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Thursday, 28 January 2010

It’s not a black thing - it’s a crap thing Part 1


When the new West Indian takeaway opened in my area a year ago I was beaming with pride. Judging by today’s behaviour, I doubt they really researched location, I think it was more luck that they found that spot. One of those chicken shops had just shut down and they took over it. It’s in a great location, right on the walk to the tube station it should catch commuters on their way to work and their way home. The food that I have had is really tasty and the prices are just right. Every time I visit I notice with delight how the food appeals to all, Asian, Indian, English, Irish in fact I have see all races in there. Sounds great right? It sounds like that’s the place to be.

Well let me tell you that this particular takeaway has the worst customer service you can ever imagine. I don’t know if they just don’t want to make any money and want to scare their customers away but it’s really bad. You walk in and you’d be lucky if you get greeted. In fact when you enter they almost look annoyed. Depending on who is on the counter expect no eye contact and when you place your order wait around 45 seconds for it to be acknowledged. Even when you order they may or may not have the food, even at lunchtime they may even say “it nah ready yet” or tell you that the cook hasn’t arrived. They also run out quite a lot of most of the things you want to eat, they never open before twelve missing all those commuters going to work who would gladly grab a little something for their journey to work or their lunch. By 10pm expect that most things would have run out.

I had the pleasure of calling them to find out if they could do food for a party. When they answered the phone they said “Yeah?” so to be honest I didn’t even know if I was calling the right place. They then told me to call back tomorrow three times and that they didn’t have the price?? I was not impressed.

When I mentioned this behaviour to a few friends around me they said “it’s just a black thing, that’s how all our takeaways run” well sorry but its not good enough, we need to come correct!

This is not an isolated incident although I wish it were, I have visited many black owned takeaway places, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Jamaican etc in all areas and sadly they are all are equally as bad. I don’t know what it’s like in other countries. The food is good in these places but everything else lets them down.

Also don’t they have some kind of a vision, don’t they ever want to be better than just a takeaway? Don’t they want to do more than just break even? Can the owner picture themselves in a Mercedes? Don’t they ever want the ability to replace that broken TV they have in the corner or fix the extractor fan so that the windows don’t all steam up and no one can see inside? It’s frustrating.

Around 15 mins away there is a fish and chip shop, go there anytime night or day and there is a queue coming out of the door, they have done so well that they have won awards and have now opened a restaurant next door. They never run out of food. They have even expanded to sell fresh uncooked fish to people. They venue is nice and clean and well tiled with plants and décor inside. It’s a place that you actually want to go. There is even seating in the waiting area.

Its 2010 is it not time that our takeaways fixed up?


ms.rubies said...

i agree with you, our standards seem so low sometimes, yet we complain when the other 'races' do better than us! it's high time WE do better.

E's said...

LOL! When you enter they almost look annoyed... Same thing here. The Jamaican spot I love has terrible service (gum-chewing attitude), but I go in for the abuse at least once a week. All very true, unfortunately:(

Myne Whitman said...

This looks so yummy!

Bombchell said...

wow thats really horrible. the only ethnic restaurants ive been too have been in a food court of chinese takeaway, when it comes to Nigerian food, we tend to cook at home so i couldnt tell you about the service, but i havent heard my friends complain.

Wendal said...

"It nah ready yet" Lol, that made me laugh. Worse still, the cook aint here yet. Now thats a new one. It reminds me of my Jamaican barbershop in Streatham - for one I could never figure out who the barber was. They always kept changing. They'd eat chicken while cutting my hair or tell me to "ald an" while they take a call. I havent come across restaurants or fast-food joints stateside like that yet. But I have come across "our own" customer service as rather impatient and quick to snap at you if you cant make up your mind about what you want to order.

Angel said...

@ms.rubies, we need to stop complaining and sort ourselves out.

@E’s lol Gum Chewing attitude!

@ Myne Whitman, yeah yummy I wish they served it with a better vibe though!

@ Bombchell, you are lucky then

@ Wendal, welcome you are so so right gosh babershops are like that? You have inspired me I have going to talk about hair salons in part II