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Thursday, 21 January 2010

I think I might retire…

Not from blogging, from netball, I haven’t played since my nose got all smashed in (Read here)
Although its pretty much healed I’m scared of it happening again. I know you shouldn’t live in fear and I’m sure you can find online a million quotes and reasons why I shouldn’t let this stop me playing something I love, I just can’t bring myself to do it. The longer I leave it the harder it is.

As with all sports you do get injured during my time as a netballer I have torn a ligament, fractured my fingers, twisted my ankle etc but this was my face…my nose and when the thing that you present to the world every day gets damaged you don’t really want to do that again. I can still remember the swelling and the pain I don’t want that to ever happen again.

There will always be a scar on my nose now (gutted) and I have a small lump inside that the hospital have said they can give me an operation to sort out, but I’m not interested in a nose operation.

I really enjoyed it and will miss playing but I wasn’t getting paid and to be honest I have to ask myself, is it worth it??

Would you go and still play?

at least I wont miss the rainy games

Ps I’m not ignoring the Haiti situation it’s just that I have found it very distressing and there are many other blogs about it so I’m going to leave it alone.


Selah said...


Yea... If I were in your position I'd probably be gun-shy as well. I guess it depends on how much you want it. Maybe just take some time off. And if you get the urge 3 or 4 months from now to get back out there and play, well -- DO IT! And if not... oh well. You've got some good memories, right? lol

Good luck with your decision!

Amanda said...

(Thank goodness you're not giving up blogging. I love reading your blog!)
I'm not sure what I would do about the netball - it must be hard to think about giving up something that you really love. Maybe you can consider trying a safer, less contact-type sport for a while. You might find that you grow to love it just as much as netball, and that it not only becomes a good replacement for the netball, but also opens up a whole new experience in sports for you.

Anonymous said...

Well to be honest with you....playing sports is a hard task for anyone. Ive never played and dont know how I would respond in this situation. My daughter plays all kinds of sports and she loves it.....the game, the sport, the crowd, and especially the attention.

take care!

Unbreakable said...

Well this has to be something you decide whats the opportunity cost.

I got hurt playing soccer and i had to stop for years @ time when i walk i still feel my injury but i still play in the summer time but not as often or as aggressive.

You could still play but be more aware.

Dorothy Rimson said...

Lol..I too..kind of hate games still i love to hang-out at ice-hockey...

Mista Jaycee said...

Don't give up Net ball. Wear a mask like they do in the NBA. Now as far as blogging don't give that up either. 8-)
PS started another blog. It's about Yoga.

Angel said...

@Selah, lol yeah I have the memories

@ Amanda, I’m going to have to try other sports just to keep fit, I really hope that I get to like something.

@ Shar, lovely to hear from you my dear, I hope you are doing well, ahhhhh I used to love it, I really don’t know what to do.

@ Unbreakable, yeah playing with more awareness sounds good. It’s really hard to give up something you love. Sorry to hear about your football accident.

@ Dorothy, hmmmm yeah I could hang out….

@ Mista Jaycee, now you know I like Yoga, I will have to check it out. LOL wear a mask??