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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Pizza Hut Part II

Ok I have writtern back to Pizza hut sending back the £10 voucher...they can get lost!

This is what I wrote

I was absolutely disgusted when I received your reply to my complaint.

It was a computer generated standard letter which did not answer any of my questions or address any of my issues. It was like a complete slap in the face and your message was clear, you don’t care about your customers or their experiences or feedback.

Please find enclosed the insulting £10 voucher you sent me. I would rather pay to eat somewhere that cares about their customers than eat free at somewhere that doesn’t.

I hope they reply....

FYI this is the 1st post Pizza Hut


CurvyGurl said...

Wow, that was insulting. I guess they think a simple voucher will appease people. I don't blame you for sending it back. I used to love Pizza Hut until I experienced some of the same things. It's a wonder they're still around.

Keith said...

Send them another letter stating that not only are you not going to eat there, but you're going to advise your friends not to eat there too. I guaruntee you, something will get done then.

Angel said...

@CurvyGurl - the amount of people that keep saying that they have had a bad time there, I really do wonder why they are still trading!

@Keith - if and when they reply I will tell you what they say :)