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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Hey all...

I haven’t been around; I don’t have a good reason apart from being busy. Although writing should be my escape I just didn’t feel inspired but I hope to get back on my blog horse and start writing properly again.

As you guessed I’m not doing the Australia competition I found it stressful and had lots of things on. I tend to shy away from stressful things. Another reason is when they sent the prize itinerary it looked scary, Aus is a long way and to have a jam packed week with no chance to catch up on the jetlag. Also I’m a bit of a diva and the thought of staying in a hostel instead of a hotel didn’t appeal at all so I punked out on it - sorry everyone. Oh yeah and none of you helped with the tasks lol!!!

My event went well though, you know the one called You’re Beautiful, Woman!

If you can remember it was a one day event for ladies only which included seminars, workshops, free beauty treatments and a big market place were you could buy lots of things. I organised it with six other women and it was a huge success.

The website is here

You're Beautiful Woman

And if you want to see some amazing photos of the day, here is the link.

You're Beautiful Woman Photos

The photos are by Angus Dike

I feel like I missed a lot, some of the blogs I read all the time have gone and a lot of you haven’t posted in a while like me….what’s been happening??


Bombchell said...

glad everything at the event went well, Ill check out the pics

E's said...

Congrats on your event and all. Glad your back and all. Now post some interesting shit dammit! :) LOL

MilesPerHour said...

Many blogsters have been busy, myself included. I haven't posted as much but I'm hanging in there. Good to hear from you.

ShonaVixen said...

Welcome back...I've just re-opened my blog, not sure if i'll be blogging on the regular but heey its open now!!
Nway glad to know your event well, will be checking out the pics

Tricia said...

Glad u are back! Missed reading from you. :)

12kyle said...

heyyyyyy! welcome back! good to see you back in the mix

Amanda said...

Great to have you back! I felt the same way as you; I did not feel too inspired to write, plus I had a lot going on and I am also thinking about making a few changes to my blog. I am glad the Beautiful Woman event went well - off to look at some of the pics right now.

Angel said...

@ Bombchell, why thank you honey!

@ E’s lol ok I’m going to post something tomorrow…something interesting I promise

@ MilesPerHour, Yeah when I checked you out I noticed you had not been as regular, I guess its good that we all have lives outside the blogosphere

@ShonaVixen, so glad the blog is back open, it was missed

@Trica, oh its nice to be missed

@12Kyle, thanks for stopping by, hope you are cool!

@Amanda, I hope you enjoy the pictures, your blog is so informative hun I cant wait to see any changes you incorporate :)

Selah said...

Welcome baaaaaack! I'm glad your event went well... done any salsa lately? lol (i haven't. school's been taking up all my time)..... good to hear from you!

Mr Special said...

I'm glad you're blogging again. I've missed stories featuring yours truly! ;-)

E.M.H. said...

Welcome back!!! Seems like the event was fun and productive from the pics.... :-)

ANGELINA said...

the event looked great! go girl!!!

Angel said...

@ Selah, I haven’t been to salsa lately but I should go, I do enjoy it.

@ Mr Special, when are you going to open your blog babe?

@ E.M.H @ Angelina , hi glad you liked the pictures