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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Happy today....

Hey everyone, I hope you are all ok and glad you liked my picture of me as a little one. It was nice to hear what you guys did as children.

Anyway I write with joy today. Mr Special and I are (hopefully) be going to move in together before the end of the year!! Despite some negative opinions, I am so excited about it. People are worried we haven't been together long enough, or that if we move in together we will never get married and lots of things like that but to be honest I don't care. I know him, I love him and I'm happy if it's not meant to be at least let me enjoy this happiness we have had such a great journey.

His name is Andrew he is a year older than me, we met in 2007 on a Salsa boat cruise and became great friends. (hmmm perhaps I should write a post single ladies learn salsa lol). However, It was only in September 2008 that we decided to get together and I have loved every single moment. He has become my best friend and my supporter, he is of the only people in this world that I have full respect for. He has some amazing qualities such as integrity, commitment, intelligence, strength and courage. He is thoughtful, romantic and sexy, he has a great sense of humour and he is a fantastic cook. He really takes care of me and I couldn't ask for more only that I may be all those things to him. He makes sense of the world for me.

Comments? Questions?


Mr Special said...

I'm looking forward to moving in too. I know it hasn't been easy and not everyone's been supportive (sorry) but I believe in us and our future and you're worth fighting for.

I'm so happy that you're by my side and I'm looking for to coming home from work to a smiling face :)

IceQueen said...

I think just go for it...if you are happy then why not. Who said there has to be a time limit on when something feels right?

A friend of mine has moved in and bought a house with her man they hadn't been together long. They are now engaged. It just depends on the couple and what their long term goals are for their future.

Just out of interest how old are you and him?

Anonymous said...

You two are so sweet. I say if this is what you both want, then go for it. I wish you both nothing but the best.

Selah said...

AWWW how cute! I wish you guys the best :)

I think as long as yall establish where this is going and keep an open line of communication then you will be A-OK. (and don't forget to put the top on the toothpaste lol)

12kyle said...

Sounds good to me, Angel. To hell with what everybody else thinks. You'll never make everybody happy about it anyway. You have to make yourself happy.

I remember when me and Mrs12 moved in to live together when we were in college. My mom hit the roof! She said that she didn't raise me to shack up. She couldn't stop me. I was paying the bills and I didn't ask her for anything.

14 yrs...3 sons...1 house...2 cars later...we're still here. And still together. Wonder what would have happened if I would have listened to her???? LOL

Tricia said...

You two are really sweet..Wish you the best in that!

Bombchell said...

OMG that is soooo romantic, but what made me almost gush was his reply/comment!!!!!!

hey at least you've been warned. but you've known each other for about 2 years and some people only know each other for a few months.

I wish you both the best, and since you are doing it you have my support, and there are couples that have moved in together and gotten married :)

Anonymous said...

ha ha...sorry hun I missed that one, had to go back and look. OOOOO, how cute!!

like it? I LOVED IT!

Angel said...

@ Mr Special, honey what a beautiful reply I have said in person everything I think and feel but im so happy you read my blog

@IceQueen, We are both in our 30's. I agree it does depend on the couple what the future plans are

@BorednTalkative, Thank you love

@ Selah, Thank you too, the top on the toothpaste is essential in any relationship.

@12Kyle, I'm so happy your story had a happy ending, Watch this space

@Trica, thank you...

@Bombchell, I was gushing too when I read his reply, thanks for wishing us the best

@Oyin, it's tough to catch everyone's posts, I am just doing that at the moment!

E.M.H. said...

I wish you two the best!!! No matter what you do someone will have an opinion or may not agree but you guys have to do what you think is best for the two of you :-) Do what you need to do to add to you and his happiness!!!

ANGELINA said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy that you guys are happy :) You give me hope!