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Friday, 27 February 2009

Its all about me..

I kinda thought I should post something, it has been nearly a week, but I have been so busy you wouldn’t believe. Alongside living I went to the Karoke with my colleages and also went to the ballet (both things are going to need posts) So in the meanwhile perhaps you could read all about me….At some point every blogger does this we go..

30 things about Angel

1.I'm currently all loved up and it’s a wonderful feeling

2.I was a finalist in Miss Great Britain around 7 years ago - I didn’t win though I kinda guessed it was fixed when all the magazines came and interviewed the winner BEFORE the show had started. Lol

3.I only discovered this year that Batman wasn’t a bat, I kinda figured that Spider man was a spider and superman was…well super so Batman must have been a bat. I was disappointed

4.I swam with dolphins. I did it in Israel and loved it

5.Speaking of Israel I have visited the Holy City of Jerusalem

6. My favourite flowers are Lilies, Gerbaras and Roses, in that order

7.I have never watched a James Bond Movie but I have seen most of Startrek the Next Generation and find Patrick Stewart sexy

8.I'm starting to tire of one way friendships in my life

9.I once had a three month job caring for the elderly, it was one of the most humbling times of my life.

10.My top turn offs are men with long nails (yuck) or men that smoke or smell of smoke

11.I hate weaves or any form of hair extension on a child

12.I'm way to organised

13.I can be really emotional at the time of the month and if I think about it too much I can cry at the news or the general state of the world including wars, Global Warming, ice caps melting and animals being driven to the edge of extinction

14.Number 13 is probably the reason why I hate people who drop litter, especially those who wind down the car window and throw it out, a**holes

15.I have been mugged before but it was unsuccessful I have also been attacked but was saved and escaped with a fractured arm so when a I was saved the other night I was so thankful.

16.My business is struggling because of the credit crunch and the value of the pound against the dollar and the euro

17.I vomit if I eat an apple, however if it’s cooked in a pie or something I'm ok

18.Beyonce is one of my heroes, I think she is amazing and truly admire her

19.2008 was probably the worst year of my life, I'm glad its over 2005 was the best though I will never forget what fun I had

20.I'm a real homemaker and love cooking, baking and entertaining at home, I aspire to be a domestic goddess

21.If its pink I will probably like it

22.Nowadays I really don’t have time to watch TV and probably only switch it on once a week, most evenings I'm probably working or out, I was thinking of getting rid of it but I keep it for visitors

23.I sucked my thumb till very late in life that’s why I have a gap in the front of my two teeth, Sometimes I think about getting a brace and then sometimes I don’t.

24.I love my mum and even though we live far I speak to her each day sometimes 3 times a day. She is a great woman and an inspiration, I envy those of you who live close to your families.

25.Although snow is beautiful Id never spend money on a cold holiday, I must prefer sun, sand, swimming, diving and snorkelling – you can take me though if you are paying

26. I love to salsa and hope that I will do that on my wedding day

27. Speaking of dancing I can poledance (I learnt for excecrise honestly) but unfortunately when I do it It doesn’t look at all sexy

28. As a child I was bitten by a Gerbil, now I'm scared of them any any other small rat like creatures

29. I have eaten snails before, don’t believe the hype they are nasty, all rubbery and yuck

30. When I have had all my children (I havent got any yet) I hope to be in the poisition to adopt one extra there are so many children in the world who need a loving home.

Random I know but thats that...


Robyn said...

for a second there was missin you.
let me see alot has been said anyways "never watched a James Bond Movie"
this weekend am going super bike riding to the country side with my college biker club pals.
have a great weekend.

aulelia said...

I love Bee too LOL.

Bombchell said...

lol @ 2

3. u know spiderman isnt realy a spider? right, he was bitten by one though.

wow @ 17, how odd

29. it depends. escargot or what are i heard are gross. but african snails. I love them!!! lol and yeah they are rubbery and delicious mmmm...

Angel said...

@ Robyn sounds fun!! Im looking forward to chilling out this weekend its been a hectic week perhaps I should watch James Bond

@ Aulelia, im glad you do, so many hate her.

@ Bombchell- WHAT? Spiderman isnt a spider??? this gets worse!

MilesPerHour said...

Reading about you made me smile. I could comment on a number of things about you, you are one very cool and interesting person.

Don't bother with the teeth, it's part of who you are and just being you is the best thing!

Sylvia Hubbard said...

I'm happy and jealous you're all loved up. LOL.

Congrats on being a finalist and yes that was def. a fix.

that's funny bout batman. wow.

i swam with dolphins in florida but I thought it was a shark and i was terrified to death for five minutes of my life

never visited isreal, but i want to.

just like flowers. its the thought that counts.

OMG! shut up! no james bond?! That's an abominations

I hate one way friendships and i just started to get rid of them.

i lived in florida and seeing the elderly a lot is a humbling experience and it makes you appreciate your own youth.

those are my top T.O's as well.

oh lawd! I saw a six year old donna summers this weekend and felt awful for her neck.

i'm not organized enough (you see i spelled it the american way.)

i can cry whether i'm on a period or not about those subjects.

i think that's horrible for people who do that and lazy as hell. i didn't redate a guy after he did that

the first time i was mugged (it was several because you know i live in detroit) I didn't know i was being mugged. my boyfriend and i were outside having an arguement a block away from my house and this guy walks up on us. i was too angry to realize he was holding a gun and when my boyfriend decided to pay more attention to him than to me, I walked away. the guy ordered me to stop and i started screaming at him hysterically for interupting us and kept walking. my boyfriend thought i was crazy cuz the guy had threatened to shoot me in the back.

hell, if you lived in detroit, you'd be out of business and have to borrow a billion dollars (like the car companies) just to stay afloat.

that is just weird about the weird.

i like beyonce's spirit. maybe cuz she's a virgo like me.

can't remember what year was the best or worse. i just try to live and forget the past.

i'm not a homemaker. and i really don't aspire to be one. i want to marry a man who can afford a maid.

if its purple i will like it.

i'm religious about Heroes (tv show) and all the other shows i kinda like i go to to look at it. Next month i'm going to be into Doogie Howser reruns, and i'm kinda liking that dollhouse thing.

i just have an indent in my tooth. my dad wasn't a fan of any fingers anywhere near our mouth so I've never done that, though I was the only child of his that sucked on a pacifier.

my mother left my dad when i was ten, and my dad raised us. my mom and i wasn't close when i was little but I don't think i could go on if anything ever happened to her now. I hate myself for losing time with her when i was young. she's awesome.

i love snow. when i was in florida, i missed snow.

i would love to learn how to salsa.

i wanna learn poledancing. a college friend tried to teach me, but at the time, i was too shy to do it.

i was always chased by dogs as a child and now i have a fear of them.

won't eat a snail to save my life.

i'm mommied out and i have ten more years to go with three i have.

12kyle said...

Love the randomness!!!

We have something in common...we both used to suck our thumbs. I stopped when I was 7

Have a good weekend

Amanda said...

Awesome list! Don't worry, No. 16 will eventually get better again.

ShonaVixen said...

Girl, lilies are my fav flowers them and sunflowers...
i saw a kid with a weave the other day and i kept wondering WHY??
I cry too, gosh it freaks me out sometimes but i do!!
Loved knowing more about you and yeah I envy those living close to their parents!!

Angel said...

@MilesPerHour, You know a lot of people say that about my teeth, thank you for your comments

@Sylvia, I was laughing at your six year old Donna Summers poor child, Your story about when you nearly got mugged was also very funny!

@Kyle, 7 was a good age to stop, I was around 19

@Amanda, thanks I really hope so

@Shona, Im glad you like them to, many people call them the flower of death.

Keith said...

I am not surprised that you were in a beauty contest..You are very pretty...

You pole dance too!!! -Wow, you're
boyfriend is a very blessed man!!

You live in the U.K. and have never seen a James Bond movie?? Wow,that's incredible...lololol

LMAO -You just found out that Batman wasn't a bat.lolololol

I too love Beyonce...probably for different reasons than you, but love is love right???

You swam with dolphins in Isreal??
truly amazing...I wish I could have done that.

Great List...I love random lists.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

1 - that makes everything else great :-)


19 - 2008 was bad for me too, we'll have great years ahead :-)

All of these are interesting.

Anonymous said...

ah, Miss Great Britain, now there's a beauty.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

what is a one way friendship

Angel said...

@ Keith, thank you so much, for your compliments glad you liked the list – I emailed you but got no response, its ok if it’s a no

@ CurvyGurl, hey sis, hope you are well

@ Neema Divine, thanks lol it was quite fun actually

@ Torrance, friends which take from you but never give