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Monday, 5 January 2009

The Party was a success!

A few days before the party I said I wasn’t going to cook, I was going to get some Iceland Party Packs and give everyone finger food. I didn’t fancy slaving in the kitchen; I had even pre warned all the guests. However, the night before I changed my mind so when Mr Special arrived to go shopping I had made a huge list and he got everything on my list.

You would have been proud of me on New Years Eve by 2pm I had made a huge pot of Rice and Peas, two Macaroni Pies, a whole heap of Jerk Chicken (which I had seasoned before bed) another huge batch of Salmon Fishcakes, some potato salad a lettuce and avocado salad and some rum punch. It looked good. Mr Special would have helped but he was at work, when he came back later to say he was impressed was an understatement! I think I earned my points right there :)

When he came back he finished off getting the house ready and I got myself ready, I might add that I had on quite a bit of make up as my top lip had some surface scabs on (YUCK)

We were slightly worried we had invited too many people after all I only live in a small apartment but don’t you find that with events like these certain people drop out at the last minute and others decide they can make it? In the end, the right people came and in the right numbers, the crowd was just perfect a nice mix of his people and my people and everyone got on like a house on fire. The music, the food, the drinks were perfect, and when I looked around I saw people laughing, talking and having fun.

At 11.50 I realised that it was nearly midnight so I poured everyone champagne and we got in a massive circle. Usually after midnight everyone is supposed to cross hands and sing ‘Alud Lang Syne’ its a very English Tradition so none of us knew the words so we all decided to sing Bob Marley and had a bit of a practice whilst we were waiting. At midnight we cheered but then we realised we didn’t do the count down so I did it again and we all cheered louder and then drunk all the champagne.

We decided we wouldn’t be able to get away without singing the Alud Lang Syne and we were all a bit merry from Rum Punch and Champagne (especially me who had not had any alcohol in 2008) we decided to make it up as we went along with each person singing the next line, now that was hilarious.

After this we played a game of charades which I had pre prepared it was movie titles and let me tell you it was hilarious, imagine trying to act out Dirty Dancing, Rat Race or Planet of the Apes?

Then we chilled and chatted again.

It finished at around 4.30 am and it was a fantastic New Year.

What about you? I know im a bit late Did you have a nice time?


Keith said...

Hey Angel..Happy New Year to you.
We had a quiet New years. My wife and I went to church around 7:00pm
and came home around 9:30. I had
Wine, Champaigne, Black Eyed Peas,
Collard Greens and a few other things to eat and we had our daughter and her fiance over. Just a small gathering and a quiet New years night. I should have been at your place.-lololol.

ShonaVixen said...

Hmmm the Alud Lang Syne - my family murders of our own Afro-version and we were in stitches watching the Elton John concert and they were singing
NYE - went to church and the priest was pleased seeing me there, and then hit the club (yeah n club in 1, went to The Volt Lounge in Belgravia, very chic spot, had a great time, actually its the best NYE I've had in my 8yrs in London!!So that kind of marked a great start to 2009 and boy did i make up for not drinking in 2008!!!

CurvyGurl said...

Hey mami! Glad everything went well. I wondered how your skin felt after the waxident...hey, that's a new! I didn't do a thing, but that's how I planned it. Have a great week!

12kyle said...

i just chilled at the crib with the wife. we sat on the couch and got drunk. lol

Robyn said...

i should ave crashed that party.Lol the new year came in handy.Found me in church with my friends i had a lot to thank God for.A lot.Angel,,you be how?

Brothers Blog said...

sounds like you had a great new years. Happy new year to you!

Strongblkwmn said...

My husband and I went to a great party. We were a little scared at first because we were the first ones there, but it turned out to be one of the best parties we've ever gone to.

Have a great 2009! Love your blog.

Angel said...

Keith –Being with your family sounds like a good evening as long as you are around loved ones I guess that’s all that matters!

Shona – I’ve never been to that club, I will check it out sis – yeah I didn’t drink in 2008 now there is quite a lot left in this house and the bailies is calling to me!

CurvyGurl – You do make me laugh I don’t know anyone else who has the knack of making up words quite like you, very creative!

12Kyle – Awww…that sounds really nice

Robyn - I’m fine, love your work by the way, do you ever perform it?

Brothers Blog – I cant believe I’m saying it on the 11th Jan but happy new year to you too!

Srongblkwmn – Thanks, glad you had a good time!