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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Angel has returned - its question time!

Hey Everyone, well I'm back from ten relaxing days in Antigua.

I'm feeling, tired, jetlagged but I had the most wonderful, romantic, amazing time. (Mr Special really did appreciate Ma Cho's waxing work read here if you dont know what I'm talking about)

Antigua is a really beautiful place and I have lots to tell you about it, but before I go on too much, I made you a little video from the beach.

Here is the deal, you can ask me anything at all you want to know about my holiday and I will do another video with all your answers, how is that?

So enjoy my first Video Blog!!


Notion said...

what was the most beautiful thing you saw

12kyle said...

welcome back!

here's my question...did you bring us something back from the trip? if so, you can mail it to me. lol the english accent

E's said...

Welcome back from vacation. Hope had a wonderful time. Mr. Special is sending Ms. Cho a thank you card huh? LOL.

MilesPerHour said...

To think I could be living in Antigua right now, sigh. Loved it there!

novisi said...

next time i want to be featured as a guest artist.


Keith said...

Welsome back Angel, you're looking good, glad you had a fabulous time!

Robyn said...

i wont cry but
I missed you n Welcome back.

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Every time I think about the Kung Fu Mistress Cho experience I have to laugh! Glad you had a good time, girlie!

Amanda said...

Welcome back Angel!
What was your favourite meal or drink in Antigua?

ShonaVixen said...

How are the Antiguans? I understand it has about only 31,000 do they depend solely on tourism??
Did you see any famous faces?
You and Mr Special get naughty on the beach?(naughty giggle)
Bring anything for dear Shona??
Glad u're back hon and u had a great time xxx

novisi said...

hi again,
and thanks for passing by my blog.

and yeah, the 'guest artist' thing. i would like to be featured in your next video. like say, video by Angel, featuring Angel and introducing guest artist moi.

lol. neva mind! i get 'cracks' up in my head sometimes!

cheers to you!

RocNaija said...

Can't view the video cos I'm at work.. :(
I'll have to try again when I get home..

Sounds like your time out there was divine though..

Angel said...

Well I think I have answered all the questions on my next post...I hope you enjoy x