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Monday, 18 May 2009

Oh it was GOOD!

I really don’t know where to start in describing the last four days, I had so much fun it’s hard to explain how loved and special I felt.

First of all I am on the T-mobile advert!!!!! Remember this post?

Well look, this is me – right behind pink, I nearly died when I saw it on TV.

View the full video here

On Thursday it was my work birthday, by 9am my desk already had flowers and cards and chocolates on!! I went to a bar and then onto the Karaoke it was fun and I loved singing. It was a nice warm up for the next few days.

Friday was my actual birthday and I woke up cuddled with Mr Special, we both took the day off and after opening lots of cards and lovely gifts we decided to go shopping for the dress for Saturday night! I still didn’t have one and was starting to worry.

Mr Special loves my writing and really wants me to write so he brought me a luxury writing pen and a leather notebook ‘to write our future babe’ he said…it was so cute.

There is a joke out there that men will just go into one shop see something they like it

and buy it, where as women will go into one shop, see something they like and then go to 55 other shops to see if there is anything better but end go back to the first one and buy the first thing they saw. This is a bit like what happened when we were shopping. I saw a dress in the second shop we went in but decided to check all the other shops just in case and ended up going back to that shop. Mr special actually chose the dress and I was really happy with it. We went for lunch and then when we got home he told me to get ready as we were going out.

I honestly didn’t know where he was taking me but I nearly died when I discovered two theatre tickets he had hidden in my handbag, he got us seats to see Havana Rakatan – I have wanted to see this for so long I was so excited. It was fantastic and I really recommend it, it was the perfect gift. Afterwards we went for dinner then went home and….well…..relaxed is the best way to put it.

Saturday was another great day, I met up with my friend and went shopping with her as she didn’t have anything to wear for the evening but I’m not going to talk about that too much, I’m going to skip straight onto the boat party where over 20 of us went and danced the night away...Check out my moves....what do you think of the dress and hair in the end?

Sunday….well that will have to be my next post!!


12kyle said...

*steppin in a lil late*

Happy Burrrrrrfday to youuuuuu!

You are on YouTube now! LOL. You're a star. Hehehehe

Seriously, I hope that you continue to enjoy your birthday month.

Keith said...

Glad you had a great time..You looked fantastic Angel.

Stop by my Blog..I gave you a "Splash " award on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

first time here...glad u had fun!!

Erin Michell said...

Sounds like you had an eventful weekend/ birthday and the dress looks great!!!!!

Shishi said...

gurl that was some fun, you are so lucky...
love the pics too

Amanda said...

You look lovely! Glad you had a great time and wishing you many more!

Anonymous said...

hey happy b-day.....

Robyn said...

yah that is you.
some moves Luv,,
am glad you had a lovely time.

Anonymous said...

happy b/day glad!!!. glad you had fun.

What Nigerian Women deal with. said...

happy birthday dear

E's said...

Looks like a good time. Mr. Special is definitely special. I'm just no good waiting in multiple stores:) It was worth it tho - you looked nice.

Angel said...

@12kyle Really missed seeing you around, glad to hear from you

@ Keith, Thanks for the award””

@ Leggy, thanks for stopping by, when I get back I will come and visit you

@ Erin Michell, glad you liked the dress

@ Shishi, yeah its about time I saw some photos of you sis!

@ Amanda, I wish I was coming to Barbados, I would get some soaps!

@ Oyin, thanks dear

@ Robyn, glad you liked the moves

@ Neema, thank you

@ What Nigerian Woman Deal with – well what a cool name I cant wait to hear more about what they deal with.

@ E’s lol yeah there needs to be an invention for the poor men that have to do all the waiting!