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Saturday, 21 February 2009

A date I just couldn’t be bothered with...

I actually just remembered another date I went on in the past. This is a much shorter story/confession than WBB

I was about 20 years old so I cant actually remember where it is we met but I do remember arranging to meet at Marble Arch for the date.

Marble Arch is a funny place to meet there is not much around there apart from the park but it was his choice so I turned up.

I was in a pretty summer dress and shades but he……well he arrived in a boiler suit very much like the picture above.

I remember seeing him walk towards me and feeling a little embarrassed I immediately said "do you work in the carwash?"
"no" he said "why do you ask that?"
"no reason" I lied

He had no plan as to where we were going so we were just walking around the are. I didn’t really wanna be seen with him so I suggested that we get some food.

He was pretty cool with that and as we walked past a Pizza place he suggested that we go in there.
I wasn’t interested in him, I knew I wasn’t just the way he talked and I could tell he would be one of those clingy boyfriends who after a while would want you to wipe their bottom so conversation was pretty dry but all of a sudden at some point in the date he reached his hand over the table and put it on top of mine and told me how beautiful he found me and how I was the woman for him

I looked down and saw these long crusty nails all brown and different cracked shapes YUCK
Now WBB had long fingernails I actually forgot to put that but these...well they were just disgusting!

I quickly pulled my hand back saying "boys shouldn’t have long nails" and he looked back at me quite hurt but I know I couldn’t be with a man with those nails.

At the end of the meal the bill came and he looked at me and I looked at him and we both looked at each other for about 10 mins then he said

"do you have any money?"
"huh?" I said?
"can you pay?" he said
"no hun" I lied "I don’t have anything on me
"what about cards?" he said

I told him I would have a look but I needed the bathroom
I know this is really cruel but I just couldn’t be bothered and I left…

I feel quite guilty about that so if by any chance you are reading boiler suit guy…I'm sorry…

Readers...lurkers those are two of my worst dates...if you have had a bad date give me a shout and I will interview you on my blog...


Robyn said...

long nails,were they colored?,what color was it?,BLACK!!!!
Details Hun details,,,lol
what should we call this one.

Selah said...

oh NOOOOOOOO. I woulda been so mad! Like I'd gotten dressed for nothing!... what a waste of an outfit! and speaking of outfits... did he think his lil jumpsuit was acceptable?lol lol

I don't think I've had any really trifling dates so far thankfully. Let's see if I can keep it that way lol

Angel said...

@ Robyn, when are you going to write another? is your computer still broken? I have no idea what we could call this guy..broke claw? lol

@ Selah, you are still young pehraps some dates are on the way LOL

Bleu Diamond-Phillips said...

Angel, I have had my share of bad dates. I don't blame you for walking out like you did.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

ROFL. Funny how we have to weed through the creeps to find the right one. Oddly enough, I can't remember any bad dates necessarily, but I've had some weird experiences along the way.


Omo Oba, na waaaaa for you ohhh. There's nothing wrong with flourecent boiler suits. I manufacture and export orange boiler suits, worlwide. Plz, buy my boiler suits.

* * *
Mii komment has bin safed, hand will be fiisible after di owner appruvaal.

eclectik said...


You're the best.

Yes indeed too bad you are taken


Keith said...

That was funny, I would have done the same thing..(You just may have given me a future blogging topic.)
But if you want to interview me, I'm certainly open to that.

Angel said...

@ BDP can a man really have a bad date? I thought women were lovely creatures

@ CurvyGurl its true, its a journey but you get there in the end

@ Secret Diary - lol lol and lol

@ eclectik, im sorry Im still in shock that eclectik is your real name..have a great weekend dear :)

@ Keith, I cant just interview you about your worst dates you are the king of bloggers, I need to crown you the king and let you post your own one off post or on my blog or my brain is thinking of all sorts of ideas!

Nicole said...

u are hilarious!!