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Sunday, 12 October 2008

Time to Talk

Today was stunning and I’m still smiling. Unlike my last post (a gloomy rainy day) the sun was out and it was warm. We currently have some freak October weather its great and suddenly my mood is lifted!! The picture above is the tree right outside my balcony.

I took a walk in the park with a special friend and we had a lovely talk about life, future, business, friendships, in fact everything and nothing. Don’t you just love those types of conversations? Ones where you get to express yourself fully. With this person I can usually express every feeling within my heart without fear and today I really felt the benefits.

It got me thinking that we all need to spend more time talking and listening. We need to phone instead of texting. Parents need to switch off the TV, turn to their children and ask them about their day. Couples should really take that quality time together and share problems and worries and friends need to meet up for those coffees. If everyone talked their stresses and problems away perhaps they wouldn’t take them out on us and the world would be a better place (she smiles) don’t you agree?


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Im going to try and fix it!!

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