably another six months later. I have a new phone and am just working it out so when he said "hi" I said "who is speaking please?" he said "Fool Fool Brown" I replied "who?" he said his name again and I was confused "who is it?" then it all came back to me. Just as I remembered who he was one of his women must have walked in or something and he said "listen I cant talk right now I have to go" and he just got off the phone quick time.

So men, what is this about? Why don’t you ever let go, I have men calling me up from the 90's! (ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration but still) I get calls from people I went out with once, or met once and we didn’t really go anywhere, now they have no clue what I look like they cant remember meeting me or anything but for some reason they have me on their phone and call every so often out of the blue and strangely want to go out or meet up…or even want me to explain how we met?? What is it about?

I sent Fool Fool Brown this text

Fool Fool, why do you call me? I only met you one night nearly two years ago now and we did not become friends. I was not interested in you as you had some many women around and we didn’t click. Now I'm just being polite as we have nothing to talk about. So I'm wondering what is your motivation for trying to stay in touch.

He hasn’t yet replied guys should I wait another six months?

Please can you explain the male thinking behind this one?

Monday, 10 August 2009

Win a Trip to Australia – Challenge Response

So blogville as you know I have to complete six challenges to win a four tickets to Sydney Australia two for me and two for one of you. Read more here Well here is my response for the 1st challenge where we had to create a game based around sports.

1000heads people here it is, Angels game I called it Sydney Bowling. Yup I stole your name and your idea and made it better!! People enjoy bowling much more than cricket and bowling is for everyone whereas cricket is long and confusing and the only time I watch it is when the West Indies are playing and there are some Sex Gods on the pitch.

I designed a pretty game board (which took forever, I want points on effort) and made up some rules, it was going to be so cool when I filmed myself playing it. Unfortunately my colour printer ran out of ink, my camera ran out of battery and no one would play with me, Mr special said that he had other sports we could participate in together and….well…… then I got distracted so here is the write up

Sydney Bowling

Rules – roll the coin from the bottom of the game board to land on one of the objects. First person to get to 100 wins!

If you land on a white space your miss a turn

Land on the bowling pins - 50 points

The quickest way to 100!

Land on Tennis – loose 20 points

Tennis in Sydney is really popular and on the 10th Jan 2010 they are hosting the Medibank International Sydney Tennis Tournament as part of the Australia Open. Many tennis stars will be there.

Land on Sydney Cricket – 20 points

Australia has a great cricket team (not as fine as the West Indies but there you go) anyway they have a fantastic cricket stadium and play lots of good matches there

Land on Sydney Soccer – 20 points

Sydney Soccer is what we call football.

Land on Sydney’s Olympic Stadium – 15 Points

As you all know Sydney hosted the Olympics in the year 2000 where Australia won 58 medals at (16 gold, 25 silver, 17 bronze).

Land on the Rugby Square – Loose 20 Points

I don’t like Ruby that’s why you loose points but if you do you better get to Sydney in 2010 where they are hosting the World Rugby Festival!

Land on the Beer Square – Loose 30 Points

But you can have a beer

Conclusion – Sydney is a sporting city, there are lots and lots of sports in Sydney not just cricket! So a great place to go if that’s what you like to watch and do on holiday.

Me I don’t….I like the beach!

My Next Challenge is to create an outfit that screams 'I'm all about Sydney'. Hand-stitched, elegantly sketched or charity-shop purchased, as long as it stays clear of the Crocodile Dundee 'cork-hung hat', it's up to me!

Any help is really appreciated - remember anyone that posts on a challenge post also has a chance of winning x2 tickets! Read more here

Thursday, 6 August 2009

I told the watch man what time it was!

When Mr Special needed the strap on his watch fixed, I recommended a place near where I work. Less than two weeks later it broke again so being the dutiful girlfriend that I am, I offered to get it fixed again.

I popped up to the place on Tuesday lunchtime and when I got to the counter I was faced with this sullen looking man, the type of guy that just hates his job. I guess hundreds of years working in the watch fixing place had done him in. A customer was just leaving and she brushed past me angrily...I wonder why?

I smiled and handed him the watch and started to say “two weeks ago my boyfriend….
I didn’t even get to finish the sentence, he snatched the watch from me and the broken piece and said “I know, I know, come back in twenty minutes” I wanted to explain that the pin which they fitted, the one that attaches the strap to the watch was too small and too skinny but the guy wouldn’t let me get a word in.
“It’s the pin, it’s…..” I tried to say something but again he interrupted “No come back later” he snapped.

So I walked off and heard him say to his colleague “bloody customers, you would think they knew how to fix watches”

I was vexed! What a horrible exchange.

I went around shopping for a while and then when I returned I asked him for the watch, he almost slammed it into my hands. I pulled it to test it had been fixed properly, it had not, it broke right there and then and out fell the old pin, instead of a new one.

I was NOT impressed and now I had a chance to tell the watch man exactly what time it was (lol)

Here goes

Angel - So you wouldn’t even let me talk or explain the problem, you were too busy running your mouth and now it’s not even fixed

Watch guy (bright red) - well Madame..

Angel – NO honey, it’s my turn to speak, what is your name?

Watch guy - what do you need my name for?

Angel - So when I write to head office and complain about you they will know who I'm talking about

Watch guy – erm…erm….erm….we don’t need to do that, let me see if I can fix it again, if you come back in twenty minutes…

Angel – oh hell no darling…I'm not coming back, you are going to fix it right now.

Watch guy – but, we have loads of watches to fix before yours

Angel (laughing) – Not my problem, you should have listened and fixed it properly in the first place and you better get on with it as I have to be somewhere shortly this is what needs to be done.

Then I went on to explain properly and he fixed it. This was a case where the customer was right!

Anyway later on I got to thinking about the vicious cycle that guy is in. He has a terrible attitude and hates his job you can just tell. He thinks all the customers are horrible and because they respond to his attitude his thoughts become his reality and they really are. This means that every day is a bad day for him and every time he speaks to a customer something bad happens. If he were to just change his mindset and shift his attitude and be nice to people I'm sure he would have a better time in life.

I have known many people that are always angry and always complaining and they think their life is awful , but life is what you make it and if you go around with a bad attitude and a narrow way of thinking I'm sorry but you are just bringing it on yourself…Karma baby!

That concludes Angel’s wisdom for the day!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Win x2 tickets to Australia

Yup I’m not joking – this is why for the next few weeks in going to be banging on about Sydney!!!

The Short Version

I was contacted by this company 1000heads

They asked me to take part in a blogging competition where if I win, I get x4 tickets to Sydney Australia, two for me and two for a member of my online community i.e. you!

I have to do six challenges against twelve other bloggers.

If I win anyone that comments and helps me with this or the challenge posts is in with a chance of winning the two extra tickets. I will put your name in a hat and then draw it out (on video so you can all see) and then the tickets are yours. OK?

The Angel Version

So after feeling all ill and sorry for myself after swine flu I remembered that I had not checked my blog emails for a while. This was when I saw an email from 1000heads asking if I would be interested in taking part in a competition. A virtual Tour of Sydney they called it. I was delighted

Each week for six weeks they will set me a challenge which I post on my blog, the winner of the most challenges wins the tickets!

The tickets are flights, hotels and activities for one week in Sydney Australia so me being me, of course I was up for it! I’m ready to blow the other 12 bloggers who I’m up against out of the water…who is with me???

They invited me to a BBQ on Saturday where I could find out more.

Me and Mr Special went down, the event was in Wandsworth where they had free drinks and food for all, they explained more about the prize and I got to meet the other bloggers who were just as intrigued as I was.

This was where they set the first challenge. When they explained it I was sitting there thinking WTF???? But Angel Cake will not be beaten, I want those tickets!! and so do you...dont you?? I have exactly one week to post my response to Challenge number one so help me out fam!

Awesome Tour of Sydney

Challenge 1: Sydney Cricket

What is it?

Sydney Cricket is a simple game you can play anywhere. All you need to get started is a coin and an idea of the rules, which can be altered to suit any situation.

If you have the chance to mock up a board that’s bonza, or if you just want to make use of beer mats, match sticks or anything else you can lay your hands on then that works too!

The Challenge…

On the next page you’ll find some rules for Sydney Cricket, but don’t get bogged down with them. Your first challenge on the road to winning a trip to New South Wales is to come up with your own cunning variant of Sydney Cricket. It doesn’t have to be cricket-based – remember, the Aussies love their sports and there are good few to choose from on which to base your game. We’ve simply provided you with a starting point to inspire you.

We’re setting no limits to what you can do with this challenge. Creativity will be rewarded, and you’ll have really flex your creative muscles in order to come up with something that will set you on your way to Sydney.

Good luck!

Sydney Cricket – the 1000heads version

Standard Rules

Players agree amongst themselves the number of overs that are to be played - each over giving the player six attempts at scoring ‘runs’ (much like real cricket). Once agreed, players take it in turns to spin their coin on the playing surface and attempt to score runs. The classic version uses the board below, with players spinning from the centre circle and scoring runs by landing their coin within the rings. If your coin finishes up off the board though, you’re out… Howzat!

NB: If a coin lands between two rings, an umpire’s decision must be sought on where the majority of the coin lies and runs awarded accordingly

So all I need is a game (gulps) love to hear what you think…