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Monday, 8 December 2008

Pizza Hut - Help me write to them...

I haven’t visited them for years, probably since childhood…but recently they have been doing a new advertising campaign after my fireworks night me and Mr Special walked past one and decided to get some food! BIG MISTAKE, I'm still traumatised from the experience.

I decided to write them a letter of complaint this is the gist of what I wrote – it was pages long so to spare you here a shortened version.

When we arrived it was clear from the start that the restaurant was under resourced, they were obviously short staffed but they were still friendly and did their best to clean a table to seat us. I walked past the salad bar and viewed the old limp lettuce and the dried up remains of the display and quickly decided that I wouldn’t be eating any of the salad. It wasn’t until we were shown our table that I realised exactly how bad things were in that place. The carpet was so dirty I think it had once been a colour but now it was brown and stained. All the chairs were filthy and probably had not been replaced since the opening of the restaurant. I actually was very reluctant to sit down because they all had dirty stains on and I really didn’t want to catch anything. The ceiling had dirt dripping down, paint was pealing off the walls and I was starting to feel very unimpressed.

I wonder if any of you at head office have actually visited and eaten at that restaurant or have you totally forgotten about it? I've, walked and driven past many of your others and I have never seen one in such a bad state of disrepair.

We ordered apple juice and it was probably the worst impression of apple juice I have ever tasted. Just as we were thinking of leaving we were asked to place an order and we both ordered the pasta. Around 30 mins later after really deciding that we should have left the staff brought over one of the dishes, it was burnt. They told us that they didn’t have the other one so we would have to share. LOL! We didn’t really need any more reasons to stay and we just left!

You won’t believe how vexed I am at the reply!! It was basically like a slap in the face, I don’t think they had even read my letter, they just sent me a £10 voucher and a standard reply. which is below

I want to write back to them sending their voucher back to them, that letter is an insult….but what should I put??

This is the letter they sent...


Amano said...

I've been to the Wood Green one and it's as bad as you say it is! Good on you for writing to them, some restaurant owners need to know how bad their places are.
I hate the standard 'thank you but we're not really listening' letter; it makes you want to take it there in person to 'emphasize' your point...

eclectik said...


Damnit man....and they always burn my pepperonis too!

Love your blog


ShonaVixen said...

OMG!!!They asked you to share the meal???!!!And then they send this standard letter, clearly not addressing your issues and thinking that the £10 vouchers should make you smile or something!!!I'd be mad too and send them back to them...and the sad thing is if you call to talk to customer services they ask you to write your complaint!!

Keith said...

Hey Angel...I've been lurking on your blog for quite a while now..
First time I have commented. I like
your blog a lot and I will be coming back..Please feel free to visit my blogs at anytime.
Keith's Space"-(

and "Escapades" ( )

It's always nice to make a new
blogger friend. I found you via
12Kyle's 12th Planet blog, which is one of my favorites.

P.S.- When I was in the Air Force,I was stationed in the U.K.
(Lakenheath) and I spent a lot of weekends in London.

12kyle said...

my wife had a bad experience with them. i haven't eaten there in years. sorry that this happened to you.

Leon Basin said...

Hello Angel! That is really good.

Angel said...

@ Amano - you’ve been there?? Poor you I'm motivated I'm going to definitely write back now

@ electic - thanks :) sorry about your pepperonis lol

@ Shona, yup they said share the burnt pasta…its madness never go there!

@ Keith - you came to London huh? Sightseeing or partying?

@ Kyle - what happened with your wife? When I verbally tell people this story they also mention all these other stories about the place.

@ Leon - hope you are well…what is good?