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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The feeling of payback is sweet!

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while but keep getting sidetracked. Today I decided that you all need to hear about it.

About a year ago, I noticed that there was a sista living on my street who looked around my age. In London none of your friends even live in the same borough and you have to travel to meet anyone let alone in the same street so I was quite pleased to see her.

We have the same routine so each morning we walk to the same stop, get on the same bus, go on the same tube and travel to work. I presume she works at Harrods as she often wears the fleece and no one, unless you worked there, would wear that normally.

So due to the fact that we see each other almost every day the natural thing would be to say hi, how you are you?

1st Encounter
My opportunity came in the supermarket one Saturday morning; I was just leaving and saw her in the queue for a taxi. So I walked over and smiled

“Hi” I said “are you waiting for a taxi?”

The girl looked me up and down, didn’t smile or anything, just gave me one mean look and said nothing so I continued quite nervously

“It’s just that…..well…I drive….so I thought I……”

I stopped there because so far she had given me no response just a nasty look on her face like she smelt something bad. Then I figured that perhaps she didn’t have a clue who I was! So I said “We live on the same street”

“Yeah I know” she spat

So I then rather sheepishly said “oh” and half smiled and walked off. I felt like a real idiot.

After this I saw her in the mornings as usual but it was only then I noticed that she was one of those people that just walk around with an angry look on their face and is probably just mad at life in general.

2nd Encounter
I guess we must have the same sort of shopping times as about a month or two later I saw her in the supermarket again. I was afraid as she came towards me with a massive smile on her face. Since the time I have been seeing her, this was the first smile I have ever seen.

“Hi” she said really nicely “did you bring your car today?”

Now I'm standing there thinking ‘WTF? This girl never ever acknowledges me and now she wants a lift home? She never ever speaks to me and when I tried to speak to her…… way she can forget it!’

I smiled back at her and said “sorry love I'm not going straight back home today (lie) so I can’t give you a lift”

She looked really unimpressed and just walked off.

I did feel a bit bad though as when I drove past I saw her walking home with bags in her hands. I guess the credit crunch meant that taxis were off the menu lol

Final Encounter
After that, things had been pretty much the same between her and I, we had just decided to ignore each other.

Anyway, I think it was the 29th or the 30th December I was running a little late and as I was walking down the street the bus came so I had to run for it.

She was already at the bus stop and when the bus came she took one look at me, saw me running and got on the bus anyway and the bus drove off.

I WAS LIVID! She knows I get that bus, she could have made that bus wait, she could have put one leg in or spoke to the driver or something I was around four strides away but she didn’t.
I was late for work and I can’t tell you all the bad things I was thinking about this girl however the feeling of payback is sweet!

That night London was so cold -3 or something I remember even the radio presenters were going on about how cold things were, it was dark and I was on my way home when I walked past her at the entrance to my road. I could quite clearly see that she had been shopping again but this time all her bags had split open, her shopping was rolled around on the floor and she was standing there, cold and wondering what to do.

“Hi” she said he face had on that fake smile again

“Hi” I replied and kept walking

“Wait” she said “my bag has split”

I stopped turned and looked at her and then said most sympathetically “Yeah I can see” Then I walked on

“Wait” she said again “I was wondering if you would stay with my shopping whilst I go in and get a bag”

“Wait?” I said vexed “wait? What like you made the bus wait?” Then I kissed my teeth Jamaican style.

She looked quite alarmed and started to babble some excuses “erm…erm…I couldn’t make the bus wait the drivers now-a-days…blah blah blah”

“Oh well” I replied and walked off and into my house

Now Angel being Angel wouldn’t have been able to sleep that night if I had just left her out there so I waited around 10 minutes then went back outside with a couple of spare bags and gave them to her, I didn’t say anything I just handed her the bags and walked back into my house.

I felt good though…lol


Ondo Lady said...

Well you get what you dish out in life. If you cannot be bothered to be civil to people then don't be too surprised when it comes back and bites you in the ass. Would it have killed her to stop the bus for you? Strangers do it all the time and then ask you for a lift. An blatant user. People like that fill me with despair and drain my energy.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

One word...Sweet!

ShonaVixen said...

I so hate it when peeps dont make the bus wait, let alone your neighbour...So to that I say yup Sweet, Sweet!!And good on ya going back to give her the u deserve a star!!xx

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I hate the fact that women mis judge one another just from a look alone! You served her, sis! I bet the next time you walk her way she'll say good morning, good afternoon and then good night! Then again maybe she won't. With women it depends on the day of the week! LOL

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

You handled that well, babes. I just started writing a post about how mean black women look in my area. Can't we all just get along...? LOL

Angel said...

@ Ondo Lady, I hear you sis, yeah I think she is a bit of a user, I saw her this morning and it confirms it, not even a smile..

@ Rich, (she smiles) yeah! I felt good

@ Shona, I had to go back out, but I hope whilst I was gone she had a little think about things

@ Damn she pretty, hey gurl…well she didn’t this morning but there is still hope

@ CurvyGurl, you know I'm coming to read that post!!

Keith said...

That was funny and I feel you..but in the end, you did the Christian thing and took her some bags. You're a good person Angel Smith.

Robyn said...

hey am sorry this part grabbed me by the throat "I kissed my teeth Jamaican style.",,i have no idea on how to do that,,lol anyway lets get to business,,the bible says turn the other chic,,am glad the angel part in you came out,,never reason with a fool,let them beliv they have won.

Angel said...

@ Keith - Thank you!! I felt like a good person

@ Robyn - I will teach you some time! lol

VividDiva said...

Well Karma always gets you in the end...... Being civil and saying hi does not cost the earth and as for the angry black woman look that is so passe its not cute at all...

Miss Angel you know that you did the right, as our parents will say two wrongs don't make a right.

Angel said...

Thank you VividDiva :)