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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I did Karaoke with Pink

The weekend at my parents with Mr Special went really well, I’m so happy Mum likes him and it was a lovely relaxing (lots of food eating) weekend.

This weekend I’m doing my hair in preparation for the birthday week. Yeah I know I should stop going on about the birthday so I figured I would tell you what happened to me last Thursday.

Have you seen the T-mobile advert, where everyone is dancing in Liverpool street station? It’s pretty brilliant, people were just going along on thier daily life and they got dragged into it.

In England people generally love that advert and many, including myself wish they would have been there to take part! In fact many members of the general public know the dance.

So last Thursday morning when I heard that they were filming another in Trafalgar Square at 6pm!! I knew that life was too short and I just had to be there! Trafalgar Square is right near my workplace so I was going to go! They said that if you knew the dance from the advert, come down and do it. For me that’s all I needed to hear. I didn’t know the dance but I figured that I would easily pick it up.

At 5.15pm I arrived to a fantastic atmosphere. There were 13,000 people there of all ages and races. The sun was out and I was really ready to shake my stuff. When I finally signed my disclaimer after a long queue I was handed a microphone. I was really stupid because I wondered what on earth it was for. Everyone in the crowd had one.

At 6pm Vernon Kay got on the stage and announced that there would be no dancing. The whole crowed moaned and then he said that we would be singing instead, everyone went mad! (You think we would have guessed) It was London’s largest Karaoke and I was there!

So halfway through I’m dancing and singing when on this woman with a hood on climbs up on the podium in front of me. I blinked as she took off her hood and realised it was Pink, the once RnB now Pop Singer!! I’m telling you that once she arrived everyone went crazy. She was just there, in the crowd with us singing along.

Anyway here are some photos from my phone. Sorry they aren’t that great,I only remembered that I needed photos at the last minute.

and of course here is the advert. My head is in the crowd somewhere...

So another of my 30 things is done (the Karaoke one) I’m going to have to give you an update of that list at some point! Also afterwards when I was leaving I got a call from Mr Special...he was there too!!

oh and dont ask my why the videos look funny on the page, I have NO idea! just double click them so they open in youtube!


ShonaVixen said...

You go girl!!!!I didnt make it to either, but i like the adverts..ooh do give an update on the 30 things, and what you getting done to your hair??

Casiius said...

I LOVED the T-Mobile advert! It's sheer genius. I can't believe they pulled it of so well. I would have loved to be there.
For any non London readers on this blog, Liverpool street station is a very busy station with trains and underground tubes and shops. To pull it off at a time when nobody was expecting it was just fantastic.

Is you face on the second ad? I'm gonna look out for you...

Keith said...

WOW...That sounds like you had a blast Angel...Did you know that Pink is from my hometown of Philadelphia? She doesn't live here anymore of course..but she was born and raised in the Northeast section of the city.Can't wait to see you on TV!

Tha L said...

OMG, that is the coolest thing EVER!

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

I like Pink.

Ondo Lady said...

Wow that looks amazing and everyone looked like they were having a ball. How cool is that. I love the dancing advert and I never thought they would be able to surpass it but it looks like they have. The new advert really captures all that is good about this country - that despite all our woes we are all up for a laugh. T-Mobile have really stepped up with their marketing - makes me almost want to go back to them. Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!!! i so envy you, i wish i was there, gal you had so much fun...way to go. life's short, thats true.

Bibi said...

dang but i am so jealous right now. pink?! pink?! love her songs. at least some of them. good for you though. and i think i can see your head. really! lol

Angel said...

@ ShonaVixen, yes I will give an update, after all this birthday excitement

@ Casiius, beautiful picture dear, yes thos adverts are classic

@ Keith, really? No I did not know where she was from, yes keep looking out for me

@ Tha L, yes sis, it was so much fun

@ Tha BossMack TopSoil, yeah she is good

@ Ondo Lady, you know it’s true, they have done really fantastically, even I am happy to be with them now :)

@ Neema, yes, life is too short!!

@ Bibi, I love some of her songs too oh girl it was so much fun!!