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Monday, 9 February 2009

They are trying to tell me that there is no God.

The snow has gone, well from London anyway. Everything is back to normal although It hasn’t really warmed up its just turned into rain. Despite that, I had a really nice weekend. On Friday I went to a girly sleepover :) Nine of us big woman all went around a friends house to eat, laugh, talk (about men) watch movies and play games oh it was fun. I'm sitting here checking facebook regularly since I'm scared that photos in my nightwear acting foolish might appear. You know I'm going to until myself quick! Lol

On Saturday eve and Sunday I was chilling with Mr Special, because it was cold I don’t think either of us felt like doing much so we stayed in, I cooked and we, well…did what couples do it was….hmmm..nice.

Anyway I wanted to tell you about these adverts I keep seeing all over the place. First of all I saw them on the tube and the one I saw said "its nice enough to see a beautiful garden without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it, there is probably no God now stop worrying and enjoy your life"

I did a double take when I first saw it and I was offended reading it. I had two thoughts 1) How could an advert that upsets so many different people be allowed? And 2) Why? What is the point of this ad?

I'm not the worlds greatest religious fanatic, I hardly ever go to church even though my grandmother is a Pastor! However I do believe in God and I felt that these adverts are out of order. I don’t know what's worse, those people that spend all their life trying to convert you to what they want you to be (big sigh) or this!

So I had a look into it. They spent £140,000 ($207,000) on this national campaign and it has been backed by a number of leading atheists and secularists, including Richard Dawkins the guy who wrote a book called 'The God Delusion' and it all started to fit into place. My why question got answered at least.

I also heard about this bus driver in Southampton who refused to drive the busses that have this advert on and I have to say hats of to him for taking a stand. (Christian refuses to drive bus) I have a feeling that although the snow is leaving there is a storm brewing over these adverts and people are starting to complain about them. After finding out all about it I saw the advert again on the tube. This time various people had scribbled over it someone had written 'Praise Allah' and someone else had said 'Hail Jesus most high' someone else had scribbled out the bit that says No God and written 'The devil is amongst us' I just started laughing out loud.

Believing in God brings hope for so many, gives people morals and guidance why would you want to take that away? Some people find fulfilment and happiness in their faith cant we just let them get on with it? What right does anyone have to tell you what to or what not to believe in? What do you believe? I feel that If you take away the hope from people in a world that is so messed up already what do they have left? My dad once told me that 'everyone has got to have a little hope' and that stuck with me forever.


ShonaVixen said...

Hey girl!!
Hope those pictures make it to m having a dull Monday here @ work!
Now to those adverts, yes atheists are entitled to their opinions/beliefs but why having to claim it on the buses? I have seen the No. 73 bus with that advert and it was a day after I'd watched them launching the ads...I shook my head and whispered 'I love you God and I believe in you!'

Keith said...

The Devil is busy...always. Atheists didn't used to be this bold, but I guess now they feel they can be bold without fear of retribution. All I can say to that is...I sure don't want to be standing near one of those guys in a thunderstorm!-lolololol.

MilesPerHour said...

I share my spirituality with anyone who wishes to hear my story. Without God I would not be where I am today in life. He has a plan for me evidenced by being revived from death two times from accidental overdose, among many other things. (And no alcohol or drugs for me for many years as well as being a counselor/administrator at an addictions facility. By His grace)

Selah said...

I see lots of bumper stickers saying things like "God loves you" or telling me Jesus wants me to be this or that, and it's not uncommon for people to say things like, "have a blessed day"... and all that is fine, because I believe. But what about the people that don't? What about the Muslims or Atheists? I think they probably take offense to those things just like you took offense to those advertisements. For this reason, I think it has to go both ways.

Religion is always always always a hot topic. How much you wanna bet those advertisements will be down sooner than you think?? LOL LOL

Brothers Blog said...

wow @ the ad. I assumed it was a ploy to a movie or something like that. To have atheist behind it is a big deal.

Props to the bus driver for taking a stand.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

They ran the same ad here in the DC area. I swear that I love that we have freedom of speech, but sometimes things go overboard. Local Christian organizations countered it with a perfect response --

I guess these ads shouldn't come as a surprise since they're gradually removing God from being mentioned anywhere.

Hisham said...

This is a wonderful post, go be with you!

Angel said...

@ Shona, well Monday has gone I hope the day is better for you.

@ Keith LOL yeah accidents do happen and I wouldn’t want to be standing there either!

@ MilesPerHour , so belief has changed your life around is that what you mean?

@ Selah, Yeah you know I agree with you on some of what you have written, it does have to go both ways.

@ Brothers Blog, LOL you know I thought it was a joke when I saw it that’s what made me look into it.

@ CurvyGurl, gosh beef between Atheists and Christians lol, but do you think like Selah said that it has to go both ways, do you think that people are just as offended by the Christians advert?

@ Hisham , thanks

12kyle said...

wow! i guess they are entitled to their beliefs but that is pretty bold. let's see who questions HIS existence on judgement day!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i have heard it all now

Robyn said...

kinda stuff that makes pips atheists.Shit!!!(am bitter)

Sylvia Hubbard said...

u know it's funny because i think in bible belt detroit, someone would have destroyed that bus on purpose ( I would have helped. LOL).

they have bible scriptures on billboards around here and albeit annoying, it reminds us that there's something better and greater and there's hope.

I don't know how I could take watching a commercial like that.

you're a good one girl.

Angel said...

@ 12kyle yeah it is bold and quite shocking..I saw another today!

@ Torrance LOL

@ Robyn, yeah one look at it might be enough to turn some people

@ Sylvia, hmmmm I would love to see them try the same campaign in Detroit then lol