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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Night Dreaming....

Last night, I didn’t get home from work until 10pm after leaving my house at 7am it was a long day! It was cold and dark outside and I was tired.

I walked into my hallway with a big sigh, glad to be home then I shouted out "hey babe"
I took off my shoes and a man appeared in my hallway, traces of sleep were still on his face, standing in his vest and jogging bottoms he smiled
"hey" then frowned "why didn’t you call me to get you from the station Angel? Its late!"
I smiled at his concern
"Because I knew you would be sleeping in front of the TV" I replied
"So?" he said
I'm always in awe at how much he cares for me
"I took the bus" I added and then quickly, before this discussion went anywhere else I stretched my arms out to him and said "I need a hug'"
He quickly obliged, wrapping his arms around me kissing my cheek and then whispering in my ear
"you want something to eat?"
Id long gone past hunger "I'm tired, I whispered back, I think I'm going to wash and get to bed"
"hot chocolate?" he asked and I giggled…
"yes please" I love it when he gets in his fussy mood…
"my lips are cold" I said
He took the hint and kissed me….

A moment later I opened my eyes to find myself in my hallway. Alone with my shoes off and coat still on, still cold and still tired. I was quickly reminded by the silence that I live alone and that there would be no one to welcome me home….I must have been daydreaming….or considering the time night dreaming, but it felt good.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Incredulous! Ban 'free drinks for women'

I try not to post political stuff but I just saw the news and this article.

It actually caught my attention because it’s the first thing I have seen lately that is not about the credit crunch or the ‘Global Economic Downturn’

I don’t drink so it doesn’t affect me but surely there is a problem here!!?

Have things got this far that people are no longer responsible for their own alcohol consumption and need to be babysat on their nights out?? I know some people like to go out and get drunk but then some don’t so why should all the women that just want the one suffer??

The line where it said ‘That could mean an effective ban on cocktails with suggestive names’. Had me giggling, there goes virgin sex on the beach – I was looking forward to that!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Time to Talk

Today was stunning and I’m still smiling. Unlike my last post (a gloomy rainy day) the sun was out and it was warm. We currently have some freak October weather its great and suddenly my mood is lifted!! The picture above is the tree right outside my balcony.

I took a walk in the park with a special friend and we had a lovely talk about life, future, business, friendships, in fact everything and nothing. Don’t you just love those types of conversations? Ones where you get to express yourself fully. With this person I can usually express every feeling within my heart without fear and today I really felt the benefits.

It got me thinking that we all need to spend more time talking and listening. We need to phone instead of texting. Parents need to switch off the TV, turn to their children and ask them about their day. Couples should really take that quality time together and share problems and worries and friends need to meet up for those coffees. If everyone talked their stresses and problems away perhaps they wouldn’t take them out on us and the world would be a better place (she smiles) don’t you agree?

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Gloomy days

October means autumn in London. When I look outside my window I see cloudy skies. There is rain in the air and the greyness takes away the colour of what should be beautiful season. It looks cold outside. What do you do on gloomy days?

Its Sunday afternoon right now I’m home and I don’t feel like going anywhere. Whilst there are a thousand things I could/should be doing I feel a little empty and perhaps a little sad. The radio is playing slow jams and the whole feeling, the music, the day, my mood it reminds me of the first verse of a poem I wrote for a friend of mine a while back…

Remembering Moments by Angel (1st verse)

I will never forget that Sunday afternoon,
a grey windy day between seasons.

The clouds didn’t know where to rain

and leaves danced down lonely streets;

Inside we were warm and relaxed,

as we listened to soulful radio beats.

Id love to rewind to that day….. (sigh) Oh well to cheer myself up I think I’m going to get a large mug of hot chocolate, curl up on the sofa and read a book. What do you do on cold, wet, cloudy, gloomy days?

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Calm Starts

Inspired by Kyle at 12th Planet on your post off-tha-dome where you wrote 'why do people almost run you off the road in the morning on their way to work? they are rushing to a job that they really do hate!'

I used to be like that, I would snooze my alarm for ages then get up, rush rush, no time for breakfast, no time to stop and think and would speed to work with my skirt in my pants and be late anyway.

As I have matured all changed and now…here is... My average morning by Angel Smith…care to join me?

My room is full of light and my eyes flicker open five minutes before the alarm goes off, I don’t know why, I always wake before the alarm. I whisper two or three positive affirmations to myself then glance left at the empty pillow and smile. I cant wait until the day, you…who ever you are, is laying next to me. I imagine you holding me close, with your hard on pressed against me whispering how good I feel and how you don’t want to get up yet….just before my mind wanders too far, my alarm goes off.

I say alarm but it’s the radio, I aim for Jazz or Classical in the morning as they are soothing. I once had it on a hip hop station but waking up to somebody calling you a hoe didn’t make me feel good. I can’t reach the alarm from my bed, its that way on purpose to force me up, so I get up switch it off and then wander through to the kitchen.

The first thing that goes into my body is usually is hot water with a slice of lemon. Today I was out of lemon so I just took hot water. Sipping my drink I move into the lounge where I open the curtains and roll out my yoga mat right in front of the balcony doors.

Bathed in the early morning sunlight I practice yoga for around 30min then go and take a shower. I sing in the shower, something fun and empowering like Jill Scott's Golden when I'm out I get dry, cream and wrap myself in a robe and go and make breakfast.

Breakfast is going to be salt and sugar free muesli with fruit and some fresh (not from concentrate) juice. In the summer I will eat it outside on the balcony listening to the early morning birds and feeling the warmth but today its October and even though its sunny it’s cold, so I relax inside and think about my day.

After I clean my teeth I get dressed. It’s simple for me, sexy underwear, stockings a skirt and a blouse, with a jumper or cardigan on top as its cold today. I do my hair and I more or less ready to go.

I choose a handbag and shoes and pack the bag, as well as phone, purse and keys today I put in my make up which I may or may not do at work (I made a vow I would start wearing some but never get around to putting it on) an orange and an banana (I try and have fruit with me at work so I don’t eat chocolate or anything when I'm feeling peckish)

After this I leave my house…

My aim is to eat well and make myself feel good, I try and start my day calm and in a good mood so I can handle any stresses or strains of the day.

That’s about it…

How does my start compare to yours?