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Thursday, 24 December 2009

A Modern Day Love Story at Christmas.

I can’t really spend my life apologising for not blogging but I can’t help it, you see I'm in a love cocoon. All happy at home means that I don’t even visit blogger and it has been snowing over here, even more reason to snuggle with Mr Special.

Mr Special has moved in and things couldn’t be better. We are so happy it’s unreal.
I find myself praying a lot now as I’m so happy I’m afraid it will be taken away from me.

We have routines now, whoever cooks the other person washes the dishes and stuff like that. He cooks for me, wakes me up with kisses in the morning, gets me water when I’m thirsty in the night, massages my shoulders when I’m stressed, helps me take out my braids (yeah he even did that) he even lets me munch on those chocolates that I’m not supposed to have because it makes me fatter and then kisses the bits I think are fat. He is a darling. Just because he treats me well don’t take him for some weak guy, oh no, he is defiantly the man of the house, but I like it.

Then me, well….I also cook for him, peek at him in the shower, nibble his ears in bed in the morning, giggle when he grabs my breasts, do his washing, pedicure his toes (yeah I even did that) buy him the biscuits that I never would buy myself because they are overpriced and alone I would eat them in one go. Get in the bed before him and lie on his side so it’s warm when he arrives. Make him tea, smile when he arrives through the door, always ask about his day and more importantly listen to the answer.

Its good people!! It’s all good. Tomorrow it will be our first Christmas living together. We decorated our tree together and have been getting joint Christmas cards. Tomorrow morning I’m going to wake with him beside me, kiss him Happy Christmas and give him the gift I bought him.

Aawwww I’m happy, how are you doing?


E's said...

I'm smiling for you:) It's an amazing feeling to care about someone else and be cared for...Happy for you and Mr. Special.

the.kisser said...

cherish the love and keep happy hun! i myself am good, thanx for asking.


ShonaVixen said...

awww this is most certainly the sweetest xmas love story!!!and for him helping take out your braids...girl thats love

Angel said...

@ E's Thanks honey :)

@ the.kisser, very much enjoy your blog, cant wait to keep reading throught the new year.

@ Shona, lol yup that is love :)