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Monday, 29 December 2008

As I Exit 2008...

It wasn’t easy to review 2008, when looking back I realised that it’s been a huge year for me. You don’t even know the half of it!

This was there year where I truly learnt what stress, despair, depression, loneliness and guilt were. I thank God for teaching me those things. I guess they happened so that I was also able to experience and recognise happiness, relaxation, achievement, freedom and LOVE!!

I was able to look at all my friendships/relationships and understand that there are always two people in the boat and that if only one of you is rowing you should stop for a while and see what happens – that taught me a few things.

I ran many 5k races (good for my body) got good at Yoga (good for my sprit), passed some finance exams (good for my mind) and started another business (which will eventually be good for my pocket lol)

I visited Venice, started to express myself through writing and as well as getting some things published I started this blog. I made some new friends, stopped rowing for others, learned to pole dance - for exercise only I promise.

I was lucky in 2008 I won a few things like theatre tickets and dinners and someone who loves me brought me a pink DAB Digital radio where I rediscovered Jazz FM and fell in love with it.

It was a good transitional year where I started off on one journey and ended on a new one. I'm really excited to get it over and done with now though and it ends on Wednesday night at my house where I'm having a joint party with Mr Special!

I'm now in a place with an open heart where I hope to remove any last traces bitterness that I was carrying. I forgive myself for any mistakes I think I made and know that I can’t change anything that I did, I can’t go back I can only go forward, so with that knowledge roll on 2009!!

Monday, 22 December 2008

So...I got chatted up...

He didnt quite look like the photo, but I just put it there for the ladies to enjoy....

The Story..

I went for my Christmas lunch with work on Friday. It started at 1pm and usually goes on until 3am. I decided to duck out at around 4ish because I was travelling to my parents the next day.

On my way home I decided to stop at the Jamaican shop and get some soup since there was no point cooking after such a big meal and I had emptied my fridge for the holidays.

When I came out of the shop I heard a car going BEEP BEEP BEEP for ages, I turned to glance as in my mind I was thinking ‘I wonder what all the noise is about’ and I saw the driver frantically waving at me.

I half smiled slightly amused and walked off. Guys Note: there is no way on earth that I would ever walk over to a car like that.

I carried on walking down the street when the same car swerved around the corner and the driver, a fine specimen of a black man leaned out of the window shouting ‘wait wait, see I’m making some serious moves for you sis just wait I want to talk to you.’

I laughed out loud and continued to walk but he mounted the pavement in front of me and got out the car. He had a friend in the car and this is the conversation….please note I try and always be polite.

Me (giggling) - “wow, you really did want to talk to me huh, you almost ran me down?”

Him - “Yeah, you are HOT…so what’s your name sexy?”
Me - “Angel”

Him (excited) “I'm Angelo we match lets hook up”
Me (laughing) - “Pleased to meet you Angelo but I have to get going now”

Him (not letting me leave) - “How old are you?”

Me - “Older than you”

Him - “How old is that
Me - “I'm a big woman”

The Friend – (leaning out of the car) “He’s a big man you know, he’s just your type”
Him - “so what are you married?”

Me - “no”

Him - “boyfriend?”

Me - “yes, of course”

Him – “so what? Can I have your number?”

Me – (laughing really loud) “NO”

Him – “Why? We can just be friends, look ok, you take mine and call me sometimes”

Me “I don’t think my man would expect that kind of behaviour from me”

Him (incredulous) “RAAAAAAH, are you hearing this bruv?” (to his friend) “this is like some perfect girl or something, did you hear what she said?

Friend – “that’s the kind of girl you need bruv, that’s the kind of girl I need”

Me – “oh well, this was nice but now I’m going”
Him – (deflated) “that man of yours is one lucky man…I want a girl just like you, so what are you really not giving me your number just cause you think your man wont like it? That’s just amazing…you are so… ….”

Friend – (finishing off the sentence) “its something special right there you know”
Him – “I’m going to keep driving around this area and hope I see you again, you are beautiful and faithful”

By this point I was in hysterics and just walked off. Leaving him standing on the pavement shaking his head.

On some levels I did feel slightly flattered although he was totally street, he was very attractive.

Anyway then I went home and had the best time of my life with Mr Special and as well as other things we both very much enjoyed the soup I brought.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Pizza Hut Part II

Ok I have writtern back to Pizza hut sending back the £10 voucher...they can get lost!

This is what I wrote

I was absolutely disgusted when I received your reply to my complaint.

It was a computer generated standard letter which did not answer any of my questions or address any of my issues. It was like a complete slap in the face and your message was clear, you don’t care about your customers or their experiences or feedback.

Please find enclosed the insulting £10 voucher you sent me. I would rather pay to eat somewhere that cares about their customers than eat free at somewhere that doesn’t.

I hope they reply....

FYI this is the 1st post Pizza Hut

Friday, 12 December 2008

Places to see before you die…

Remember this post - where I said I had a list of places I wanted to visit this lifetime.

Well here is the full list. (At least I think that’s everywhere) Ok so it’s not exactly around the world but Id like to see these places before my time ends..

St Lucia

Holland - DONE

Venice - DONE see this post


New York - DONE - all I did was shop and party!

Spain - DONE

France - DONE Paris years ago and can hardly remember so would like to go again!

Rapa Nui, Chile (Easter Island)

Greece - DONE (Kos Island)

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Petra, Jordan

Rio de Janerio, Brazil, Especially at Canival

Great Wall, China

Taj Mahal, India

The Pyramids & Luxor Egypt


Israel - DONE

Jamaica - thats where im from!!

Tobago - dont I look happy?

Ireland - DONE

Miami - DONE - at bit like new york I just shopped and partied oh and went on the beach!

Malta - DONE

Trinidad Carnival - DONE

What do you think? Where have you been? Where you would like to go?

Monday, 8 December 2008

Pizza Hut - Help me write to them...

I haven’t visited them for years, probably since childhood…but recently they have been doing a new advertising campaign after my fireworks night me and Mr Special walked past one and decided to get some food! BIG MISTAKE, I'm still traumatised from the experience.

I decided to write them a letter of complaint this is the gist of what I wrote – it was pages long so to spare you here a shortened version.

When we arrived it was clear from the start that the restaurant was under resourced, they were obviously short staffed but they were still friendly and did their best to clean a table to seat us. I walked past the salad bar and viewed the old limp lettuce and the dried up remains of the display and quickly decided that I wouldn’t be eating any of the salad. It wasn’t until we were shown our table that I realised exactly how bad things were in that place. The carpet was so dirty I think it had once been a colour but now it was brown and stained. All the chairs were filthy and probably had not been replaced since the opening of the restaurant. I actually was very reluctant to sit down because they all had dirty stains on and I really didn’t want to catch anything. The ceiling had dirt dripping down, paint was pealing off the walls and I was starting to feel very unimpressed.

I wonder if any of you at head office have actually visited and eaten at that restaurant or have you totally forgotten about it? I've, walked and driven past many of your others and I have never seen one in such a bad state of disrepair.

We ordered apple juice and it was probably the worst impression of apple juice I have ever tasted. Just as we were thinking of leaving we were asked to place an order and we both ordered the pasta. Around 30 mins later after really deciding that we should have left the staff brought over one of the dishes, it was burnt. They told us that they didn’t have the other one so we would have to share. LOL! We didn’t really need any more reasons to stay and we just left!

You won’t believe how vexed I am at the reply!! It was basically like a slap in the face, I don’t think they had even read my letter, they just sent me a £10 voucher and a standard reply. which is below

I want to write back to them sending their voucher back to them, that letter is an insult….but what should I put??

This is the letter they sent...

Monday, 1 December 2008


Bloggers Unite

Just a note to remind you that today is World Aids Day.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people who are suffering right now with this disease, people who have been born with it, people who are orphaned by it and people who are affected by it.