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Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Liccle Tief Bwoy – Who is the real victim?

One night in Antigua, Mr Special and I were relaxing in the hotel room. I think this may have been the day of the boat trip. We had been out all day as it was around 7ish (the time when most people would have gone to dinner).

I was sitting at the dressing table just fussing, probably doing my hair or something girly and Mr Special was reading or reviewing photos or something of that sort.

I heard a rattling of keys in the door; it was like someone was trying a key, and it not working so they were trying another. I was scared because the story about the two British honeymooners that got murdered in the hotel room (link) was still in my head it was only a year ago.

Also I remember clearly that Antigua has 15,000 illegal immigrants (remember in my last post I told you about the size and the population this is a lot) and because of this, resourses like the police and hospitals are now overstretched.

Anyway I said in a quiet voice to Mr Special

“Babe I think someone is trying to get in”

Mr Special did not business he is a fearless black man so he walked over to the door waited until the next key got pulled out and then opened in really quickly.

On the other side was a skinny teenager with a stripy t-shirt a plastic bag and a surprised look on his face.

“Yeah?” Mr Special asked, in a very annoyed voice

“Erm….erm……towels” the boy said “they asked me to change towels I must have the wrong room”

“Babe shut the door!” I said

I was alarmed because the boy wasn’t holding any towels and I was thinking he would just shoot us or something.

Mr Special closed the door and I called reception.

Let me tell you they were fantastic they called security that moment and security caught him.

Later on we found out that he was an ex employee who had broken into the housekeeping office and had stolen the keys. He had broken into every room along the row and ours was the last one. He had stolen ipods and valuables (which is strange because I would have my valuables locked away) but luckily everything was returned.

Mr Special was gutted, he said it was his one chance to give someone a good beating (lol) and even I was angry but when I heard more I changed my stance.

He was let go in January and had another job in construction but was also let go from that as well He was young and had a baby.

I really think that he had just become desperate. With no job seekers allowance or unemployment benefits that we have here he must have been desperate to feed his child.

People will do anything when desperate.

You have to ask yourself, who is the real victim here?

Do you think it’s the tourists who are all insured for their loss of items and didn’t lock up anything? (even if we were not in, he wouldn’t have got anything from our room we locked up everything)

The boy, who was jobless, hungry and desperate who will now go to jail and from what I know, jail in the Caribbean isn’t the hotel that it is in the UK. Jail always fails to rehabilitate anyone so he will just come out hardened and ready to commit more crimes.

Or the child, who probably wont know their daddy for a long time. Who will go hungry at night and if he/she survives will probably grow up to be just as desperate

I’d love to know who you think suffers the most in situations like this.


Miss Odukoya xx said...

Thats a really hard question because in my own opinion they all suffer..I am not in any position to say who suffers more because you can measure anyones suffering if your not in thier ur blog by the way

MilesPerHour said...

I think it is all how each individual perceives their own situation on whether or not they are suffering. I have put myself through quite a bit of needless suffering all because I took back the faith I say I have in my God to care for me.

I alone am responsible for my thoughts amd actions.

O.F.C.J. said...

They all suffer in different ways. No wrong doings (theft), are justified, but all three groups are a victim of some circumstance or choice. I'm new to your blog; interesting post

P.S. Please do check out my new blog

thanks :)


E's said...

You have a good heart Angel. Mr. Special wanted to take some stress out on the kid, huh? LOL. Hey, he got caught... Hope it gets out of it with the least punishment and learns something, but hey, should've considered a better escape route. I feel for him though. Did Mr. Special share your same conflict? Curious...

African gurl said...

Like Miles said, no wrong is justified...everybody in someway is going thru sth but its more like how you perceive your situation

Mr Special said...

E's: Mr Special did not share the same conflict. There may be circumstances behind his actions, and he can tell me all about it after his beating!

When you're confronted with someone who is trying to steal from you and is willing to hurt you or your loved ones to do it, I only think about protection. When everybody I care about it safe, then we can discuss other things...

I'm a fair person, and I believe in helping people who have by the own doing or otherwise fallen into a bad situation. But that doesn't mean I'll allow someone to take advantage of that.

Angel said...

@ Miss Odukoya x x – Thanks for stopping by you are right, unless you are in their shoes you can’t tell, I'm coming to check out your blog shortly.

@ MilesPerHour – that is a good phrase, we are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions. It really was a no one wins situation wasn’t it?

@ O.F.C.J – thanks for stopping by, I might come and take a look at your blog and find out what the letters stand for. It was a situation where everyone suffers.

@ E’s - nope he didn’t, you see he reply? He said that the kid could have told him about his circumstances after the beating lol

@ African gurl – Yeah totally agree sis

@ Mr Special – I love you x

Anonymous said...

GUUUUUUUUUUUUUURL, Im just glad you and Mr. Special was safe. This jerk was really special to really go into an old job and try to steal. Sheesh feel bad for the baby though.

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Erin Michell said...

I feel that everyone heart goes out to anyone in need, especially a child but that does not call for stealing or taking advantage of others. Does he deserve a punishment...YES but he was a child so I hope he learns from his lessons and finds productive ways to occupy his time!!!!

trade said...

hard question :)

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Wow, how stressful. As I get older, I tend to look at wrongdoings as just that...wrong. I think that's because there's so much craziness going on in the world that it's hard to say at what degree something becomes more or less wrong.

Anonymous said...

this is really sad and quite a dilemma everyone in this scenario suffers in one way or another.

Keith said...

Hi Angel...Everybody suffers...The victims who get robbed and the poor desperate types like him who are born losing the game before they even get started in life. It's
one big human tragedy!

TROPHYWiFE said...

all i can say is--WOW

Angel said...

@ Oyin, I wondered where your blog went! I will come and say hi

@ Erin Michell, Yeah I really hope so too

@ Trade, yeah tell me about it!

@ CurvyGurl, yeah that’s how Mr Special sees all, wrong is just wrong!

@ neema divine, yes that’s the thing, by one action lots of people suffer.

@ Keith, how are you? Yeah that’s it one big human tradegy

@TROPHYWHIFE, yup, that’s my friends reactions!