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Monday, 11 May 2009

Life can sometimes be so…..refreshing…

It’s my birthday week and I'm in such a good mood starting from yesterday. Before I tell you about that I have some stuff to mention.

1) The dress that I loved in this post is sold out and they are not getting any more. If it wasn’t my birthday week I would be gutted but instead I have ordered three more dresses. When they arrive I will try them all on and pick one - you might have to help me.

2) My hair is done - on the eve of my party - I will get Mr Special to take some photos and I will post them. If I can someone to take a photo beforehand I will post them then.

3) Remember that trifilin brotha in this post? Well mini story…….I got an email from him saying

"Hey girl happy birthday for the 15th, I have booked an FBM for you as a birthday gift"
I was at work and confused I turned to my colleague and said "what is an FBM?" she didn’t know so curiosity got the better of me and I emailed him back.
"Sorry to be dumb but what is an FBM?"
"Full Body Massage" he replied
I was shocked and puzzled, why would he do that for me? So I replied
"Oh my gosh, that is very kind of you"
He then replied "yeah so when do you want me to come over and give it to you?"
"The voucher?" I said
"No" he replied "the massage"

LOL- you know I didn’t even have the energy to reply, very hilarious.

So now to the point of this post why I'm in such a good mood.


When I woke up I was relaxed and happy in Mr Special's arms. Strangely enough the night before Mr Special had given me a full body massage without even knowing the foolish story above.

Every time I open my eyes he is always awake and looking at me, he always tells me I'm beautiful even when I think I look my worst and you know something? That makes me feel beautiful.

We laid there and talked for a while and then we went jogging together. I love exercising with him as he is so encouraging it’s like having a personal trainer. When we came back we showered ate breakfast and enjoyed the day. When you are in a love cocoon, time just slips by, before I knew it, it was early afternoon and he had to go a meeting. I wasn’t too worried he had been with me all weekend.

When he left I realised that for the first time in weeks I had some spare time. It was a warm day so I took some water, some boiled sweets, a book, a mat, some shades and myself in a summer dress up to the park.

I love that park, its one of my favourite places (for Christmas Mr special framed a photo I took in that park and wrote a poem on top of it) I would have biked there but my legs were sore from the jogging. It’s not that near to where I live but it’s quiet. On walking in the park I clocked a brotha sitting on a bench reading.

I was so happy to see that, they say that we don’t read and here was a guy sitting just lost in his book. We nodded at each other and I then walked onto the grass laid out my mat and got relaxed. After a while of reading the sun was really beaming down so I decided to lay back and enjoy it warming my body. I don’t know how long I was there but on feeling a shadow across my face I opened my eyes to see that same brotha standing above me smiling.

Before I could get annoyed he said "would you mind taking a photo of me and my friend?"
I searched around for the friend as I had only seen one guy but it was true there was another brotha and he was also on the bench reading.

"No problem" I said but could he come here as all my stuff is here and I don’t want to leave it.

So he walked back to the friend and they both came back over. I noticed that the friend took ages and was limping. They handed me the camera and whilst they were discussing who would stand where I sneaked a photo, then they posed and I took another. I much preferred the non posed shot it looked so natural.

"Would you mind if I sat here and read with you?" the friend said "it’s my ankle, I don’t think I could get back over there"

I didn’t mind at all so then all three of us sat there reading in silence for around 30 mins.

I broke the conversation first

"So are you two on holiday?" I asked, they weren’t but I just presumed it since they wanted a photo. One of them was reading this huge book entitled 'Africa' the other was reading something called 'conversations with God'. We discussed books and what we have read before they were surprised at how fast I could read! I told them that 'my boyfriend thinks I'm a super reader' I thought I should drop that in quite early so they both knew that I had a man in my life. They were surprised that I had come to that park when I have parks nearer to me but I explained how I found peace there. Then we just talked…we talked about everything, about the state of the world, the children, how single women find a good man, how single men find a good woman, all about Mr Special, how that guy busted his ankle, all about hobbies, interests, jogging, biking, music and just life. Now no one can tell me that black men and women don’t get on.

I was there until 7pm!! And the sun was still shining.

When I left them there was no foolishness no "can I have your number" no corny chat up lines, all three of us just appreciated a good refreshing conversation and we went our separate ways.

I love these moments in my life.


ShonaVixen said...

You go girl, be happy!!!!

E's said...

Great post. Yeah, brothers do read (I got a post Niggas Don't Read), but yeah we do.

I also like the fact that you all just chatted it up. So many times women give attitude too soon, when all it is is a friendly conversation.

Glad I stopped in...

ANGELINA said...

you had the perfect weekend! i'm jealous :)

Keith said...

Hooray for you Angel..You're going to be celebrating a birthday soon.

Ride that wave girl..ride it while you can... Enjoy Mister Special and your time together.

LOL @ The trifling brother. He (how do you say it in the UK?)really fancies you.

Erin Michell said...

Happy Birthday Week!!!! Tauruses are the best....enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Hey happy birthday sweetie.... I know you will have a ball.

Tag your it.....left something for you on my blog! said...

Hey there!

Yesss.... continue to live joyously!!!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Robyn said...

staright brothers still exist
I know this week s special
for you n wish you all the best
May the good lord be with you.

Shishi said...

gurl im happiest for you...ENJOY! cANT WAIT FOR THE PICS....

Avartsy said...

Happy B-day...first time here, love the way u write, very calming and peaceful.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...


One Eighteen said...

Cool blog! Sounds like you had a pretty cool weekend!


Angel said...

@ShonaVixen, Glad you find it funny as well

@E, totally love your blog, coming back soon!

@Angelina, don’t be, your birthday sounds fun too, sorry about Cal

@ Keith, lol yeah he fancies me lol

@Erin, yup we are the best!

@Oyin, thank you love, that’s going to be my next post, the taggin thing

@ Black women Blow the Trumpet! WOW fantastic name, thank you

@ Robyn, lol yeah its refreshing to know that they are out there!

@ Shishi, You are right, I better post some photos!

@ Avartsy, thank you glad you like my style

@ Tha BossMack! Love your one word comments!!

@ One Eighteen, yeah it was fun!