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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Night Dreaming....

Last night, I didn’t get home from work until 10pm after leaving my house at 7am it was a long day! It was cold and dark outside and I was tired.

I walked into my hallway with a big sigh, glad to be home then I shouted out "hey babe"
I took off my shoes and a man appeared in my hallway, traces of sleep were still on his face, standing in his vest and jogging bottoms he smiled
"hey" then frowned "why didn’t you call me to get you from the station Angel? Its late!"
I smiled at his concern
"Because I knew you would be sleeping in front of the TV" I replied
"So?" he said
I'm always in awe at how much he cares for me
"I took the bus" I added and then quickly, before this discussion went anywhere else I stretched my arms out to him and said "I need a hug'"
He quickly obliged, wrapping his arms around me kissing my cheek and then whispering in my ear
"you want something to eat?"
Id long gone past hunger "I'm tired, I whispered back, I think I'm going to wash and get to bed"
"hot chocolate?" he asked and I giggled…
"yes please" I love it when he gets in his fussy mood…
"my lips are cold" I said
He took the hint and kissed me….

A moment later I opened my eyes to find myself in my hallway. Alone with my shoes off and coat still on, still cold and still tired. I was quickly reminded by the silence that I live alone and that there would be no one to welcome me home….I must have been daydreaming….or considering the time night dreaming, but it felt good.


Motorcycle Fairings said...

i have the same dreams as yours

12kyle said...

here's to hoping that your dream comes true sooner than later!

have a great weekend

Best Franchise Opportunities said...

thanks for the heads up

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

look at u giving hints and being all mac momma ish

will u be ther in the am?

Angel said...

@ Motorcycle Fairings
Awww, well at least I know I'm not in the same boat

@Kyle - thanks hun, hope you are well, sorry I havent been around have been ill and just recovered
Will be visiting you soon

@best franchise opportunities

Not hints…feelings, hope you are well :)