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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Men I need you to explain...why???

Ladies I'm sure you all have a story of a guy you met one night, talked to and got on well, you swapped numbers and he didn’t call….or he did call but two months, six months [insert any random period of time] later and is still calling years down the line??

Well around eighteen months ago I went on a boat party with a couple of friends, I met a guy on there I'm going to call him Fool Fool Brown, Fool Fool Brown was so fine it was heartbreaking, His level of fine was so high I wondered what on earth he was doing talking to me. He was so pretty and to top it off he had a sexy Caribbean accent, gosh I was almost dribbling over him. He was one of those men women swoon over and that every women would want to be with. We got chatting and almost straight away he asked for my number. Hell I didn’t waste any time and swapped numbers with him. Sadly the moment my back was turned on the same night he was talking to other women. In fact whenever I went away to the bar or toilet or anything he was talking to someone else. So I said to him "look babe we just met you are not tied to me or anything so if you want to go and have fun and we will meet up soon" he didn’t like that, I guess he wasn’t used to it so he said "no, you are my date for the night, don’t worry about the other women they are all just friends I'm not going to leave your side" but he did and even when I was leaving the party he was outside swapping numbers with a girl. I cant really say I cared too much I was more surprised than anything and that was that.

The next day he called and I asked him if he had a good night, I dropped it in about all the other women and he lied and said they were all friends. He then went on to say that his ex used to get jealous of his 'friends', especially if he needed to go over to one of their houses and stay over for the night. I wonder why???

We didn’t really click and I couldn’t be bothered to have someone around me who was surrounded by women so I did not call him again and ignored his phonecalls.

Being the sex God that he was, he was annoyed, afterall how dare a woman ignore him? The treat them mean thing really works as he just harassed my phone for about a month leaving me more and more angry messages until he just left me alone.

Six months later he called out of the blue, his number isn't in my phone so I picked up, he started off by asking me how I am and wondered if I wanted to come over to his LOL I was seeing Mr Special so I said "I don’t think my man would like that" then he was like "who is your man?, I thought I was your man?" lol I told him "some man you are, you aint called me for six months and im not interested in you at all!" You can guess how the conversation ended…

Anyway last week he called again, probably another six months later. I have a new phone and am just working it out so when he said "hi" I said "who is speaking please?" he said "Fool Fool Brown" I replied "who?" he said his name again and I was confused "who is it?" then it all came back to me. Just as I remembered who he was one of his women must have walked in or something and he said "listen I cant talk right now I have to go" and he just got off the phone quick time.

So men, what is this about? Why don’t you ever let go, I have men calling me up from the 90's! (ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration but still) I get calls from people I went out with once, or met once and we didn’t really go anywhere, now they have no clue what I look like they cant remember meeting me or anything but for some reason they have me on their phone and call every so often out of the blue and strangely want to go out or meet up…or even want me to explain how we met?? What is it about?

I sent Fool Fool Brown this text

Fool Fool, why do you call me? I only met you one night nearly two years ago now and we did not become friends. I was not interested in you as you had some many women around and we didn’t click. Now I'm just being polite as we have nothing to talk about. So I'm wondering what is your motivation for trying to stay in touch.

He hasn’t yet replied guys should I wait another six months?

Please can you explain the male thinking behind this one?


Blackbutterfly said...

He is still pursuing you because you didn't pursue him. Men by nature have to be chasing not the "chasee". Hence why you have men from years back still calling you. The minute you chase them down it isn't a challenge anymore.

(read why men love bitches-sherry argov if you haven't already it explains it all in there!)

Also I think the reason he was hanging off you the first night you met was because he was trying to be a gate-keeper. He just didn't want other men to try and come and talk to you.
But it was okay for him to talk to his numerous "friends"

Also I think by you texting him he might see that as you playing hard to get and how deep down you really want him!

Biro Chic said...

Lets wait another six mnths 4the text.

Amanda said...

Well as a woman I can't explain it, but this part of your post really caught my eye:
"...He was so fine it was heartbreaking. He was one of those men women swoon over and that every women would want to be with..."
When I meet a man like that the red flag automatically goes up for me because more often than not men that fit into that category are usually total losers and only interested in women as objects and nothing more. They are not used to being ignored by women, so along with being completely dumb to begin with he is now also very confused and bewildered.
You did the right thing ignoring him.
Great post!

Amanda said...

P.S. - He also sounded like he had no manners which is also a huge no-no.

MilesPerHour said...

It's not "male thinking" although it might be thought of as such since so many males possess it. If it was male thinking I would have it. Never have, never will.

He doesn't respect women. What he believes are his qualities are not, but he probably has had enough women succumb to him that he believes he is "all that". He thinks he is confident when he is cocky and arrogant. You are a challenge to be conquered, not a woman who is worthy to get to know and understand. You are a "thing", not a person. He wants to f*ck you, not make love to you. (excuse me for being so blunt)

The thinking is that it's all about him. Don't take it personally cuz he ain't looking at you as a person.

I could go on and on. Guys like him just piss me off. And isn't it too bad they seemm to be of the majority. Kudos to you for seeing him for what he is - worthless.

Amanda said...

MilesPerHour nailed it. That's exactly what I wanted to say.

RocNaija said...

Maybe you should just tell him to leave you alone??

Beats politely asking him, what his motivation is for trying to stay in touch..

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

I think Miles hit the nail on the head. Glad you didn't get caught up in Fool Fool's nonsense.

Tairebabs said...

hahaha, let's hope its not another six months before he replies. i think it is a case of him pursuing you because you did not pursue him. Some guys are just so messed up, glad u didn't get involved in his mess.

Angel said...

@ Blackbutterfly, thanks for the book recommendation! I will check it out. That gate-keeper theory sounds interesting and probably true. Luckily he hasn’t responded to my text.

@ Biro Chic, lol yeah….six-twelve months

@ Amanda, Yeah we need a standards list and the first things needs to be if they don’t have manners they need to go!! Im glad you enjoyed the post

@ MilesPerHour, if all men were like you there would be a lot of happy women! Great response

@ RocNija, oh yeah I have told him to leave me alone and I have a man, but he is not stressing me, he wont be in contact for six more months anyway lol

@ CurvyGurl, yeah don’t you just love Miles?

@ Tirebabas, what a lovely name by the way, yeah men are messed up like that. Thanks for stopping by x

E's said...

I agreed most with Blackbutterfly... It's that challenge. I married a woman who was playing me at first...LOL. We divorced since but, it's that challenge.

I've chased women just because I don't understand why they are playing hard to get. Saying to myself: "How can they not LIKE me?!" LMAO...and when I get to see them again, I'm not that interested - not nice but true.

Men, well real men, like that challenge. If a dime makes things waaay too easy, it lessens the appeal. She may not even be as esteemed as high as a six that made us fight for it. I love to work for it...women shoot themselves in the foot when they are too head over heels - literally.

However, this guy has problems. He thinks he's God's gift, which is cool, but tell the MF to keep stepping. However, his persistence may pay off one day - who knows? (I've gotten a dusty number a few times - LOL)

Anonymous said...

just to make it shot. First it have to do with manhood, second to help keep a documented record of address. Problems comes in when we say we love someone and don't really mean it, come we keep the past and don't look forward to the future.