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Monday, 22 December 2008

So...I got chatted up...

He didnt quite look like the photo, but I just put it there for the ladies to enjoy....

The Story..

I went for my Christmas lunch with work on Friday. It started at 1pm and usually goes on until 3am. I decided to duck out at around 4ish because I was travelling to my parents the next day.

On my way home I decided to stop at the Jamaican shop and get some soup since there was no point cooking after such a big meal and I had emptied my fridge for the holidays.

When I came out of the shop I heard a car going BEEP BEEP BEEP for ages, I turned to glance as in my mind I was thinking ‘I wonder what all the noise is about’ and I saw the driver frantically waving at me.

I half smiled slightly amused and walked off. Guys Note: there is no way on earth that I would ever walk over to a car like that.

I carried on walking down the street when the same car swerved around the corner and the driver, a fine specimen of a black man leaned out of the window shouting ‘wait wait, see I’m making some serious moves for you sis just wait I want to talk to you.’

I laughed out loud and continued to walk but he mounted the pavement in front of me and got out the car. He had a friend in the car and this is the conversation….please note I try and always be polite.

Me (giggling) - “wow, you really did want to talk to me huh, you almost ran me down?”

Him - “Yeah, you are HOT…so what’s your name sexy?”
Me - “Angel”

Him (excited) “I'm Angelo we match lets hook up”
Me (laughing) - “Pleased to meet you Angelo but I have to get going now”

Him (not letting me leave) - “How old are you?”

Me - “Older than you”

Him - “How old is that
Me - “I'm a big woman”

The Friend – (leaning out of the car) “He’s a big man you know, he’s just your type”
Him - “so what are you married?”

Me - “no”

Him - “boyfriend?”

Me - “yes, of course”

Him – “so what? Can I have your number?”

Me – (laughing really loud) “NO”

Him – “Why? We can just be friends, look ok, you take mine and call me sometimes”

Me “I don’t think my man would expect that kind of behaviour from me”

Him (incredulous) “RAAAAAAH, are you hearing this bruv?” (to his friend) “this is like some perfect girl or something, did you hear what she said?

Friend – “that’s the kind of girl you need bruv, that’s the kind of girl I need”

Me – “oh well, this was nice but now I’m going”
Him – (deflated) “that man of yours is one lucky man…I want a girl just like you, so what are you really not giving me your number just cause you think your man wont like it? That’s just amazing…you are so… ….”

Friend – (finishing off the sentence) “its something special right there you know”
Him – “I’m going to keep driving around this area and hope I see you again, you are beautiful and faithful”

By this point I was in hysterics and just walked off. Leaving him standing on the pavement shaking his head.

On some levels I did feel slightly flattered although he was totally street, he was very attractive.

Anyway then I went home and had the best time of my life with Mr Special and as well as other things we both very much enjoyed the soup I brought.


ShonaVixen said...

LMAO!!!Gurl...LOL...hmmm that was some kind of chat-up...LOL!!!
Hmmm soup and more i see!!..m green with envy!!

Keith said...

Good for you Agel, I wish more women would be like you...There would be less beefing in the streets.

Natal Images said...

Hello Angel,

From Brazil a friendly hello with my best wishes:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

CurvyGurl said...

Too cute. Can't fault him for

Merry Christmas, Angel!

Angel said...

@ Shona - Hey Girl…Yes it was really funny, Hope you are enjoying your festive season
@ Keith – Yeah I always try to be nice but it gets me in trouble a lot, I see why other women just get straight to cussin lol
@ Geraldo – Seasons Greetings :)
@ CurvyGurl – Happy Christmas!

12kyle said...

Gotta agree with Keith. Some dudes are lames. I wish the conversation would have gone like this...

Dude:"Do you have a boyfriend?"

Angel:"Of course I do."

Dude:"Can I have your phone number?"

Angel"If you were my man...would you want me to be giving my number to some dude on the street?"

tjefferson85 said...

Wow, what men would do without truly faithful women like you, i don't know! I applaud you and i wish you and Mr. Special a greta New Year!

Angel said...

@ Kyle - yeah you are right I also wish it had gone that way

@TJ - Happy new year hun!