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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Calm Starts

Inspired by Kyle at 12th Planet on your post off-tha-dome where you wrote 'why do people almost run you off the road in the morning on their way to work? they are rushing to a job that they really do hate!'

I used to be like that, I would snooze my alarm for ages then get up, rush rush, no time for breakfast, no time to stop and think and would speed to work with my skirt in my pants and be late anyway.

As I have matured all changed and now…here is... My average morning by Angel Smith…care to join me?

My room is full of light and my eyes flicker open five minutes before the alarm goes off, I don’t know why, I always wake before the alarm. I whisper two or three positive affirmations to myself then glance left at the empty pillow and smile. I cant wait until the day, you…who ever you are, is laying next to me. I imagine you holding me close, with your hard on pressed against me whispering how good I feel and how you don’t want to get up yet….just before my mind wanders too far, my alarm goes off.

I say alarm but it’s the radio, I aim for Jazz or Classical in the morning as they are soothing. I once had it on a hip hop station but waking up to somebody calling you a hoe didn’t make me feel good. I can’t reach the alarm from my bed, its that way on purpose to force me up, so I get up switch it off and then wander through to the kitchen.

The first thing that goes into my body is usually is hot water with a slice of lemon. Today I was out of lemon so I just took hot water. Sipping my drink I move into the lounge where I open the curtains and roll out my yoga mat right in front of the balcony doors.

Bathed in the early morning sunlight I practice yoga for around 30min then go and take a shower. I sing in the shower, something fun and empowering like Jill Scott's Golden when I'm out I get dry, cream and wrap myself in a robe and go and make breakfast.

Breakfast is going to be salt and sugar free muesli with fruit and some fresh (not from concentrate) juice. In the summer I will eat it outside on the balcony listening to the early morning birds and feeling the warmth but today its October and even though its sunny it’s cold, so I relax inside and think about my day.

After I clean my teeth I get dressed. It’s simple for me, sexy underwear, stockings a skirt and a blouse, with a jumper or cardigan on top as its cold today. I do my hair and I more or less ready to go.

I choose a handbag and shoes and pack the bag, as well as phone, purse and keys today I put in my make up which I may or may not do at work (I made a vow I would start wearing some but never get around to putting it on) an orange and an banana (I try and have fruit with me at work so I don’t eat chocolate or anything when I'm feeling peckish)

After this I leave my house…

My aim is to eat well and make myself feel good, I try and start my day calm and in a good mood so I can handle any stresses or strains of the day.

That’s about it…

How does my start compare to yours?


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

we all desire someone to the left or right of us and i have a king sized bed
and sexy under waear - just imaging maam

but we need some cheese grits, bacon and eggs on the breakfast

Muze said...

this sounds like the perfect start to a day. mine is pretty similar.

i wake up and drink a cup of green tea. read a few blogs, check emails, and try to write a poem or fiction spill or SOMETHING.

you and i have very similar eating habits as well.

i used to exercise in the mornings, run or stretch, but now i don't. i've gotten lazy.

i like your blog. i'll be back!

Angel said...

@Muze - Welcome honey, cant wait to see you back soon

@ Mr All-Mi-T.....what are grits? :)

Mista Jaycee said...

Just stopping by.
Check out my interview with Yoga teacher, poet, Ananda Leeke.

G. R Evinrue said...

Your picture got me here but you words made me stay.

Angel said...

Nice interview thanks Jaycee

g.r evinrue - im touched thank you, delighted to have you around.


Ondo Lady said...

Very similar to me mine too. Especially the hot water and squeezed lemon, I am religious about that. I also never leave the house without breakfast as that messes up my system. We all have to look after ourselves.

Angel said...

@Ondo Lady - its true we all have to take care of ourselves