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Thursday, 22 January 2009

I was saved tonight, I really believe that.

Well apart from what happened tonight, I’ve been having quite a fun week.

On Saturday night I went Ice Skating at Somerset House, Mr Special took me (very romantic) all my friends say next we will be roasting chestnuts on an open fire lol. It’s great because that’s another of my 30 things done so I now have 27 things left.

On Monday I went to the Jamaican Dancehall Class and I’m sorry guys I just didn’t represent. I probably shamed all black people on earth. Apart from the teacher there were only a few black faces in there let alone any Jamaicans. I was thinking in my mind ‘yeah I can out dance these, I was born doing this!’ Let me tell you that I was so WRONG! Those stick thin white girls go every week and they have the moves locked down!! They can wine ten times better than anyone in Jamaica lol!

Then tonight I went to Salsa with two of my long time friends. It was a ball but something happened on the way home which now has me here on my laptop in my bed writing this.

When I left it was really cold and raining (When is this crap weather ever going to let up?). On the tube home I was busy reading when I looked up and saw this man intently staring at me. I looked around and the carriage was empty so I felt a bit strange, when it got to the next stop I walked up and moved into the next carriage, unfortunately this was also empty but at least he wasn’t there.

The stop after he came into my carriage and sat opposite me again and started staring again. I realised that he was on drugs or something.

“Don’t hide from me” he said

So now I was afraid. It wasn’t really that late a night, but it was dark and I was travelling alone. I started to get irritated with London as they want to force everyone to use public transport and make it such a nightmare to drive anywhere or park that you have no options. If I had taken my car out I wouldn’t have to put up with this guy.

“Where are you going?” he asked me

I didn’t respond, just kept pretending to read
“You smell good” he said “I want to get closer to you, I’d have fun with a girl like you”
I didn’t know how he could smell me and I didn’t want to know. I got up and moved again and he got vexed

“NO, you don’t move away from me” and he came back and sat opposite me.

What do you do in this situation?? Advice for next time please???

I pulled out my phone and called Mr Special, not that he would have been able to do anything but I needed to talk to someone, he didn’t answer!! Then I called a friend and she didn’t answer!!! So I put my phone away I didn’t want him to see me afraid.

I sized him up and wondered if I would have to fight him and if I had any chance at all of winning that fight I was shaking but I didn’t want him to see me afraid.

All this time he was talking…telling me what he wants to do with me and all sorts of stuff then my stop came.

I got off onto a deserted platform and deserted train station and he followed me of course, I ran up the stairs and outside to the bus stop. I could walk home but I was thinking that was a major bad idea and that I should stay in that well lit area with lots of cars coming by.

He was angry that I ran away so he was now at the bus stop with me he said “I’m getting on whatever bus you get on and I’m coming home with you and I’m much stronger than you”

I didn’t want to be a drama queen but I was seriously thinking about calling the police when the next train came in. I heard it and prayed that people got off and they did.

It was a man and his wife who was carrying their sleeping child in her arms.

I’ve been living here for about five years and I have seen that man around, I don’t know him but I have seen him many times. He nodded at me and walked on.

Hindsight would have had me follow them and explain the situation but I wasn’t really thinking straight. I tried to call people again and no one was picking up. The psycho man was now moving closer and feeling much braver. He kept telling me how he is going to follow me home. This was one of the scariest times of my entire life because I realised that he really was going to follow me home and he really was going to attack me and I really needed to find out what I was going to do about that.

Suddenly a car pulled up at the bus stop. It was the man who had just walked by, with his wife and child, he said “Jump in, it’s so cold and you live on our street I will give you a ride”

I didn’t hesitate and I scrambled in the back leaving the psycho man behind.

It turns out they live right opposite me, we had a good chat and a few tears on the way home. The wife let me hold the little one as well and he was so cute.

So now in my five years of being here I know two people on my road, sour face girl and this lovely little family.

I really didn’t know how to thank them enough.


ShonaVixen said...

OMG hon, you were definitely saved...gosh if i could hug that family i would!!I pray psycho man doesn't attack any1 2nite...there are some sick people out there!! i was reading i was shaking,what if it happened to me, what would i do?..scary thought..i was attacked once 6yrs ago, for my mobile phone, i was assaulted,kicked @, looking back m grateful it wasn't when stabbing was rampant....reading ur story just brought it all back...

Mr Special is just that..special..hmmm dance classes, gurl them white girls can

Once more I glad you're ok xxx

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Angel!!! That's frightening! Please, please, please call the police if this happens again. The transit system police here suggest that women sit in cars with at least one of two other folks or the front car with the conductor just to make sure someone's around, especially at night of course.

I'm glad you ran into your neighbors...your angels :-).

Jimmy said...

That was a close call, what are you going to do if you run into him again?

He sounds like a real psycho, like he really has a plan when he sees a woman that he likes, doen't sound like he'll take no for an answer next time.

You better be careful on the tube at night.

Angel said...

@ Shona, that’s how I felt about the family, I was really emotional, I hope that the psycho went home and didn’t trouble anyone else. I'm so sorry that happened to you and I'm glad you are ok now. Mr special he is a darling when I told him what happened he was devastated that he didn’t answer his phone he left it in his coat and he was at his mums. He gets quite protective it’s very very sweet.

@ CurvyGurl, you know I won’t hesitate next time, I think that I wasn’t really thinking straight. Yes my neighbours I'm so happy they were around.

@ Jimmy, if I run him to again I'm going to just call 999 and get the police there asap. I'm not even going to think about it.

Jenezh said...

Wow, Angel- god is merciful!! Your back is covered for real. Just give thanks and rest sound in the knowledge that god is watchingover you.

MilesPerHour said...

God was with you and for that I am glad. I am a very quiet man but one of the few things that can make me insanely angry is the mistreatment of women. (rape in particular) I would have "gone off" on that dude had I been there.

I make my GF carry a small knife and a whistle even when she is out jogging. She has been approached a couple times. I make my preence known around her neighborhood - you can't miss me. And when she had someone spraypaint cursewords on her house I borrowed her my rottweiler who now visits her home quite regularly. And this isn't even a "bad" neighborhood.

I am glad you're safe. You have another follower to your blog.

Ondo Lady said...

Is this for real? Are you ok? You must have been terrified. That is like your worst nightmare come true. Thank god your neighbours were there.

Keith said...

Angel ,be careful love..Don't travel by yourself at night ,always travel with one or more people or else drive..The hassle is worth it compared to the alternative. I live in a big scary city too. Though Philly isn't as large or populated as London.

I miss London..I had so much fun when I was there in the 90's. Even I traveled with friends and I'm a guy.

Just be careful...That was a close one.

Amano said...

It's sad that there are guys like that out there. It makes me angry. I'm so glad that God was with you that day and your neighbours were around to help you.

It's good to see you're working you ways through your '30 things'. I'm sure you'll get there in no time :) Stay blessed...

Robyn said...

i went for an african nyte in Korla lumpar and guess wat there were hardly any Africans sucks.Hey hun irrespective if they live just opposite you just dont go with strangers,,psychos or weirdo's.How are you?

L. Renee' said...

Wow..that is scary!
God always opens a window just when you need him most!
I love reading your blog BTW!

12kyle said...

wowwwwwwwwwww!!!!! do i need to come to london to kick somebodies azz?

i hope and pray that it never happens again. if it ever does, reach in your purse and act as if you have a gun and tell him "if you don't leave me the f#@k alone...i will put some bullets in yo azz!" And if he continues...yell...bring attention to the situation.

btw...don't let the white chicks outshine you! you gotta represent! lol

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

just thank folk from your heart and would love to see some dance hall class video lol

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Talk about close calls. You need to purchase a taser gun. It would really help for you to travel with company at night or just deal with the drive, and even then you need a friend along. Needless to say, there are crazy people everywhere.

Amanda said...

Hi Angel, so sorry to hear that happened to you, but I'm glad everything worked out well in the end - that family definitely passed by for a reason. Next time please do not feel afraid to call the police or for help even if you feel the slightest bit uneasy. Women are always being told we like to over-react, but the truth is it is not safe for a woman to be in certain situations by herself and it's always best to be extra safe than sorry.

Opinionated Diva said...

well just shame on you for not representing for the jamaican massive!!! lol

now about that friggin awful. so glad the couple came back...get you some mace. don't even hesitate to use the whole can on a crazy like that!

Bombchell said...

omg why are there so many crazies!!!!!

perhaps buying pepper spray or a rape alarm.

and next time call the cops. or go to somebody at the station and report him. thank God u're alright.

=( I miss london =) and always bumping into high school friends while using the bus

Angel said...

@ Jenezh – Thank you so much.

@ MilePerHour – You know I’ve been thinking about a whistle..its a good idea, thank you for following my blog

@ Ondo Lady – Hey love, thank you, I was terrified but now ok, I'm loving my neighbours

@ Keith - Yeah I got to be more cautious, I'm going back to the same place tonight, I might actually drive

@ Amano – I guess there are good and bad people everywhere, it is sad that people like that are around in the world. Thanks for your support.

@Robyn – LOL no Africans at an African night? Very funny! You don’t think I should have got in the car with my neighbours? Hmmm well babe I’m fine, just living I guess, so busy living no time to blog!!

@ L.Renne – Thanks hun, just about to stop by yours!

@ 12kyle – hey bro thanks for your prayers! Now I got to go and practice so next time I reach that class I show them all what time it is :)

@ Torrance – when I get good you never know…might have to post a video lol Right now it would be under the comedy section of youtube.

@ Rich – you are right babe, I got to drive from now on.

@ Amanda – Yes I'm going to call the police without hesitation next time. Thank you for your support love

@ Opinionated Diva - Don’t worry hun, I'm going to go and practice big time. I will represent and live to tell the tale :)

@ Bombchell – Awww did you used to stay in London?

Spartakuss said...

hey, i just started reading your work but this right here freaked me out sooo much!

and you do tell it very well....