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Sunday, 11 January 2009

This year, I am going to…

Aggghh it’s a nightmare. I’ve been feeling a bit conflicted lately surrounding New Years Resolutions.

When listening to the radio, reading the paper or even reading other peoples blogs there are too many different opinions. Here are the top four;

  • Don’t make them they are a waste of time
  • Make them because otherwise you will not have any aims for the year

  • Set Goals instead – here was me thinking that’s what they were.

  • When you set them and don’t do them you have another reason to consider yourself a failure

See what I mean??

So I have decided to make a list of 30 things I want to do/have this year. I won’t beat myself up if I don’t do them all. The way the economy is it might not be possible but I thought it would be good listing them and then when I do one of them I can write about it here :)

I’ve done many of them before but 2008 was oh so serious, 2009 I need to have a bit more fun.

Here is the list - Pretty achievable huh?

Angel's 30 Things...

  1. Go to one of the places on this list

  2. Do something for charity

  3. Receive a handwritten letter - someone send me one

  4. Go Rollerblading - I had so much fun in the summer with this I want to do it again

  5. Host a Murder Mystery Evening - and we all have to dress up!

  6. Decorate my Living Room

  7. Go Paintballing

  8. Go on a girly Spa Day

  9. Get a facial - this has to be in my lunchbreak or at a time when Im quite stressed out

  10. Go Ice Skating

  11. Take a trip on the London Eye - You know in all the time I have lived here I have never been on it

  12. Visit the opera

  13. Get a manicure & pedicure - I did this myself for the whole of 2008 but it would be nice to get it done by someone else just once in 2009.

  14. Go to the ballet

  15. Run a 10k race - well I have run a few 5k ones so 10k shouldnt be a problem right???

  16. Go out clubbing on a 'school night' - ShonaVixen - what you saying girl?? lol

  17. Get a full body massag - YUM

  18. Go for afternoon tea in the Rose Lounge at the Sofitel St James and hear the harpist play

  19. Go to the Slavery Museum in Liverpool

  20. Go Strawberry picking

  21. Go to Karaoke

  22. Update my will - not that im planning anything bad to happen lol

  23. Grow a herb garden

  24. Go with a large group to the movies

  25. Go on a picnic

26 - 30 are really personal about self growth, development, mindset, forgiveness etc if I get them done I might tell them to you...

So did you make any resolutions? goals etc?


Keith said...

Hey Angel. I don't make them myself..but I will say this about yours..These are all realistic things that you can actually do..So
if this works for you..I say ,by all means..Go for it.

ShonaVixen said...

hey girl!!
Handwritten letter - Gurl, u know how I so heart them too!!
So you can send me your address to and I'll definitely write you a letter...

And I havent been to the slavery museum too...
Yess to going out on a 'school night'...haven't done that in ages so that's fab!!!LOL
Hope u had a great weekend gurl!!

eclectik said...

See? If you put The DC metro area on the list, I could help with 17 :P

Hey you!

You have to visit the site sometime


Robyn said...

i don't make resolutions cos i break em a lot,,anyway you go ahead,,have your moment.i want to receive a hand written letter myself.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

opera is good and i know countryside picnic in england are good, but nothing like a picnic in the dirty south - be blessed this 2009 sister

Angel said...

Thanks Keith

ShonaVixen…looking forward to the letter!

Hmmm Electic what an offer!!

Roybn…you know if you send me your address…my writing is horrible though, its not the pretty girly style that I wish I had!

You have been neglecting me Torrance!!

Ondo Lady said...

I have not made any this year as I am still working on the ones for 2008.

VividDiva said...

This year Angel i took a different route, by not making any this year what i am working on are monthly task which will make my life easier and no guilt come dec 31 09.....

put me down for
no4 hey half the fun is falling on your butt....

the diva in me cant wait to dress up

hand me a spare paintbrush

heheheheh i want to be team leader for 7

and we will need the spa after paintballing

What I am saying lady, is just call me and lets have fun this year i am commited to helping you do your 30 things..