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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Snow Joke – we need to all fix up/help me save the planet.

It’s been snowing too long over here, I’m cold and getting very bored with it. I’m tried of slipping and sliding to work through ice and snow. We are in the middle of an unprecedented big freeze. The gritters have ran out of grit, the trains and tubes are up the creek, airports are closed and we don’t have enough snow ploughs because our government doesn’t invest in them. Who can blame them though? We haven’t had a winter like this in more than 40 years. We can’t cope and if you watch our ‘news’ all you are going to hear about is the snow.

Then in Australia they had their hottest night in 108 years topping 34 degrees Celsius. The previous record of 30.6 degrees was set in February 1902!! Thousands of homes were without power as electricity companies' equipment failed in the heat, imagine trying to sleep in that?

And now in Haiti, they had the Earthquake. Thousands are dead and the 7.0-magnitude quake, Haiti's worst in two centuries. If you want to help or donate please read Bajan Scent’s blog post entitled Earthquake in Haiti and how you can help.

I think the earth is going crazy, for those who don’t believe in global warming, aren’t these three examples of how the climate is changing? Melting glaciers induce tectonic activity that’s why we had the earthquake. We are going to see more of these extremes in weather over the next few years. With Global Warming and most of the animals that we love on the endangered list your children won’t have anything left?

I think we should all pledge to make one small change in lifestyle this year as we all need to fix up and start saving the planet. I know that when you do one small thing alone it doesn’t feel as if you are making a difference but as Margaret Mead said

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Here are three small things you could do. Please add to my list.

  1. If you don’t already you could recycle, where I live it’s a real pain to do so but if I make one resolution this year (Remember I said I wasn’t making any) it will be that. I do a little but I could do more.

  2. Men should stop spreading their seeds and stick to one baby mother not six and women should stick to one baby father not six…sorry totally different topic but this could also save the world.

  3. You could take your own bags when shopping. Cut down on the plastic, I already do this. I’m off the hook


Anonymous said...

They say bad things happen in threes. Global warming is a b***h. I agree with you.

As for your list:
1. I already recycle. Where I live it is Mandatory.

2. I've only got the one baby father and I have no plans for any more. lol so I think I'm alright there.

3. I take my own bags shopping, I have quite a collection of canvas bags.

4. I use public transport, so I guess that cuts carbon emissions a little.

5. I take showers instead of baths. Don't leave the water running when brushing my teeth.

Amanda said...

Great post Angel.

1. I try to save water as much as possible. We use a watering can and not a hose to water the garden and a bucket of water and not a hose to wash down the car.

2. Recycle our plastic bottles and containers as much as possible.

3. We use traditional, natural fertilizers made from vegetable and fruit skins and used tea bags in the garden because artificial fertilizers can sometimes leak harmful chemicals into the earth.

Bombchell said...

*sigh* it's all too depressing

Angel said...

@ Bored & Talkative, thanks for your tips hun!

@ Amanda, thank you for all your information on donating

@ Bombchell, awwwwwww sorry hun

E's said... own three pairs of shoes. Conserve. Women (and metro-sexual men) have a stupid number of shoes that will overload landfills eventually. Three pair max.