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Thursday, 6 August 2009

I told the watch man what time it was!

When Mr Special needed the strap on his watch fixed, I recommended a place near where I work. Less than two weeks later it broke again so being the dutiful girlfriend that I am, I offered to get it fixed again.

I popped up to the place on Tuesday lunchtime and when I got to the counter I was faced with this sullen looking man, the type of guy that just hates his job. I guess hundreds of years working in the watch fixing place had done him in. A customer was just leaving and she brushed past me angrily...I wonder why?

I smiled and handed him the watch and started to say “two weeks ago my boyfriend….
I didn’t even get to finish the sentence, he snatched the watch from me and the broken piece and said “I know, I know, come back in twenty minutes” I wanted to explain that the pin which they fitted, the one that attaches the strap to the watch was too small and too skinny but the guy wouldn’t let me get a word in.
“It’s the pin, it’s…..” I tried to say something but again he interrupted “No come back later” he snapped.

So I walked off and heard him say to his colleague “bloody customers, you would think they knew how to fix watches”

I was vexed! What a horrible exchange.

I went around shopping for a while and then when I returned I asked him for the watch, he almost slammed it into my hands. I pulled it to test it had been fixed properly, it had not, it broke right there and then and out fell the old pin, instead of a new one.

I was NOT impressed and now I had a chance to tell the watch man exactly what time it was (lol)

Here goes

Angel - So you wouldn’t even let me talk or explain the problem, you were too busy running your mouth and now it’s not even fixed

Watch guy (bright red) - well Madame..

Angel – NO honey, it’s my turn to speak, what is your name?

Watch guy - what do you need my name for?

Angel - So when I write to head office and complain about you they will know who I'm talking about

Watch guy – erm…erm….erm….we don’t need to do that, let me see if I can fix it again, if you come back in twenty minutes…

Angel – oh hell no darling…I'm not coming back, you are going to fix it right now.

Watch guy – but, we have loads of watches to fix before yours

Angel (laughing) – Not my problem, you should have listened and fixed it properly in the first place and you better get on with it as I have to be somewhere shortly this is what needs to be done.

Then I went on to explain properly and he fixed it. This was a case where the customer was right!

Anyway later on I got to thinking about the vicious cycle that guy is in. He has a terrible attitude and hates his job you can just tell. He thinks all the customers are horrible and because they respond to his attitude his thoughts become his reality and they really are. This means that every day is a bad day for him and every time he speaks to a customer something bad happens. If he were to just change his mindset and shift his attitude and be nice to people I'm sure he would have a better time in life.

I have known many people that are always angry and always complaining and they think their life is awful , but life is what you make it and if you go around with a bad attitude and a narrow way of thinking I'm sorry but you are just bringing it on yourself…Karma baby!

That concludes Angel’s wisdom for the day!


Ondo Lady said...

Yep I agree, Karma is a bitch baby. You go around harboring negative thoughts then you will get negativity back. Also I think people forget how much control they have over their environment.

MilesPerHour said...

Great message and wonderful example of how any of us can make our life happy or miserable, that it's our choice in so many instances.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Wisdom indeed, Angel! You know, I've started to realize that most of the time when people act like this it's about something they dislike in their lives. This is a great example of how to handle the situation and not get caught up in the vicious cycle he appears to be in :-).

Mr Special said...

I just love the part where you pulled it apart and the guy went bright red! I wish I had it on video - A taste of Angel Cake: the Movie! :)

Angel said...

@ Ondo Lady, you are so right, people do forget its so strange

@ MilesPerHour, it is about our choice, its funny how in life some recognise this whilst others don’t

@ CurvyGurl, he is probably hating his job that’s why he is acting like that, I hope one day he reads this

@ Mr Special! Babe you commented!! Well at least you got your watch back.

neema divine said...

lol, you gave him a good talking to! he deserved it. it's all in the attitude. good post.

Mo said...

"NO honey, it’s my turn to speak"

LOL, that was great. i can only imagine how many days were ruined by his attitude!