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Monday, 3 August 2009

Win x2 tickets to Australia

Yup I’m not joking – this is why for the next few weeks in going to be banging on about Sydney!!!

The Short Version

I was contacted by this company 1000heads

They asked me to take part in a blogging competition where if I win, I get x4 tickets to Sydney Australia, two for me and two for a member of my online community i.e. you!

I have to do six challenges against twelve other bloggers.

If I win anyone that comments and helps me with this or the challenge posts is in with a chance of winning the two extra tickets. I will put your name in a hat and then draw it out (on video so you can all see) and then the tickets are yours. OK?

The Angel Version

So after feeling all ill and sorry for myself after swine flu I remembered that I had not checked my blog emails for a while. This was when I saw an email from 1000heads asking if I would be interested in taking part in a competition. A virtual Tour of Sydney they called it. I was delighted

Each week for six weeks they will set me a challenge which I post on my blog, the winner of the most challenges wins the tickets!

The tickets are flights, hotels and activities for one week in Sydney Australia so me being me, of course I was up for it! I’m ready to blow the other 12 bloggers who I’m up against out of the water…who is with me???

They invited me to a BBQ on Saturday where I could find out more.

Me and Mr Special went down, the event was in Wandsworth where they had free drinks and food for all, they explained more about the prize and I got to meet the other bloggers who were just as intrigued as I was.

This was where they set the first challenge. When they explained it I was sitting there thinking WTF???? But Angel Cake will not be beaten, I want those tickets!! and so do you...dont you?? I have exactly one week to post my response to Challenge number one so help me out fam!

Awesome Tour of Sydney

Challenge 1: Sydney Cricket

What is it?

Sydney Cricket is a simple game you can play anywhere. All you need to get started is a coin and an idea of the rules, which can be altered to suit any situation.

If you have the chance to mock up a board that’s bonza, or if you just want to make use of beer mats, match sticks or anything else you can lay your hands on then that works too!

The Challenge…

On the next page you’ll find some rules for Sydney Cricket, but don’t get bogged down with them. Your first challenge on the road to winning a trip to New South Wales is to come up with your own cunning variant of Sydney Cricket. It doesn’t have to be cricket-based – remember, the Aussies love their sports and there are good few to choose from on which to base your game. We’ve simply provided you with a starting point to inspire you.

We’re setting no limits to what you can do with this challenge. Creativity will be rewarded, and you’ll have really flex your creative muscles in order to come up with something that will set you on your way to Sydney.

Good luck!

Sydney Cricket – the 1000heads version

Standard Rules

Players agree amongst themselves the number of overs that are to be played - each over giving the player six attempts at scoring ‘runs’ (much like real cricket). Once agreed, players take it in turns to spin their coin on the playing surface and attempt to score runs. The classic version uses the board below, with players spinning from the centre circle and scoring runs by landing their coin within the rings. If your coin finishes up off the board though, you’re out… Howzat!

NB: If a coin lands between two rings, an umpire’s decision must be sought on where the majority of the coin lies and runs awarded accordingly

So all I need is a game (gulps) love to hear what you think…


Keith said...

This sounds like awesome fun and an awesome chance for you to have a great experience..I wish you well and good luck..I'm no good at playing games on the internet myself- :)

12kyle said...

sounds good to me. i always wanted to go to the land down under!

Robyn said...

ive always wanted to go to Australia.
How are you?

Ondo Lady said...

Ok I know nothing about cricket but this is an amazing opportunity. I hope you win and Sydney is a really cool place.

ANGELINA said...

Those cricket instructions are confusing to me! Good luck with the contest :)

Anonymous said...

good luck

Elle said...

Hey! We still have another four days for enlightenment to hit us ... or our readers!! :s Gah!

Good luck! :0)

Thom said...

Just a reminder, your game doesn't have to be cricket-based. There are loads of other sports that are popular in Oz - beach volleyball, Aussie Rules, rugby, rugby league etc.

Good luck!

Angel said...

@ Keith, thanks for the support

@ 12 Kyle…glad you like the sound of it, I’m still confused!

@ Robyn, I am fine babe

@ Ondo Lady, well at least my game does not have to have anything to do with Cricket

@ ANGELINA, babe I miss your blog, yeah the instructions were not that great, I hope my game is better

@ Oyin, thanks hun

@ Elle, even my readers are confused Good Luck to you too

@ Thom, thanks for the words of wisdom