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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Emblem of the Helping Hand

The Blog world is a funny, scary, interesting fascinating place where I have been truly entertained, educated, saddened and astounded. I love being part of it and find joy in reading what’s happening in peoples lives around the world.

I want to express my admiration and gratitude to a few friends today by passing on the Emblem of the Helping Hand given to me by the amazing CurvyGurl who is like my blog sista and I really enjoy reading her stuff.

Receiving the Emblem in recognition for your mentoring, support, and encouragement to a fellow blogger is no small fete! It is evidence that you have gone well beyond the call of duty by your continued efforts to "leave the pile higher than you found it"! It is further evidence that your blog(s)has been identified as the epitome of excellence and is certainly admired.

Receiving the Emblem from a seasoned blogger is a testimony to you that you're on the right track! That your voice is being heard. And there are those out here in the blogsphere that recognize your potential even if you don't. Keep up the good work, and remember to "Pay it Forward".

I know you are not new to the game but to thank you for your support :-).

The Rules:

1. Select 10 bloggers: 5 you consider your blogging
Helping Hand then "Pay it Forward" by extending your "Helping Hand" to 5 additional bloggers in support and encouragement for their efforts.

2, In passing on the Emblem, each recipient must provide the name of blog or blog author with a link for others to visit. Each recipient must show the Emblem and put the name and link to the blog that has given it to her or him.

3. Link the Emblem to this post:
Helping Hand: Much Obliged and Paying it Forward so that others will know it origin and impetus.

4. If you have not already done so, show your recipients some love by adding them to your blog roll, Technorati Favorite list, or in any other way to further let them know that their blog voice is important to you and being heard.

5. Add your name to The Helping Hand meme and don't forget to leave a comment as a permanent record of all Helping Hand recipients.

6. Display the rules.


ANGELINA said...

Thanks!!!! I feel special :)

ShonaVixen said...

I'm so special, so special, so special..singing like

Keith said...

Awwwww,Thanks for the Love anyway...and yes...I have won it a couple of times,but it's always nice to know that other bloggers appreciate what you do!

Brothers Blog said...

congrats on the award.

Mmm said...

A black woman livin gin London's blog. hmm. intriguing and with some spiritual conviction in that all too common cloud of secularism there--even more intriguing.

Hmmm..."so why don’t you put on the kettle and have some hot tea whilst I offer you a slice of Angel Cake"
--WEll, I don't mind if i do, actually. Thank you.

Bombchell said...

ooh i like some of those blogs, I'll check out the others i havent heard of

Robyn said...

uumm thanks Hun.You deserve the best.

Kofi Bofah said...

Checking you out via Curvy to see what's good.

Angel said...

@ Angelia and Shona – I'm so happy you both felt special :)

@ Keith, yeah I really love your writing

@ Brothers Blog, same to you too!!! You got one didn’t you?

@ mmmm, glad you are intrigued, hope you stick around

@ Bombchell, hey sis, hope you are well, glad I have given you some new things to read

@ Robyn, no worries, thanks for you too

@ Kofi. Love the name is it Ghanaian? Pleased to see you

eclectik said...


No one notices me or my blog, you're so sweet...I'ma come kiss you; come here!

Angel said...

awww thanks for the sloppy feeling the blog love!!

SjP said...

Congratulations on receiving the Emblem of the Helping Hand. My vision when creating that award was to see blogger being acknowledged for not only their excellence - but also their willingness to help others. To date, I have yet to be disappointed.

Much Obliged for doing what you do so well!

SjP of Sojourner's Place