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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I used to be a Centurion

I was walking around St James's Park yesterday when a full marching band came past. I love that London can be so random sometimes.

It wasn’t The Changing of the Guards ceremony which happens every day around 11am but it looked like the same people. I presumed they probably belonged to The Queen, I presumed they were doing a bit of practice but to be honest who knows? I saw tourists quickly grabbing their cameras and it just lit up the otherwise dull afternoon.

Seeing them march by takes me back to the time when I was a child, whilst other little girls belonged to the brownies or gymnastics. I was in a marching band!! It was called The Centurions. We had to practice every Saturday, marching up and down in formation. We also entered competitions but I can’t remember us winning anything.

I played the Cymbals, crashing them together at the back. My deepest desire however was to lead the band and be the Majorette twirling the baton and throwing it up in the air. Lol I guess I have always been a leader. I don’t know what happened in the end, I think I just grew out of it and didn’t go anymore.

Yep the picture at the top is me in full uniform! Somewhere at home mum has a video recording of me but luckily no one I know owns a video recorder so it will never see the light of day.

I was telling Mr Special about this story and as a child he used to be in the Scouts where I think behaved so badly one time when it was time for him to return he felt shamed and just never went back lol. So people what activities did you do as a child?


ShonaVixen said...

I was a majorette..twirling the baton and all..ooooh the memories!!
I wanted to be a brownie or girl guide when I'd see them in their uniforms but after my cousin let me know they went camping in the woods that got that idea outta my head!..LOL
You looked so cute in your uniform et all!!

Tricia said...

I was in the band playing the clarinet plus i was in an all girl choir..*löngest sigh*

MilesPerHour said...

Sports, sports and sports. Other than that I grew alot. Thank goodness for that since I was into sports.

12kyle said...

I remember wanting to play in the band. I wanted to play the drums. Moms wasn't havin' it, tho. I was already playing football so if I went to the band...I'd have to give up on football

Glad that I stuck with football. LOL

Anonymous said...

sigh..........never played anything when I was in school.... :(

how ya gal??

Anonymous said...

I was a nerdy kid. I didn't play sports, didn't play any instruments. I read alot.

E's said...

I was a Boy Scout when I was in middle school. It was a hood boy scout troop, b/c only the Troop Master's son had a uniform - the dork - everyone else wore plain clothes.

I remember there was a drug bust, in Detroit we called them Drano, and they cleared the street. I told the officer we were on our way to Boy Scouts, and they didn't believe...

My dad had to pick us up from the station. LOL. More adventurous than a camping trip I guess.

Sultana said...

That is a sweet picture! I was in the school choir *eye roll* I cant even hold a note now. LOL

**neemadivinity.blogspot has moved!

Selah said...

How did I miss this picture??? Oh this is too adorable!! I want some socks like that. lol.

As for me, I was a serious tomboy. Any sport you can think of, I played it. Forget the girly things like cheerleading. lol

Angel said...

@ SHonaVixen – I’m jealous, you were the Majorette!!!

@ Tricia – awww an all girl choir that sounds so cute

@ MPH – lol yeah you are very very tall…

@ 12kyle – I don’t blame your Mum, If I had children I couldn’t cope with them learning the drums too much noise!

@ Oyin – Hey sis I am cook just living, hope the wedding plans are going well.

@ BorednTalkative – lol well reading is not nerdy I read loads

@ E’s – how you doing hun, your scouts story was hilarious.

@ Sultana – checking out the new blog now :)

@ Selah – I wish I had been a cheerleader!! Glad you liked my socks!