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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Two Weeks Away to the Special Day

Well the fear has gone and I feel things are going to be alright between me and Mr Special. I just have to take each day as it comes. We are at my parents this weekend and im looking forward to it.

Also with the Charity, I haven’t given up but I'm going to contact head office and see what they say.

Today I'm feeling good for two reasons, the first is my birthday is coming…on May the 15th I'm going to be a big woman. I have been planning a long celebration and for once I'm looking forward to it.

Apart from 2005 (which is in my next post) I have never ever looked forward to a birthday I find it hassle and stress.

Everyone asks you what you are doing and what you have planned and it’s down to you to sort something out. Id love one day for someone to do a surprise or plan something for me I thought it would be this year but alas no…so I'm thinking that perhaps If I am blessed with children they might do a surprise 50th or 60th or something.

So this year my birthday week is going something like this (a lot of eating is involved)

11th May – Birthday lunch with a good friend and colleague, he has a gift for me :)

12th May – Birthday lunch with another colleague

In the evening I'm going to Yoga

13th May – Birthday lunch with two colleagues, one left our company a while back, one still works there and is a good friend

In the evening I'm going to the Salsa Club and will need it as I need to work off the three lunches.

14th May - Birthday Lunch with My Team

In the evening I'm going out to the Karaoke to dance and celebrate my birthday.

15th May MY BIRTHDAY - I'm spending the day with Mr Special, we both have it booked off and I'm not quite sure what we are doing yet.

16th May – I'm going on a Boat Cruise with all my friends, 19 are coming with a further 5 tentative I cannot wait but I don’t know what to wear

17th May – My entire family and Mr Specials Family are going to Lunch :)

18th May – Recovering.

So that’s what I'm up to, I hope it’s a fun/memorable week.

One of the other questions I get asked is “what do you want for your birthday?”

That’s always a hard one but I guess that this year all I want is to be surrounded by those who love me, to get a cake with candles on, to be sung to and if you really must get something then a Mercedes would go down well.

So…… What did you do for your birthday this year or what will you do if it hasn’t happened already?

What has been your most memorable one?
The other reason why I'm feeling good is because its 5 weeks to go until I go to Antigua!!! Whoo hooo!!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Sunday & Charity

Well I did not get to do my charity work with the Elderly this weekend much to my disappointment.

I was really looking forward to giving my time and energy to this but unfortunately, the organiser (the London Coordinator) was the worst and I ended up not having an older person to collect!

Just to get you in the loop, some facts about it.

  • This was the first time it had been done in our area. (the launch of our group)
  • We were to take a large number of Elderly people to a tea party on Sunday afternoon
  • John Lewis (a huge department store) who have made this charity their charity of the year agreed to host the tea party in their dining room.
  • Because it was so high profile and the launch it would be appearing in quite a lot of press and John Lewis were to provide Hampers for the Elderly.

So what happened?

I should have known when I first registered; it was the 19th March a Thursday evening. I was going away for that wedding she called me around 5pm and said “can you come to a meeting tonight for the drivers at 7pm”

It was too short notice. So I declined and said I was going away for the weekend. (We were literally travelling that night!) I actually felt bad about not going but she said that I need not worry she would send me the minutes of the meeting so that was that. No minutes have ever arrived to this day.

The next time she contacted me via email. Was on the 9th April (Luckily I was checking my emails) it was again at 5pm and she said “can you come to a meeting tonight?” lol surely they must know in advance when these meetings are? As luck would have it I was free so I went down there to hear them out.

Despite her last minute behaviour the meeting was nice, we talked about the Elderly we would be looking after, what would be expected of us and she assured us that she had a long list of Elderly that she would send on and we would choose one that lived near us to collect. When we had chosen we were expected to call them on the Monday before the tea party, the Thursday, to remind them and then on the Sunday morning, the old are 75 upwards and sometimes forgetful so if you don’t phone them they might not let you in, this has happened lots of times.
So that was that.

A week went by and she had not sent any list. And then she sent an email to the group with two names on it saying “here are some older people for you to contact any takers?” One lived near me so I said yeah I will take him. But we began to all feel a bit uneasy. Two names and six drivers? That’s not really a tea party is it? I thought she said she had lots of people?

So I called my guy and found out he had been in hospital for over three months!! As the Co-ordinator she should know this and had not passed on his details to me, but I figured that she just found two names on her desk and just emailed them out as she doesn’t really have a proper list.

I went back to her (ccing the whole group) telling them the sad news by then she sent out some other names. We slowly found out (the hard way) that the people who she kept sending us were either ill, in hospital or had sadly passed away.

I couldn’t help but be annoyed. Imagine phoning and upsetting families by asking for someone who had died? There is a lot more to this story including one of the days her saying she wouldn’t be on email and if she called me with names could I send them out? Lol (she gets paid for this job)

But I wont go on and on let me just say that it ended up with me not being able to collect anyone and around two people at this major tea party.
I'm actually wondering how it all went in the end. John Lewis might not have been that impressed at all.

So what should I do?

I don’t have an Elderly person to take care of and also the next two events I'm unable to attend.

Should I just give up? Write to the Charity? Just give finanically from now on? Advice please….

Thursday, 23 April 2009

I’m Scared.

I’ve been assigned an Elderly person for my charity work but unfortunately there will be no recipes, it’s a man!! I’m getting a granddad not a grandma I really pray we get on well. Sunday is our first meet up. (if you have no clue what I’m talking about read here)

So you know what I’m up to this weekend the charity work, but next weekend I’m taking Mr Special to stay at my Mummy’s. He was supposed to come up with it was her 50th but it clashed with his brothers wedding rehearsal so he couldn’t make it.

My family have already met him and already like him. They are happy because he makes me happy but as things get more serious suddenly I’m starting to feel scared. (sigh)

I have been through this twice before and the pattern goes something like this

Ten Steps to Doom

  1. I met the person and got into a serious relationship
  2. Introduced them to all my friends
  3. Taken them home to my family
  4. Family fall for the person and welcome him with open arms
  5. Suddenly he is in the fold, they remember his birthdays buy him gifts for xmas etc
  6. Things are happy for a few years
  7. Then somehow it all messes up
  8. I’m broken-hearted
  9. They are broken-hearted as the longer the person is around the more they get to know and love them
  10. And it’s back to square one…

(bigger sigh) I just don’t know if I can do it again not for a third time. To them or to me…I just don’t know if I can go through those ten steps again. I want it to get to point six and stay there for a lifetime and when I look in the mirror I have to ask myself, why cant it?

I’m scared in fact I’m petrified it won’t or that one day he will just turn around and stop loving me or taking care of me like he does. That tends to happen with me and its a real confidence kicker. However things are so so wonderful in our lives right now (only six weeks until we go to Antigua)

I have left myself totally open to him and perhaps it’s too much too soon but he has friends that were engaged within four months of meeting and we both believe that when you know its right you know.

Sometimes…by Angel

I have to hold my breath at the beautiful things he does…I am in awe

I have to try and reciprocate to show him how much I care….I am in love

I have to pray each night that we never reach point seven….I am in hope

Will you pray with me?

Monday, 20 April 2009

That Triflin Brotha!

I’m at home today sick and feeling sorry for myself. I have a cold but also my voice has gone, it’s now a croaky whisper. Obviously the bad thing about being ill is the fact that you feel so awful but the good thing is I’m forced to be at home and resting. Lately (as you can tell by my sporadic blogging) I have been so so busy, I really missed writing so im back. No really back for good.

My first tea party with the old people is on Sunday so I will let you know how it goes.

Anyway I’m home sitting on my sofa in my dressing gown and slippers feeling weak and bored when I decided to switch on this laptop and read my emails. The first email was from a male ‘friend’ of mine.

I put the word friend in inverted commas and ladies you know, there are some men that are your friend and then there are others who pretend to be your friend for years and years and years! However give them an inch…oh well you will see what I mean…

This friend wrote on the email (I copied and pasted exactly what he put)

So you get all loved up and I don’t hear from you? How are things? how is work etc

I replied

Hi X sorry, I’ve just been well busy, I don’t mean to be so quiet, anyway work is fine I’m not there today I’m off sick

That was that. I checked my other mails and then decided to log into blogger and start reading some other blogs when just now my phone rang it was a withheld number. I was 50/50 about answering it. It hurts to talk and usually when you can’t see the number is someone you don’t want to hear from.

“Angel Cake” (loads of people call me that) “it’s me”
It was the same guy

“Oh hi” I croaked and immediately felt disappointed that I had answered, this is one of those calls that could have gone to voicemail. If you are reading sorry babe.

Him - “WOW you do sound sick you all home alone huh? Where is Mr Special?”
Me - “he is a work” (I said this in a surprised tone)“I don’t live with him”
Him - “yeah I know” he said “but I thought he might wanna take care of you”
Me – “I’d rather he take care of the bills, anyway I can’t really talk it hurts……
Him (interrupting) “I’m home too I can take care of you if you like”
Me – “oh why are you not at work?”
Him – “I have been suspended with pay so I’m just a bit bored”

At this point I could have asked loads of questions to find out why he is suspended etc but to be honest….I’m sick…..I don’t really care… and whatever it was I wouldn’t be surprised so I felt that the sooner I got off the phone the better.

Me – “Oh that’s a shame well….listen…I’m going to go now…
Him –(interrupting again) “So…well… I could come and look after you
Me – (laughing) I don’t need looking after, I just need to chill”
Him – “you might want soup or something else…”
Me – “Nah, I’m cool, Mr Special will bring me food later, the last thing I need is…
Him – (interrupting again) “Well we would keep each other company

I didn’t really understand what he meant by that and when you are sick it takes you a few minutes to understand what he is getting at so I said

Me – “its very sweet of you to offer but I’m fine anyway I wouldn’t go around to anyone that was sick’s house unless it was family, I would be afraid to catch something”

Him – “I’m never afraid, that’s what condoms are for
Then he laughed and laughed.

Then the penny dropped I was astounded and offended and I clearly realised exactly why he wanted to come over and ‘look after’ me

I’ve heard the phrase triflin many times before but this is the first time that I ever thought it could apply to someone…yup this dude is a definitely a triflin brotha and was NOT impressed. I told him more or less the same thing and hung up.

So now I notice that I have a new email and I go back to the inbox and it’s from him again.

I’m sorry I have to laugh it said

I hope you are not angry, I think you misunderstood what I was saying, I respect you a lot and would never try anything like that on you I just wanted to come and make you feel better.

LOL (note the capitals) YEAH RIGHT!!!! Men you are so lame sometimes..

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I’m doing my Charity thing...

Can you remember when I talked to the old lady in the Garden Centre? (Read here) Well obviously Mr Special knows the story and he found this charity for me called Contact The Elderly.

Basically you go to have tea with old people and I have registered to become a driver. So one Sunday a month from 2-4pm, I go and pick up old people and drive them to a tea party. It’s really good as some of these people can’t get around and all their friends are dead or not mobile so they don’t have anyone to talk to. After speaking to that woman I decided that I wanted to do more. I'm currently going through my police checks so I will let you know when I do my first job.

I really hope I meet some old black woman since you know how Grandmothers have some serious recipes that they have cooked for years and only they know about. I want to chit chat so that learn all the food secrets and cook something delicious.

Do you know that about me? Well if you don’t I have to say that I love cooking and baking, I just wish I actually had more time to do magnificence in the kitchen however if I have the recipe I can cook mostly anything.

Sometimes I get in a mood where I actually sit up and say ‘I feel like baking’ Mr Special & I call it the baking lovin’ mood. I just get the feeling and then I go in the kitchen and cakes get made. I have to fight it sometimes otherwise I might end up fat eating all those cakes.

When we first started dating and he found out about this Mr Special would stress to say “honey, if that baking lovin’ feeling comes over you dont hold yourself back just call me …call me anytime night or day, don’t worry, I will come and take the cakes off your hands so you are not forced to eat them"

Anyway I’m praying that I get hold of some old time recipes so when I do, well I would invite you over for a taste test but since some of you live far you might have to make do with photos

Do you do anything for Charity?

Friday, 3 April 2009

If you were immune from the law.....

So the drama of Wednesday/Thursday is over! (See my last post Financial Fools Day) Of course it ended in riot, RBS got smashed up, someone died, and there was blood sweat and tears. I think now it’s finished until next year….or they might decide to have one extra one on May 1st if they are not too tired. But im finished with that subject for now

I have to hold my arms up to Michelle Obama she is so inspiring and amazing. I saw her on TV when she went to visit Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School in Islington.(watch here) Those girls will remember that forever. I hope in my lifetime I get to meet her.

Anyway what was amusing when the first couple met The Queen, Barack gave The Queen an iPod and Michelle ‘sparked fears that she broke Royal Protocol’ by hugging the Queen (sigh). The Queen should put her ipod on and just chill.

The Queen (bigger sigh) what is all this with her talking in a third person? When she is unhappy she says ‘We are not amused’ who is We? Her and her mass fortune? Her and all those dogs? Who is We?

Young people are not into the Royal Family at all over here. I think people 65 and over still care but I could be wrong.

I remember when The Queen Mother died. The Queen was visiting Lincolnshire when she was meeting some old dears in an elderly home. (I know this as I know one of them) Anyway one of the lovely old ladies said to her “I’m really sorry to hear about your Mother”

The Queen gave her a horrified ‘We are not amused’ look and said in the most posh condescending manner that you could ever imagine “Speak when you are spoken to”

Well I’m glad I wasn’t there that’s for sure. I might be still in jail for cussing The Queen.

If you ask most people their opinion of the Royal Family they quickly scream ‘waste of taxpayers money’ and get irritated that we have to pay taxes to keep them. However I heard that they bring in more money through tourism than they cost. One thing I don’t like is that they are immune to all laws in the UK. Now that must be good.

Imagine what you could do if you were immune to all law? Just think of it, no matter what you did you knew there would be no punishment.

What would be the first thing you would do?

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Obama is in London and its Financial Fools day.

Today is April the 1st and in the UK they are calling it Financial Fools day.
I know I have lots of other stuff to tell you about what’s been going on with me but I had to write this.

Traditionally every May 1st people come out and protest against Capitalism, it usually starts as a peaceful protest as I believe that 90% of the people are peaceful. Then for some reason it always ends up in a riot with the protestors smashing up Starbucks and other 'capitalist' organisations.

Anyway this year it’s on April 1st and the protestors have renamed it to Financial Fools day. I think it’s to coincide with the G20 Summit which is happening here with the world leaders including President Obama.

This was he and Michelle when they arrived at Downing Street.

And this is a little video is of them trying to park 'The Beast'

So what are they marching/protesting against? Well pick a topic that we are all annoyed about?The Environment, The War, The Recession, Capitalism, Poverty, hell I could go on. The problem is that today many different organisations have all joined together and have decided to take it to the streets.

London is very jittery, with all police leave been cancelled and lots of warnings going out. Someone even drove into the city in an armoured car lol don’t ask!

Anyone who works in the city or in finance has been told to come to work in jeans and dress down. I must stress that this is a really bad plan as many of these fat cats looked hilarious/uncomfortable on the tube all squeezed into ill fitting jeans and they all stood out a mile! Sadly they have to dress like this as in previous years business people have been attacked. The protestors see them as the cause of it all and sometimes protestors storm offices and attack the people in there.

I'm here at work, we have double security today and lots of police outside as one of the events goes right past my office. I was wondering what I would do if protestors decided to come in. when my boss told me about this story. Now me and my colleagues are dying laughing at it.

Apparently some Greenpeace protestors stormed the IPE ready to attack the traders. However the traders (who are probably quite stressed and have been having a really bad time lately) fought back. Now two of the Protestors are in hospital one with a broken jaw. LOL This is what happens when you bring beef to someone’s workplace!