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Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year is Coming, Im not resoluting...

At the start of the year I made a post with a list of 30 things that I wanted to do this year. As it is the eve of a new year I thought I would revisit them and see what I did and what I didn’t.

The strangest thing is, when looking at the list all the things that I wanted to do as the year went on things inside me changed and didn’t want to do those things anymore. I grew as a person; I learnt more, met different people and made new friends. In fact my whole life has changed since the start of 2009.

So in 2010 I think I’m just going to make a few goals for each quarter and that way I will achieve more. What do you think? are you planning on making resoultions?




Just out of interest, here is the link to the original post and what I wrote.

Angel's 30 Things...

  1. Go to one of the places on a list

I went to Antigua instead.

  1. Do something for charity

I collected some old books at work and sent them to Book Aid, I also visited a children’s hospital and took the children that would be in over Christmas, gifts from a collection.

  1. Receive a handwritten letter

I got two and sent one, I need to fix up!

  1. Go Rollerblading

I didn’t go, but I went Ice Skating

  1. Host a Murder Mystery Evening

Hmmm I didn’t do this either but I will one day.

  1. Decorate my Living Room

Mr Special moved in and now we are probably moving to somewhere even bigger so no need!

  1. Go Paintballing

Hmmmmmmm why didn’t I do this? Any Londoners up for 2010??

  1. Go on a girly Spa Day

LOL same response as above

  1. Get a facial

I flopped I didn’t do this either

  1. Go Ice Skating

Yeah I did this, and am going again on the 10th Jan

  1. Take a trip on the London Eye - You know in all the time I have lived here I have never been on it

Yeah Mr Special and I went, it was lovely.

  1. Visit the opera

Nope didn’t go

  1. Get a manicure & pedicure.

Yeah I went in my lunch break a few times and did this, it was lovely.

  1. Go to the ballet

Yes I went to Black Ballet it was fantastic and totally recommend.

  1. Run a 10k race

No I didn’t do this; instead I got fatter and fatter and ended up getting mashed up at netball! I joined the gym a couple of months ago and I’m back in training.

  1. Go out clubbing on a 'school night'

Hmm, I cant remember if I did this or not.

  1. Get a full body massage

I got hundreds from Mr Special, does that count?

  1. Go for afternoon tea in the Rose Lounge at the Sofitel St James and hear the harpist play

No, lost interest!

  1. Go to the Slavery Museum in Liverpool

Yes I went and really recommend you go. I wrote about it here

  1. Go Strawberry picking

I didn’t go to this.

  1. Go to Karaoke

Yes I went, it was fun!

  1. Update my will

I haven’t but its in my intray.

  1. Grow a herb garden

I grew Chives and Lavender, but the chives died, the lavender is still going strong, I need to try some more herbs.

  1. Go with a large group to the movies

10 of us are going to see Avatar on the 6th Feb at the Imax so I’m going to count this.

  1. Go on a picnic

I went on quite a few in the summer, many times alone, I rode my bike to the park with my book and lunch and just chilled.

26 - 30 are really personal about self growth, development, mindset, forgiveness etc if I get them done I might tell them to you...

One of these goals was to visit my fathers grave, something I haven’t done since he was buried, I managed to do this, and I think I wrote about it here…

Thursday, 24 December 2009

A Modern Day Love Story at Christmas.

I can’t really spend my life apologising for not blogging but I can’t help it, you see I'm in a love cocoon. All happy at home means that I don’t even visit blogger and it has been snowing over here, even more reason to snuggle with Mr Special.

Mr Special has moved in and things couldn’t be better. We are so happy it’s unreal.
I find myself praying a lot now as I’m so happy I’m afraid it will be taken away from me.

We have routines now, whoever cooks the other person washes the dishes and stuff like that. He cooks for me, wakes me up with kisses in the morning, gets me water when I’m thirsty in the night, massages my shoulders when I’m stressed, helps me take out my braids (yeah he even did that) he even lets me munch on those chocolates that I’m not supposed to have because it makes me fatter and then kisses the bits I think are fat. He is a darling. Just because he treats me well don’t take him for some weak guy, oh no, he is defiantly the man of the house, but I like it.

Then me, well….I also cook for him, peek at him in the shower, nibble his ears in bed in the morning, giggle when he grabs my breasts, do his washing, pedicure his toes (yeah I even did that) buy him the biscuits that I never would buy myself because they are overpriced and alone I would eat them in one go. Get in the bed before him and lie on his side so it’s warm when he arrives. Make him tea, smile when he arrives through the door, always ask about his day and more importantly listen to the answer.

Its good people!! It’s all good. Tomorrow it will be our first Christmas living together. We decorated our tree together and have been getting joint Christmas cards. Tomorrow morning I’m going to wake with him beside me, kiss him Happy Christmas and give him the gift I bought him.

Aawwww I’m happy, how are you doing?

Monday, 23 November 2009

Anyone got a spare leftover man?

With Mr Special moving in we have loads of stuff that we are not going to need. Two toasters, two kettles, two TV’s etc so I decided to get onto freecycle and give away some of the things I couldn’t be bothered to sell.

Have you heard of freecycle? Basically it’s a fantastic website for people who want to give away their old items to people who will use them. This stops the items being thrown in the bin and ending up in the landfill.

I got a juicer from there where the woman used it once and then put it in her cupboard. I love using it.

Anything and everything is on freecycle it’s pretty addictive you could pop there if you lost your charger or if you had a gift that you didn’t like and wanted to get rid of it.

Its easy to use you put OFFERED for the things you have that you need collecting i.e blue sofa, WANTED for the things that you want i.e. a washing machine and TAKEN to let everyone know that what you have previously offered has already been taken

So I know on freecycle you can get anything even cars but you wouldn’t believe my surprise when I saw the below listing.

All I can say is wow things must be really getting bad out there….this person is using freecycle to pimp their daughter!

If you cant read it or see the image says

WANTED: Nice boyfriend for daughter
Where have all the nice men gone??? 23 year old daughter, very pretty blonde
hair blue eyes and clever - has had heart broken by falling for the wrong ones.
If anyone knows of kind, tall man 23 - 30 years old let us know!!

Only some spare leftover men are going to reply. What do you think? The new way to find a man?

ps you can click on the images to see the large versions

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Sweat, Blood and a whole heap of tears!!

Last night was just like every other Tuesday night; I left work and headed off to play netball.
We had a really good team and I was looking forward to playing. I really enjoy netball. We play outdoors and I mentioned to one of the girls that I was so glad we were not playing in the wet.

Running a bit late we jogged to the match working up a sweat but we managed to get there on time and start the game.

Ten minutes into the game I was defending our goal (I play GK) the Goal Attack jumped up for a rebound. As she came down, intentionally or unintentionally- I will never know she smashed her elbow into my face.

I am told I fell forward on my knees for a second and then backwards onto my back.

All I remember is her coming down and that pain! One minute I was standing and the next I was lying on my back, I opened my eyes and the whole team were standing above me, someone was holding my hand I could hear them all panicking

“Where is the blood coming from, there is so much blood”

“her eye, look its her eye”

“no her nose”

“Angel can you hear me?”

“Shall we call an ambulance?”

“Where is the first aid kit?”

I was in immense pain I couldn’t see out of one eye I had gone ice cold and I touched my face and there was blood everywhere.

I don’t know what happened but when I saw the blood on my fingertips I started laughing! This shut everyone up quickly. It was bad I don’t know what I was laughing at.

I think this was when they decided I needed to go to hospital. I’m not quite sure what happened after this but I could hear them calling Mr Special and for some reason I kept laughing and demanding that the show must go on, I kept telling them to go and play. They obviously thought I had lost it!

As abruptly as the laughter started it ended and was replaced with lots and lots of tears, I was in so much pain it was unreal, my face had started to swell. Not sure what was more worrying for them, the laughing or the crying. I had a nosebleed and also the ridge of my nose to the left was bleeding as well.

When we got to hospital (in a cab not an ambulance – my request) I found it hard to remember things like my doctors name or my house number so I got seen quickly.

My hands were blue with cold and my blood pressure was so high that they decided I needed a bed and one of those hospital gowns which show your bum. Luckily by this time Mr Special had arrived and helped me get into it. We sent the team members home.

Let me tell you at times like that there is nothing you want more than your loved one by your side. As soon as he walked in I felt good. I love that man!

Anyway back to the story. There is so much waiting around in hospitals that by the time I had my x-ray to check for broken bones I was back to normal and apart from the mass swelling around my nose and not being able to see out of one eye I was ok.

So I’m at home, nothing is broken but I look like a boxer as the bridge of my nose is so swollen and there is a cut on it.

I can’t really see out of my left eye and without tablets I would be in a lot of pain. The Head Injury leaflet they gave me at hospital said no TV or Computers so I’ m going to go and chill.
I’m already bored though

What a night huh?

Monday, 2 November 2009

Something to check out.

Moving slightly off topic from my recent good news I wanted to tell you about this play I went to see last year and recommend it if you are London Based. It's called 'Do you know where your daughter is?' and its written by Angie Le Mar. In 2008 I reviewed it for Afridiziak and now it's back at the Albany Theatre in Deptford until the 7th November. I really enjoyed it when I went to see it and I felt that it had a great message.

More info.....

Following the huge sell out success at the Hackney Empire, Angie Le Mar’s hit play, ‘Do You Know Where Your Daughter Is? comes to the Albany Theatre. This is a fast-paced production witnessing the tensions in the relationship between a mother and a daughter coupled with the devastating consequences of peer pressure. Exploring the reality of what happens when communication goes out the window, followed by rules, morals and finally love - the play features a cast of teenage actors in a hard-hitting and topical drama.

Dates: 2, 3, 4 and 7 November 2009
Time: Doors, 7pm for 7.30pm
After-show celebrity guest Q&A: Tuesday 3 November

Mothers bring your daughters for free: Wednesday 4 November
Ticket prices: Adult: £7.00 / Child: £5.00
Address: The Albany, 8 Douglas Way, Deptford, London SE8 4AG
Box Office: 020 8692 4446

So yeah, im not going to tell you tooo much about it becuase I want you to go and see it. it has a great cast, its a good story and look you can read what I wrote about it here

Angel's Review

Have you seen anything good lately?

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Happy today....

Hey everyone, I hope you are all ok and glad you liked my picture of me as a little one. It was nice to hear what you guys did as children.

Anyway I write with joy today. Mr Special and I are (hopefully) be going to move in together before the end of the year!! Despite some negative opinions, I am so excited about it. People are worried we haven't been together long enough, or that if we move in together we will never get married and lots of things like that but to be honest I don't care. I know him, I love him and I'm happy if it's not meant to be at least let me enjoy this happiness we have had such a great journey.

His name is Andrew he is a year older than me, we met in 2007 on a Salsa boat cruise and became great friends. (hmmm perhaps I should write a post single ladies learn salsa lol). However, It was only in September 2008 that we decided to get together and I have loved every single moment. He has become my best friend and my supporter, he is of the only people in this world that I have full respect for. He has some amazing qualities such as integrity, commitment, intelligence, strength and courage. He is thoughtful, romantic and sexy, he has a great sense of humour and he is a fantastic cook. He really takes care of me and I couldn't ask for more only that I may be all those things to him. He makes sense of the world for me.

Comments? Questions?

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I used to be a Centurion

I was walking around St James's Park yesterday when a full marching band came past. I love that London can be so random sometimes.

It wasn’t The Changing of the Guards ceremony which happens every day around 11am but it looked like the same people. I presumed they probably belonged to The Queen, I presumed they were doing a bit of practice but to be honest who knows? I saw tourists quickly grabbing their cameras and it just lit up the otherwise dull afternoon.

Seeing them march by takes me back to the time when I was a child, whilst other little girls belonged to the brownies or gymnastics. I was in a marching band!! It was called The Centurions. We had to practice every Saturday, marching up and down in formation. We also entered competitions but I can’t remember us winning anything.

I played the Cymbals, crashing them together at the back. My deepest desire however was to lead the band and be the Majorette twirling the baton and throwing it up in the air. Lol I guess I have always been a leader. I don’t know what happened in the end, I think I just grew out of it and didn’t go anymore.

Yep the picture at the top is me in full uniform! Somewhere at home mum has a video recording of me but luckily no one I know owns a video recorder so it will never see the light of day.

I was telling Mr Special about this story and as a child he used to be in the Scouts where I think behaved so badly one time when it was time for him to return he felt shamed and just never went back lol. So people what activities did you do as a child?

Friday, 18 September 2009

Single Ladies Join The Gym

Ok ok before you all start getting upset with me I'm not saying it because I think you are fat, but if you are sis you know what to do, stop complaining and sort yourself out. Remember you only get one body and when you get old with health problems you can only blame yourself. The reason why I'm saying that single ladies should join the gym is because there are men there, lots and lots of them!!

A few weeks ago I decided that I need to fix up, I'm getting all cuddly and comfortable instead of toned and sexy. Mr Special prefers cuddly but understands that things can get out of control. Just so you know, due to lack of exercise lots of eating and nuff chocolate I'm on the brink of out of control! There are lots of health benefits to regular exercise too and I'm one of those people that enjoy working out, last year I was playing netball and running 5k races!! My goal is to loose a little weight, have a good level of fitness and have a booty like Serena Williams. So with that in mind I joined the local gym and have been trying to go three times a week.

To this day I'm not sure if it’s the days or times I go to the gym but even from the start I noticed the lack of females. There were one or two but these sistas were super fit or married. The ones with the rings on were really just chilling in there watching TV whilst peddling the bike. I wanted to actually make a difference to myself. At first I felt very self conscious when I was working out, I had a funny feeling that all eyes were on me. This is NOT good when you are sweating like a pig on the treadmill, or struggling to lift the lightest weight on the machines. Even when I went swimming I caught the lifeguard checking me out with mild interest and I'm not the hottest woman in a costume so it was embarrassing I just wanted to hide. Mr Special now has to come swimming with me when I go, this has its good and bad sides as he tends to get distracted/horny with me in the pool. I discovered this when we went to the spa - another story.

Anyway after a couple of weeks in I started not noticing all the staring and did my thing. Now as a 'regular' these brothas got brave and started making conversation/chit chat with me. It started with a nod of a head and a mouthed hi and is now a full blown 'how are you? How was your weekend? Can I take you out sometime?

Trust me single women, to find a man join the gym. Even if you don’t find one, you get a killer body in with it.

Now you are probably wondering who are these men? What type of man are they? I have categorised them to help you.

The Gym Man Catergories by Angel

Level 4 Gym Man
Level 4's are extremely fit and are in there for exercise only. He comes to the gym every single day for 2 or 3 hours at a time and the only thing he cares about is his appearance. He will notice you and he will watch you slowly improve. Where you are at a good level of fitness and he has seen you enough times so he feels you are dedicated he will come over and talk. Never approach him, the worst thing you can do is interrupt his 5th set of bicep curls. If you get with this guy remember he will always put exercise first so as long as you are prepared to share his free time with the gym that is cool. He is a perfectionist and you will both fight over the mirror. Also he probably waxes.

Level 3 Gym Man

He also comes every day, but this is probably because of the recession he was made unemployed and is trying to find something to fill up his time. I have lots of these in my gym. He is fit too and will happily help you with your fitness by giving you lots of advice. He will welcome your approach especially if you compliment him and tell him how fit he is. He needs praise right now his confidence is low. He has that reverse anorexia thing and believes he is quite slim when really he is has a huge build. If you get with him realise he probably has no money whatsoever - well until he gets a job. If he approaches you and you turn him away, do it gently otherwise a weight might get thrown at the mirror in anger. He is frustrated as he takes steroids.

Level 2 Gym Man

This is the guy you really want, he is balanced, he comes around 3 times a week, does a little exercise and then goes home, he probably will only be there an hour. Again I have lots of these in my gym. This guy has other things in his life apart from the gym which make him interesting, funny and very intelligent. Don’t think he isn’t fit though of course he wont be as built as a Level 3 or as perfect as a Level 4 but he still looks good and still has hair on his chest and legs. This guy will have clocked you from the day you joined and although friendly, wont be in a rush to talk to you. A man like this has plenty of chances to get women unlike the other two. To get this man start with a simple hello and go from there, during your conversations show that you too have a life outside the gym, always end the conversation first to leaving him wanting more. This guy can cook, eat with chopsticks and has travelled.

Level 1 Gym Man

This guy comes to the gym but hardly works out, he came to find a woman and walks around like a hungry dog sweating and salivating. He doesn’t exercise much and he has one massive belly if you are on the bike he may sit on the one next to you and try and talk whilst keeping up with you. It rarely works and he ends up being a big smelling blob. He spends a lot of his time sitting at a machine but talking loudly on his mobile telling the person at the other end he is at the gym. I strongly discourage it, but If you get with him remember how unfit he is and how in the bedroom he would sweat quite a lot and you wouldn’t be able to see his penis because his belly would be in the way. He also probably has a wife and children at home.

Good Luck sistas!

Ps, email subscribers im so happy you are there but please would you mind posting your comments on the main Angel Cake website I would be delighted and would prefer this to you emailing me.