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Friday, 2 January 2009

Body Hair - Don’t try this at home…

This is slightly off topic but I have to tell you about this. So being a New Year its all about New Starts. I’ve never had much hair on my legs, it doesn’t really grow, I think I killed it with the constant attacks I have done to it over the years – this is the same for the underarm area. I go for a bikini wax every now and then to keep that area trim – yes it hurts I'm not going to lie. Also there is something slightly uncomfortable about lying on your back with your legs open, whilst a strange woman strokes your privates with a lollypop stick loaded with hot wax! But hey, (she shrugs her shoulders) ….a girl has to do what a girl has to do…

In 2008 one thing that was bugging me was…I was convinced that my upper lip area was getting darker. They say this is to do with getting older and hormones. I asked everyone about it but no one noticed apart from me. Even Mr Special said he couldn’t see anything and men really don’t like a woman with a moustache so they would say. Some of my most honest friends said that they don’t know what I was talking about but I was convinced. I even asked a strange guy who was trying to talk to me on the tube but he smiled and said he would have to get closer for a full inspection.

So I don’t know if I was just focussing on something small and making it bigger or I was really growing a moustache. Either way I wasn’t going to have a moustache in 2009 so, the night before my party - BIG mistake I decided to buy some wax strips and do it myself. I was being stingy and thought that there was point paying someone to take off a little bit of hair when I could do it myself…like I said….BIG (note the capital letters) Mistake.

Mr Special was on his way around, we needed to go and buy some party food so I thought I could quickly do it before he came. It looked really easy on the box and looked like it would take five minutes so I decided to do it.

I heated the strips in the palms of my hands like they say and then stuck the wax strip to the top of my lip but then the thought of ripping it off didn’t appeal to me so I stood in front of the mirror debating ripping it off. I realised at that moment the reason why you pay someone to wax you.

Five minutes later I ripped it off. With a massive PULL…You should have heard my scream it was louder and higher pitched than an orgasm scream. I think that even if you were five blocks away you would have heard me.

I looked at the wax strip and there was no hair on it. I obviously was being paranoid about the hair. Instead there was skin! Perhaps I took too long pulling it off and the wax had dried but whatever the reason it had ripped the top layer of my skin off. Now instead of an imaginary dark moustache above my lip I had a big red, stinging one and the box said don’t put any creams or oils on the area for 24 hours. I rubbed it a bit with an ice cube but that didn’t do anything and at the time when I was fussing over it he called me and said he was outside so I had to go.

The funny thing is, he didn’t really notice at first but in the supermarket under the bright lights he said, eying me suspiciously

“you’ve been doing some beauty stuff haven’t you?”

“Errmm yes” I replied sheepishly “you noticed?”

How could he not notice? It was still stinging me. However I thought I would play it cool so I said all sweetly

“I wanted to look nice for you” LOL!

He gave the perfect response that any man should give who is caught in a situation like that; I have to give him points for his response he said

“You look beautiful” and he kissed me



Keith said...

Hi Angel- Happy New Year To You!
I must say, the things that women have to go through...lololol..Glad
things worked out well for you.

ShonaVixen said...

Awww hon, so how is it now??Gone, I hope...and yes Mr Special definitely deserves points for that answer!!!
Hope the party went well, m still recovering from NYE's outing...sigh...
Happy New Year Gurl xoxo

CurvyGurl said...

Wow, the price of

Anonymous said...

Good job to him for that response! I think is was sweet and might i add hilarious, what you did, but hey we live to learn, lol. They are pros for a reason, Happy New Years! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Robyn said...

uuummm Angel,,a fairytale,,you know,,i never actaully knew the exact time to seal the deal with a first kiss,,i imagined would i get slapped or wat if am reading the wrong signs but for your case i respect the brother.have i already nah,so here goes "Happy New year"

Angel said...

Keith & CurvyGurl – Yeah no beauty without pain huh?

Shona – Hey girl, hope you are well….how is it now? hmmmm well the scabs have gone lol. Sounds like you had a good celebration!

TJ – lol I can sense you are laughing at me, well I cant say I don’t deserve it :)

Robyn – Happy New Year to you too if I haven’t said it before. About the perfect moment for kissing…well, there is a saying about ceasing the moment but I cant remember it! Lol

Rich Fitzgerald said...

I felt the skin coming off. Ouch!